FEDERAL 595 RS-R – Tire Review

I was not sponsored by Federal Tires, this is a true REVIEW, enjoy!

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Vincent Radziecki says:

good tires based on what? compared to what?

Megabutt buddy says:

Bridgestone potenza re-71r vs federal 595 rear-rr?

erickrayos says:

these tires RSR and RSRR’s are about 7mm wider than normal tires.

Eric Acosta says:

Would you happen to know if the federal 595 ss uhp tires are any good like these?

D Ku says:

How wide were the wheels with the 245 tires?

john jones says:

lemme guess, you like initial D, D for dddrrrriiiifffffffttttuuuuuuuuu

Tyler Moss says:

Thanks for the helpful video!

Wesley Gadbois says:

Hello! Are these tires good in really rainy conditions? They r going on my daily.

Taylor Zappulla says:

Thank you for clarifying the RSR to the RSRR it helped me a lot!

E92 DrEw says:

Brakenetic gt rotors in the front??

Subiedoobeedo says:

Wow those RSR’s look exactly like Pirelli P Zero Nero’s….check it out (1:21)


just put the 235 40 18 on my MK7 and I love them

Eliezer Lopez says:

how bad is the noise in the cabin because right now i have fuzions touring touring and the noise is really and i have blast pipes in my car so is really bad

Caifan Nixon’s Archives says:

looks like the wall on these tires run a little smaller then other brands. is that correct?

Sugoi Boiz says:

I have a set of rsr-rr and by are they noise :-/

Liomar daal says:

Bro You Car Is Awesome !! Nice Video !!

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