How BAD can tyres make a car? Premium VS Budget tyres tested and reviewed!

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With budget car tyres getting closer to the premium tyres in raw performance, we take a look at how a cheap set of tyres can alter the subjective balance and behaviour of a powerful car like the Mercedes C63 AMG.

The tyres on test? The extremely well regarded Continental Sport Contact 6, and the “rather good for a budget” Rotalla RU01 S-Pace.

Further information of the tyres on test:


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Dubai DRIVER says:

Although there is no doubt that “premium level” tires score better than “budget level” tires, one must analyze their driving style and environment. You are comparing tires in an environment that’s completely different from road circumstances. In this case the only meaningful test to me would be the braking test, if you would have shown the comparison in detail.
I’m sure that in street environment within a sensible speed range (even 10% over the speed limit), any tire will give you adequate handling and braking performance. With this in mind, you won’t fully utilize the premium rubber, unless you use your car on a track. Comparing 330 to 614 GBP per set, makes the premium cost almost double the price of the budget tires – I’d probably prefer to save that difference or slightly upgrade my insurance 😉

Anwar Ali says:

Moral of the story, get the best tires you can afford. It is the only thing that connects the car to the road. Shit tires massively affect the handling characteristics of a car. However, if you have a shit car then obviously you are poor and none of this matters and you should just buy some nangkangs.

Arjun Evolutionizer says:

why didnt the airbag pop out when u hit the foam at 5:05???

Mamo says:

Ffs, this is supposed to be a VERSUS test yet they do NOT show the results of the Premium tyre!
It would have been so easy to cut from tyre A to tyre B to show the differences.
All we hear is the reviewer huffing and puffing about one set of tires. Epic fail.

SuperMike says:

budget tire= more fun?

soundseeker63 says:

Lets be honest here, if you can afford to run a C63, you can afford the premium tyres. And with 460bhp going to the rears, you’ll need them! What about us poor folks who run sub 200bhp machines? Or those of us who have AWD or FWD? Are the premiums worth it when you’re engine doesn’t have enough power to light up the rears? Or when your car isn’t prone to oversteer in the first place?

dimos k says:

I still can’t comprehend how people are willing to put their life and their family’s life at risk just to save some money.
Tyres are the only thing that keeps our car on the road, and yet some people still believe they are yet another annoying expense

Jamie Bridges says:

Can you please do a test on a Golf R or similar powerful hatchback with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 and Uniroyal Rainsport 3.
People seem to think that the UR3 is better but I disagree 🙂

Anıl İLTER says:

I certainly think that budget tyres should be compared in a more budget kind of car.

But I have another proposal for the C63 AMG case. If the problem in wet is mainly the front end, then keep premium tyres on the front and put budgets in the rear. You should replace the rear tires more often in a performance car anyway if you like to powerslide a little bit

ollie1984a says:

Hi – I drive an Infinity m30d – big luxury cruiser. Whilst I like to drive briskly, what’s more important to me is comfort and refinement on my long motorway commutes. Ive got Dunlop sport maxx’s on at the moment but they’re getting ready to be changed in a couple of thousand miles. Im researching the tyre that would best fit my need. Id value comfort and refinement over handing/grip capabilities, as Im up and down the motorway everyday. I also want something that’s going to have a long tread life. Any particular brand you wold recommend? Many Thanks

Chris Kemp says:

Nice to see someone can actually drive!

jabiqq says:

Braking test without mentioning the speed was a bit pointless. If you brake from ie 120mph, the difference must be huge.

Tom Weller says:

Please can we just have a supercut of the small awkward noises you make whilst drifting




Iron883Man says:

For 99% of people the budget tires will do just fine. Most of these tires are old versions of premium tires. They use technology that was premium 10 years ago.

Not So Serious Mechanic's says:

Hey we always watch your channel it’s what made us start making our own videos and having our own channel. Please check our channel out and give some feedback many thanks..

johnysreef tank says:

Nobody in there right mind would put budget tyres on a car like that???? Why didn’t you use a normal everyday car?

Erwt64 says:

what about noise level, fuel consumption and longevity?

Callum Reed says:

I will never put a budget tyre on my car, i dont care if they are more expensive i will put my trust in a premium brand, i would pick Michelin over any brand, based on my own experience over 4 different vehicles ive owned. Something that wasnt picked up on the video however is also how long the tyres will last. Any premium will outlast a budget, even more so on a C63. #Michelin

EA40 says:

5:00 does that mean he’s not coming on then?

BaeThe3rd says:

Cloth seats on a C63??

GPigTV says:

Once put budgets upfront on my BMW M Sport touring and car was forever under steering which never happened before. Never again needless to say, but found some premium tyres to be pretty crap and scary too. Always use Goodyear Eagles now, best performance and not stupid money. Winner Winner

Dennis Kwok says:

Thanks for the upload, as I always find your reviews and articles extremely interesting. How did the two tyres hold up in terms of wear from the punishment of the testing, as the Contis are quite notorious for wearing down quickly.

