Continental ExtremeContact DW Tire Review and Drive

Testing my new Continental ExtremeContact DW tires with a little spirited driving in my Dodge Charger R/T.

I did so many hours of searching for a tire that gives good performance and also won’t break the bank; these were my winning result.
Continental calls them a “A premium ultra-high performance summer tire tuned for drivers seeking extreme grip in dry and wet conditions without sacrificing tread life and a comfortable ride.”

There’s not too many in-depth reviews over these tires so I figured I could make one to help out people searching for new performance tires!

Keep in mind:
My car is a 2014 Dodge Charger R/T with a 5.7L v8 with basic bolt ons (About 385hp/405tq) and 3.06 rear gears.
Car weight is around 4250lbs.
Dodge claims the 0-60 is 5.2 although I have been able to get lower than that. (Will post an offical 0-60 video soon)
Tire info:
My tires are 245/45/20 on 8 inch factory aluminum wheels.
Y Speed Rating (186 mph)
Tread Wear: 340 (Pretty damn good for a performance tire)
Traction: AA (Best)
Temperature: A (Best)
Road noise is very minimal
Driving in wet conditions is SO much better than before and normal driving on wet roads result in no issues

Although I was unable to chirp the tires at all in the video I have been able to do it a couple of times but it’s very minor, I guess it has to be the right conditions. These tires have so much grip and I’m still experimenting with how hard I can launch the car and what the limits truly are. This video is not a video to show off my acceleration times, It’s to showcase the tires and how difficult it is to break traction with them.
I’m fully aware I could have driven the car much harder on the corners but I’m not trying to wrap it around a tree, I need my car so I can keep making videos! 🙂
Enjoy the burnout at the end.
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wildstar43 says:

The Continental Extreme Contact tires are great. I have the DWS version installed on my 05 GTO. I need new tires for my other car now which is a 2014 Charger RT. You did mention earlier in the vid about Firestone tires and yes they do come standard on the RT as well. You are right they are not very good tires at all.

Paul Roucco says:

hey RP im sorry to bother you like always man… but quick question. im trying to buy those black lug nuts you have but the problem is theres many different sizes and i dont know which one to buy… can you please tell me the exact lug nut size you have on your blacktop wheels? i dont know if i should gey these…×1.5+13%2F16.
please give help, thank you as always


what’s better airaid or k&n intakes?


what’s better airaid or k&n intakes?

Michael Madsen says:

how many miles does the w last? and the d? @RP Productions +RP Productions

Joseph Alexis says:

Your car makes a sweet sound !

Christian Deliz says:

How is the ride ? Are they smooth when hitting bumps ? I’m looking for a smooth tire ..

Michael Madsen says:

but those miles are in perfect condition i’m guessing

Chase Vanucchi says:

In love with your car!!

Kristina Urmetz says:

How do you like them? I am looking for new tires on my Camaro 2SS.

No says:

Brak eboost it? :’D


Hey brother would you recommend these over the Pirelli PZero’s ?

johnnybloom100 says:

I drive a used mazda 3 2010 and I do not break the speed limit. Would these tires be good for my car and driving style? I am asking coz they are well reviewed, but priced well above average.

romeo juliet says:

hey Rp where did u get ur tires? which store?. let me have the link. thanks bro. love ur vids.

Andrew Dionne says:

What brand black rims are those?

Nerdy Business says:

My audi a3 had OEM contisport contact 5P. They were good for handling, but the ride quality was harsh. Switched to extreme contact and boy! what a difference! The ride quality is superb with minimal tread noise plus these tires soak the bumps pretty well. Dry/wet traction is superb. The results are as advertised by Continental – extreme grip with comfortable road manners! Thanks bro for this video!

Michael says:

Pirelli tires r better

Laura Denning says:

Are these the DWS or DWS 06? Thanks!

p128sniper says:

I have these on the front wheels on my lexus is350 in the back of have older Michelin super sports. The super sports are fairly new but the dw continental look like they have much more tread..

Rebin KHDHR says:

Grate Video thank you, the time was worth to watch, ill buy them thx again

Michael Madsen says:

how do they perform after significant wear?

Michael Madsen says:

they supposed to last 34,000 miles how are they after 17,000? both on wet and dry?

Carlos Armenta says:

.im trying to find tires for my corvette and the only ones i can find are the goodyear eagle f1 and these..but the f1s are really expensive and not worth can you not chirp them..your car is powerful and the tires are fairly thin..I had nittos nt555 285 in the rear and I could go loose all the way from 1st to 3rd but my car is stick…i would have thought it was easier to break these loose since the torque transfer is greater

Mrs.201 says:

This car is HOT! Did you paint your letters red are did you buy them like that, and if so what did you use and hows it holding up so far?

CANTSiR says:

sold ill take 6


What is the rim size

crhanks01 says:

Wash your car prior to recording next-time. Agreed, great tires

Sash392 says:

I’m looking to upgrade my tires on my scat with those i hope thy will handle the power of the 392

Paul Roucco says:

hey RP wanted to know what website you bought your black lugnuts and black wheel center caps from, would really appreciate the feedback, just bought blacktop wheels and really want to black out everything. thanks man

Whoa Weezy says:

When i got my awd charger rt 2011 i had the milestar 392 tires when these wear out im going 245/45/19 front 275/40/19 rear

bola R show says:

you could have gone wider with the tires bro. 265/20/45 all around would look better and more aggressive .

Jimmy T says:

next time you need to go wider, 275’s in the front and 295’s in the rear, better traction and looks much better…that’s what I have on my SRT Challenger..

Heesler Alvarez says:

Hey love the videos. Quick question did you see any improvement in regards to gas mileage?

Shuren Xu says:

Those are 20 inch wheels?? God charge is big

Ryan Sterling says:

Cool, I have a set of the older (from Oct. ’14) DWS on my ’12 Eclipse GS Sport coupe, love them! Got a set of the newer DWS 06’sfor my ’10 Accord LXS coupe this past summer, they’re great!

How to compare the older DWS to the newer DWS 06 is: the newer ones are heavier by about a 1 pound and a half per tire, overall better performance with the DWS 06.

Although they are still very light weight compared to most tires which is good in the sense that it helps acceleration, better braking, quicker suspension reactions which means better handling. This I can attest to as I have numerous times brought both cars to their limits on many different roads.

The comfort in the newer DWS 06 is better than then older DWS, however, the newer DWS 06 is slightly noisier through turns like not when breaking tractions, just sharp turns you hear the grip of the compound growl more, so not so sneaky.

Highway noise is fine and improved in the newer DWS 06, overall really quiet tires, and yes, absorption of bumps is great.

However, the annoying thing is they do track lines on some road surfaces, so it can make the car feel like you have uneven tire pressure when you don’t.

Around town and on regular non lined surfaced highways they are excellent. The wet grip in both is great, but further improved with the DWS 06.

Fuel consumption and rolling resistance: They both have enough rolling resistance to notice slightly less mileage off a tank compared to the stock Michellin’s on the Honda and Goodyears on the Mitsubishi. The newer DWS 06 has even more rolling resistance than the older ones, but the trade is worth it since the total grip and ride comfort is improved.

Yeah, the older DWS ride harder than the newer DWS 06, but it almost seems as if the older ones had a slightly stiffer sidewall, but it could just be that comparing the two which are different sizes on different vehicles is more the issue (225/50 17 on the Honda, and 235/45 18 on the Mitsubishi).

Carnard Chapman says:

yeah the Firestone GT sucked… I just put the BFgoodrich comp 2 a/s on my 2014 charger Redline…

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