Cover all tire dressing test review


Benjamin Knows Best says:

That’s all I use works great shine stays for days and 8 dollars is cheap they have it online for 20

Terry Farrar says:

Been using it for years on tires and plastic trim. It will sling off the tires going down the road but it wipes off the paint pretty easy.

Danny Solis says:

Where can I buy?!

VjCClass says:

Now that’s a shine. What I want to know is how long till it drys? …because it looks like every thing you pass down the road will stick to them tires.

phillip arsenault says:

Your wheels are not balanced right

Matt Cooper1988 says:

so what was the spray that you used to clean the tire with? the foamy one ?

VjCClass says:

I wonder if this will work on the wheels as well? I have some nice shiny black wheels that start to look ashy after a wash. Is it water repellent? If so that would mean you can simply rinse the dust off the wheels and tires off a few time before having to doing the process over again. Let me know thanks.

calvin Nunnally says:

try it on leather interior let us know

PoleGem says:

Oven cleaner? I see this must be before you discovered your love of super clean. Nice review. Thanks

Jaime Casa says:

how long do da shine last

Cajun Kevin says:

I did a review on it and you liked it.
It does give you a wet look.

Johnny Thornhill says:

Whos doin this blog jj from good times ? Lol

g8779 says:

Did you just use oven cleaner on you tires?

calvin Nunnally says:

its great on tires,but evev better on leather interior try it they will like it

Mr Green eyes says:

That’s ridiculous great shine peace UK

calvin Nunnally says:

i tried it an its a winner

James Mitchell says:

I never thought to use oven cleaner on tires and wheels, what a great idea

KiiNG 15 says:

Ah hell na foo

elcamman50 says:

Great review!  I am going to try this today.  Thank you for a posting this.

calvin Nunnally says:

now that was a great review, getting it tomorrow. looks great!

Alfonso Serna says:

I tried it yeah its shines but it doesn’t dry and ones you drive your car it gets all over the car Wtf

Louis Lowe says:

thanks for trying cover all. I am really sold on this product. I understand works well on trim inside and out. I am 68 year old and love my tires to really shine. enjoy your videos.

Jeremy Montemayor says:

Really thinking about getting this product

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