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At Consumer Reports we evaluate tires for braking performance, handling, wear, ride comfort and noise. See which tires came out on top in categories from all-season to truck and SUV tires.

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WJK says:

Seems Department of Transportation should start testing tires through Underwriters Laboratories vs leaving Consumer Reports Magazine to testing so few tires on America’s roads!

John Jason Chun says:

2015 2500 RAM 4 DOOR 4X4 6SPEED DIESEL CAMPER SHELL, 8800 LBS. 24-28 MPG ON FREEWAY WITH STOCK TIRES, FIRESTONE 2757018R HT (highway tire) 35-45k/ set. Many times I’m over 10,000 lbs, 111,000 miles on Truck, 3rd set, same factory take offs!


Truck off road tire a Hancock? Really???? Obviously didn’t test the bfg ko2.

Blue Patch1413 says:

BFG KO2 are what I drive,

Tyler Stegeman says:

The best All Terrain tire is the Mackey Thompson ATZ P3. It’s a hybrid between a all terrain and a mud terrain. Without the noise of an MT

Dimitris Ivanov says:

Michelin CrossClimate?

Victor Popoca says:

what wheels are those at 0:08?

Strong Herd says:

Go for Gajah tunggal tires and trust me you will never go back. ALIVE!

rey rios says:

just bought some dextero tires for my SUV.

Kcducttaper1 says:

Sponsored by Michelin?

Aaron Chambers says:

the Hankook Dynapro Atms are TERRIBLE in wet conditions!!! hydroplaning and sliping happens far too often!!

JAGExecutiveServicesInc says:

I have Michelin Defender tires on my civic. I dont like that they’re constantly losing air due to fluctuations in the weather temps.

Pete L says:

nice where in ct is this!

Roger Reyes says:

Blizzard are awesome

Kyle Van says:

good Lord did you guys drive a pilot Super Sport? they have better cold weather performance than the p zero and are very effective up to about a hundred and sixty degrees. the rain traction is downright incredible and they have one of the best tread lifes I have ever seen on a Performance Tire. dry grip will also rival much lower utqg tires until you get into really hot temperatures where the dedicated track tires do what they are supposed to

Matt Johnson says:

BRIDGESTONE is the best tires!!

Vinay S says:

Pirelli = hype and makes normal driver feel like a track racer and poses threat to fellow riders and cars,seals deal with so called prestigious car makers ,but definitely not by its merits but bcos if its hyped name which will not last long just like their tyres.

jack z says:

Good video but one big mistake.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta r2 over the Micheline X-Ice 3 all day, every day.

ima piledriver says:

crap! you would have to leterly test on every make and model of cars and trucks because they all perform differently with different tires

666dynomax says:

Really interested in trying the dynapro ATM… after i wear these horrible BFG AT KO2’s out

Carlos Cuevas says:

this is just a Micheline comercial. it is not? what about nokian tyres?

Patricia Morales says:


Julien-Pierre Langlois says:

they got paid by michelin lol

Glen Biliti says:

Michelin defenders suck they claim it’s a 80.000 thousand mile tire more like 40.000 mile tire!!!!!!!

Ace says:

erm firestone haves better off road tires

Matt G says:

I have a 2015 jeep GC….never go off-road but want tires that are good in the snow. Ride comfort and low road noise are most important, defender or premier ltx?

Gary Woodgate says:

I buy Goodyear wrangler Duratracs for my pickup truck for use in Canada. I pay between $1200-1400 for a set of 4. you can’t put a price on safety . Cheap tires are trash.


We just bought a set of michelin cross terrain which are manufactured last 5th week of 2014. i did not noticed or we are not informed about the manufacturing date. then i search this tire model and its confirmed discontinued.. why? any one know this?

julien antoun says:

What about Michelin CrossClimate ?

coldlook says:

xice3 no grip on the ice ……actually X2 is better

Rob Santoliquito says:

As a professional data analyst who’s responsible for identifying HOW to [accurately] measure “stuff” I have consistently found Consumer Reports to be incredulously horrific in virtually all of their analytical frameworks. In other words they don’t know how construct a proper analysis. Never have.

Simon Zhao says:

Michelin picks are solid. lol at Pzero

Larry Queen says:

The Hancooks are godawful off-road. They’re extremely prone to punctures.

FMichael1970 says:

I’d go to Tire Rack to research tires before I trust these clowns at CR.

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