Also, you’re a pretty capable driver. Do you race at all? I’m interested as to where you learned your trade.

Gasgiant says:

Great video and you can handle a car alright but not really a true comparison in the sense that most people don’t drift up the high street, but I’m glad you thought the budget tyre was crap but not quite as crap as you thought. Great video though.

4G12 says:

The real question is: “Is it worth saving a few hundred bucks to risk a much greater chance of crashing your car, ending up with an EXPENSIVE repair bill, AND ruining your life because someone got injured or killed?

Darian Murcott-Istead says:

Couldn’t agree more.. I brought budget chinese tyres unipass 235/40/18 for $340 for my mitsubishi evo6 TME road wheels and they are absolutely scary in the wet. They tramline, aquaplain and change lanes by themselves like crazy and in 100km/ph zones I get overtaken by grandma’s in grocery getters. Whereas my rx7 with Bridgestone 245-275/30/20, s15 silvia with stretched dunlop 235/35-245/40/19, galant vr4 with toyo 215/35/18 and holden ss with pirelli 245/40/18 all feel more sure footed and confidence inspiring in all conditions. My evo should be the best in all conditions being awd but is by far the worst. I tend to think my semi’s may fare better in the wet but am unwilling to try lol

Murilo Specht says:

I’d like to see some scientific numbers and comparisons. Otherwise, great video!

Fastfitnesstips says:

Budget tyre = 53.7% of the cost (£329/£613) but gives up 4% on lap time (57.5/55.5) and 5% in wet braking and little in normal dry driving. Winner = budget tyre.

Tyre Reviews says:

Hi Guys,

Sorry if this video isn’t quite as polished as the other recent videos 🙁 We were meant to shoot over 2 days, but due to poor weather we only had one day which meant all the testing then filming was rushed, plus we couldn’t get the drone in the air, so it’s only ground shots.

The results are still super interesting. The budget tyres really were good in numbers, and priced extremely well too, but numbers only tell half the story. When compared to the Continental premium tyres, the budget tyres were extremely difficult to drive quickly, and prone to surprise understeer or oversteer, not what you want on the road.

MrLiamconnors23 says:

This is very good. I enjoy tyres.

Paul Shinnick says:

Is the wear significantly different between the two tires?

SLVRFOX88 says:

In my area it hardly rains so budget tire is fine as I don’t have a C63 or high horse power or sports car.

e1337prodigy says:

Thanks, The other thing to consider is how long do both tyres last, probably find the budget tyres might not last as long as the premium tyres so may even work out more.

England smycty says:

were all the tire all season???

travis clarkin says:

Awesome video man…I’ve successfully ruined my fiesta ST by putting cheap budget tires on it..I hate them every time I drive…its amazing how much tires really make a difference in overall driving pleasure…never again will I buy budget tires..

jdvosix says:

Thanks for the video’s.

Could you guys make one about tire pressure and the difference it makes driving with regular and lower pressure due to neglection!

IceDan says:

Hi! Love the videos, great knowledge. I have a question I would hope you could answer. What road legal tyre should I fit on the 2017 Focus Rs for daily driving but with the purpose of gravel/dirt rally?


Themayseffect says:

The 19’s look posh as hell. 18’s!!!

starlet88sg says:

need to put this into perspective. not everyone drive a car like the c63 AMG. maybe only a few will drive like this on a wet road/on a street on the day to day drive.

ShurQuattro TDI says:

A bit much overacted

Bogdan Toma says:

Think of it this way:
Buy budget tires for hardcore level difficulty game setting
Buy premium tires for easy difficulty game setting

Fred Smith says:

Effectively this video tells us, tyre and car performance should be judged on multiple factors, using just stopping distance is inefficient. Perhaps an arrangement like that used in Formula one racing where an entire engine and car performance is measured would of been better. I would mind betting the subjective viewpoint given could be justified were multiple objective measures taken.

notSlob says:

Do you happen to have any tire recommendations for a Honda Civic 2017? The default tire size for my car is 215/55R16 Firestone FT140s.

Looking for comfort and handling turns as a primary priority. Am willing to 17/18 inch diameter.

zeroyon223 says:

I’m always amazed at the people around here where I live with M3, C63, 335i, nice cars etc that put the budget tyres on, but it seems tyre shops only want to sell china tyres these days. I went in to the local tyre shop in my e36 and they looked at me funny when I wanted goodyears and not the nankang or triangle or whatever they were. Maybe they make a bigger mark up on the junk tyres? Idk.

Aalok Galappatti says:

Tyres are the one thing you shouldn’t cheap out on. If they save you from one crash, even a small one, they will pay for themselves.

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