Do wider tyres give you more grip? The differences between tyre widths tested and explained.

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Do wider tyres give you more grip? The logical answer would be yes, the wider the tyre, the more rubber in contact with the surface, but it actually isn’t that simple.

As a tyre gets wider, the footprint of the tyre changes. While the footprint does get wider, it also gets shorter, and how the tyre changes under camber and load is altered too.

Instead of worrying about the theory of wider tyres, I decided to actually do the test and let the results speak for themselves. It was a complicated test, and after nearly a years planning, and a large amount of help from Goodyear, the resulting video should tell you all you need to know about fitting wider tyres!

Tyre sizes on test are 225, 255 and 285 wide 19 inch tyres. Each tyre has a slightly different profile, so the final sizes are 225/40 R19, 255/35 R19 and 285/30 R19.

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Wael Al-Rihawi says:

Isn’t the turn in hesitation with the 255s comes from them being less stretched on the wheel than that 225s? Sidewall flex is a big contributor to turn in performance.

Jean V says:

Great work! That’s the kind of info one can’t find elsewhere! Thanks.

Aleksandar Vujanic says:

awesome video…. thx

farhaan fayed says:

My benz,tyres 245,45,17 front nd rear, i recently Fitted with 245,45,18 front nd 265,40,18 Rear,,not much of a difference just the fuel consumption, Increased,,,btw my rear tyres r RunFlat Pirelli,,, any suggestion,where im wrong?,,, or would it help eith the fuel if i fitted a bit lighter or smaller tyres on same 18rims or neef switch back to 17,better,,,

daniel solberg says:

I would realy like to see a G-forse metre being used in a test like this. But other then that this was realy god video too watch

pr0jectSkyneT says:

Were the wheel sizes changed accordingly to the Tyre size? What wheel size(s) were used?

Elijah Ullmann says:

Good test

Vano Scrap says:

very interesting test, thank you very much

VoodooBoot says:

320i on 19-inch wheels stock. looks > performance.

07wrxtr1 says:

Great video!!! Seems like priority would be alignment choice, then tire brand, then tire width…255/285 pss on my 370z. Stock was 245/275… I just like the look of the 255/285 as they fill out the wheels better. Gives me a decent balance for both off the line grip and cornering approaching the limits for public road usage. Amazing channel, deserves a TON more subscribers as there’s just an insane amount of misinformation and marketing bs involved with tires and tire sales. Would love to see a cold vs warm vs hot tire comparison if it’s possible to reproduce.

irmenkop85 says:

What about the most important criterion – fuel efficiency? Or is this a channel just for race track drivers?

Constantine Lycos says:

Great video! Can someone please comment on the braking results? Are they 50mph to 0 distances? And why are the wet distances shorter than the dry? On my 335i I get 75ft (23m) 50-0 with 245 square set up, with cheaper tires (Indy 500) and hawk hps 5.0 pads in the dry. Also, an awd car might have been a better test subject, the understeer while on the skinnier fronts would have been even more evident..

Tyre Reviews says:

To celebrate this video, we’re giving away a set of the excellent Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 tyres, including fitting! All you need to do is subscribe and follow this link –

Nick Wang says:

Two thumbs up for the mega test.

furtivedig says:

I need to ask, why does a wider tyre have a shorter contact patch?

Paul Smallriver says:

Nice to have an answer to the question that has been rolling around in my head. Thanks.

James Crook says:

Would also like to see the same tests with part worn tyres, brand new tyres are nice, but after a year of use, they can be useless.

coalie roller says:

Still prefer the michelin pilot sport 4s

hendrahendra says:

Love it

psfree40b says:

I’m trying to find best tyres for my MGTF for winter especially in snow. For summer I have the standard 195/45 R16 front, 215/40 R16 rear. After seeing the video on wheel sizes, and because they were cheeper, I got a set of 15 inch wheels of EBay just to use for winter. The standard for this is 185/55 R15 front, 205/50 R15 rear. Taking into consideration the engine is over the back wheels, would going square i.e. narrow at back, help with cornering at junctions by digging through the snow, or wider at front (the cheeper option), giving more rubber for steering the light front?

Vano Scrap says:

bolting the wheel bolts with the impact wrench without handthreading them first? Careful not to strip them threads…

FiryMY says:

lap times are not very reliable to compare tire grip when each lap can be different. the correct way to measure grip is to use G-forces.

william smith says:

Biggest problem is price. My astra gtc is running the 20inch bbs alloys and my god are they expensive. Conti 5 over 220 a corner but hankooks are 160ish a corner.

Photo Sankey says:

Why do the tire comparison in an under powered car. Clearly anyone interested in upgrading their tires to wider fitments will more than likely have a performance vehicle.
It’s a bit of a pointless video if you asked me

William Platt says:

Been waiting for this, thank you so much for the very informative video! It’s really hard to do such an experiment and I really appreciate all your efforts! Keep it up!

Drunken Hamster says:

Would’ve been nice if you had a more powerful car for the test. And did a 285 square setup.

Dimitris Kontogeorgakis says:

nice video with great results not the most wider tyres give the best grid.

cloud ix says:

time to throw on some Prius tyres during wet track day thanks

Jelmer van Oorschot says:

Very interesting, good video!

Pedro Ivo Tonini Risolia Barbosa says:

can you test the difference on the same car/tyres/wheels but different PSIs?

Evo RS says:

I might try Goodyear F1 A3

lacossa nostra says:

you cant take a different tire height and expect the same outcome!! use the same height!! and yes I know the circumference is going to be bigger but that doesn’t makes no different for the grip

DesastreMan1 says:

I have an honda accord V6 3.5 and they are know for huge understeer. The original setup was 225/50/17 all around. TO counteract this understeer i’ve brought the following. 245/45/17 VENTUS V12 EVO 2 K120 in front and 225/50/17 goodyear efficientgrip in back. Can you tell anything about this setup?

Major Tom says:

What does this video tell you? The big car manufacturers spend millions on R&D and put on the best combination over all conditions.

Fred P says:

Great video and I’m glad to see that your channel is growing. Hopefully you’ll be able to reach more people soon, because a lot of people need to have more knowledge about tyres, many people buy cheap tyres which are so bad, they’re dangerous.

Matt Clark says:

Very cool video, but the addition of more power (say, a 340i instead of a 320d) would’ve made the rear tire differences more significant and told a larger story about the range of tire behaviors, though you do end up making the point to lower powered car drivers that more rubber is not necessarily better for sure.

sid12345678910 says:

Underrated channel. Amazing production value, super informative. Keep it up!

wordreet says:

No questions, but I’ll give you an arguement. ;¬)
You haven’t given each tire a proper chance here. Each of your tire widths has an ideal wheel width that will give best handling. And I deffo have to argue with you over your “slight” diifference in width. 225 to 285 is a BIG difference!! 40mm? That’s a lot!
Plus the profile changes have different effects, the 30 profile is significantly stiffer than the 55. So you have quite possibly overstepped the suspension’s abilities by going that wide.

NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes says:

“Does wider tires give you more grip” . Shame .

A L says:

I changed from 225 square to a 245 square for my e90 328. Love the neutral balance and additional front grip and control. The cons is losing some of the turn in crispness.

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