Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Tire Review

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Ultra Performance Summer Tire Review:

In this video, I review the BRAND NEW Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Ultra Summer Performance Summer Tires.

Car is boosted with 760 HP. The weather was great, about 72 degrees but windy. I only had a few dozen miles on the tires at the time of this shoot.

Currently Installed Mods on my 2014 Mustang GT:
VMP Supercharged Gen2 Stage2, Boost-A-Pump. Tremec T56 Magnum XL. Dynotech One-piece Driveshaft. Cortex Racing Torque Arm and Cortex Racing Watts Link. MGW Shifter. Steeda Springs. Steeda Torque Box Brace (welded) in. Steeda S197 Rear Spoiler. Koni Shocks/Struts. Steeda X11 Ball Joints and Bump Steer Kit. McLeod RST Clutch. Eaton TruTrac Differential. Sparco Chrono Seats. APR Front Splitter.

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2014 Mustang GT
Real Down-force
Supercharged 5.0
Boosted Coyote Motor
760 HP
McLeod RST Twin Disk
Tremec T56 Magnum XL with 26 Spline Clutch
Functional Splitter


Jacob Jeckles says:

Where did u find em for 160 each? I got mine 110 each

13SS LOL says:

What are your tire sizes?

Leonard Rice says:

Excellent! My pal has Indy 500s on his Five-oh. I have them on my Hellcat. Great tires! Nice video!

KirkerBezerker ! says:

The kid was giving you the thumbs up because Mustang car meets make sure his parents have plenty of business!

rhampton1914 says:

i just got mine today on my 2016 GT Mustang. I absolutely love them. Night and day from those Pirelli’s P-Zero Tires…Nice Video. I enjoyed..Thanks for sharing..

berto371rr says:

im on Bridgestone potenza tires now. i own a 2016 vw gli. at the track i spin through first 2 gears and a little slip into 3rd. my question is would these be good for weekend drag nights and daily them. i dont want to spend the money on drag radials and daily them.

Joshua Knutson says:

These are rebranded Bridgestone RE003 from europe

ItAintGaY says:

Grip is good? From stand still acceleration?

Jamal Morris says:

Should I try them on my 16 charger v6

Jose Martinez says:

what rim/tire size set up do you have?

2wrdr says:

Yeah….But do you like the tires? 🙂

Tommy Judkins says:

After almost two months, are you still loving these tires?

Mark Carruthers says:

Bridgestone RE003 for the US.

J M says:

what are you smoking in the video

agnar150 says:

This guy is a danger to everyone on the street. He drives with the traction control off, Trumptard alert.

Thomas Kong says:

how are these versus something like the michelin pilot super sports?


I got these put on my 6 series. Man they grip like crazy.

btownballer27 says:

I will be picking up a set tomorrow. I hope they are as good as they are rated to be. I like the design (not necessary) and they are 81.70 a tire for my car. super affordable for my rice burner! I will be testing them at an autocross event at the end of the month, I may also do a follow up on their performance!

Dougomite says:

Haha, what if the kid was a ghost?

Tyler Nelson says:

I have these tires on my 15GT performance pack and I love them. They are good blend of everything

Cha Due says:

Love to see someone love their car and all the cools things on it!!!  Great Video!!

Dylan Knight says:

I have a set of these coming in in a week. Itll be nice if they do grip that well in a straight line!

Mike Hundredson says:

Meh I’ll stick to my RE-11

bryan MP says:

got these bitches on my 5.0 too. awesome tires, far better than my falkens.

Matthew Ahmadi says:

How much horsepower does your Mustang have? I have a GT500 and was thinking of getting these tires, but I’m unsure if they’ll hook up with 700hp. Thoughts on that much hp with these tires?

pugzmccormick says:

just bought a set today after your review I can wait to slap them on
01 volkswagen mk4 GTI

Tom Kubik says:

firestone/ Bridgestone   always make  great tires…..     top ratings  at tire rack…    been on them for years   ride nice tons of grip…. great in the rain and  last to0 …they  always keep there pressure  and stay in balance ..  you’ll get 35.000  to 40.000  if your in there ever 5000 miles   for service    that’s the key….

Red Man says:

I used to run summer tires until I got some Mickey Thompson ET Street SS on the back, and now I’ll never run anything but a drag radial.

Jason M says:

So you are not breaking the tires loose on the 2/3 up shift?

Fire Ball says:

What psi you run them on ?

kameenadesi says:

hey man which indy 500? is this the oval? have you tried the other?

Phillip Pagel says:

Another Hill Billy review.

Mark Oltjenbruns says:

Doc,thanks for the info on the tires.Just put the m on my GT 500 with 631 HP and they hook. The original Good Year F1 were like ice !

Gilberto Morales says:

Same tire as the bridgestone RE003 just branded different in the U.S.

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