Continental ContiSilent tires: Are they really that silent?

UPDATE: I’ve revisited this after driving them for a longer period of time. Watch the review here:

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This time I had the opportunity to test the sound dampening on the Continental ContiSilent tires to see if they really make a difference and got some surprising results.
If you’re just interested in the results, you can skip to 16:00

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Harwood Farcourt says:

These tests are totally bogus, because each one is on a different road surface.

Gérard Pauluis says:

Thank you for the time you spent for this interesting test. I was hoping for more of a difference between the noise level of the two tyres, yet if I remember a mere three decibel difference amounts to doubling the noise level. I have an X P90D and the noise level on the striated concrete roads in Belgium can be disrupting, hope improvements continue.

thph says:

You have to watch 20 vid to get a answer to a simple question. The conclusion at 16:00.

taztaz79 says:

You should have used a real calibrated decibel meter instead. Then you could have had a decimal too and maybe more accurate result. Also the traffic should be the same so maybe the test should be made at night.

Joeri Cools says:

Look at the website with the tires. They indicate the Michelin is quieter than the Continental!

futmut1000 says:

The car should have better soundproofing…especially for that price..A Mercedes S Class is way quietter despite running on fuel…

W says:

Jesus, 20 minutes… This should last 5 minutes TOPS.

dinesh shehant says:

anyway there’s no difference.. so what about comfort… i mean which one is more comfortable..

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