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Cheap rubber might be easy on your wallet, but is it really worth the saving? We tested a selection of budget tyres against three premium brands to find out.

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Mavusi Kenpachi says:

Tell you what, while there is a huge difference between a set of really cheap off-brand chinese tyres and premium brand name tyres from Japan and Europe, there is only a marginal difference in the middle of the segment. For instance, I have a set of Falken highway terrain tyres on my Subaru Forester XT and they have been outperforming the OEM Yokohama Geolanders that was on it. And the yokohama’s were twice the price to replace.

luffy d monkey says:

they are all made in china

Dennis Smith says:

Shop around and check the prices….. Buy “mid price range” tires for your car.
It could save your life.

dan laesu says:

u getin what u pain 4

Christian Tönnies says:

The best tyres money can buy is Continental but if you live in the UK and get a pittance of a wage compared to our european brothers you will not be able to afford them so budgets it is

luffy d monkey says:

or mexico  😉

Nostalgia Gaming says:

I highly recommend Uniroyal Rainsport 3. Had them on 3 cars so far, wouldn’t trade up for anything else. Ideal price/performance ratio.

Mazda rx7 says:

Yes get the best, because everyone should drive like they are at a race track

Martin Legare says:

Cheap chinees tire will work and will be safe, but will probably only last 2 years before the tread runs out. So you save on the first purchase, but will discover you have to buy new ones soon after. A good set of quality tires like Toyo lasted me 6 years of smooth and safe driving for a good 100000 miles. Just touch the gum on the tire, you’ll see the chineese one feel so more plastiky and some will even make you fingers go black !!!! That’s the gum already coming out.

Jack Black says:

Tyres are such a rip-off. You scrap at least 95%. What other product can you say that about?

George Yu says:

this test is so unfair, u used PS3 vs some chinese unknown named small company tyre? OMFG, test with some chinese big manufacture such as JINLIN or CHAOYANG etc…

KosmasMJpec says:

where is Yokohama tires???

Megadriver says:

I have Pirelli P7 Cinturatos on my Mercedes and they are great. Had the old P7s before, but the Cinturatos are better. Lots of grip, low noise and predictable handling. I would definitely buy Pirelli again, they are worth every penny. I never cheap out on car parts and car maintenance.

MrJohnnyDistortion says:

Well fucking duh! Cheap tires are cheap. Did these tire have the same amount of plys and other statistics/ratings? Compare apples to apples.

initialB 240 says:

id prefer a part worn Michelin to any cheap Chinese crap..

dave jenkins says:

I go to the scrapyard, £12 each and when I take wheel off the scraped car, if the brake pads are good they come with me, shop smart people

James 87 says:

oh ford asked cooper to design tires for the Roush Mustang and not Michelin. Why do you think they did that?

Miguel Angel Medina Rise says:

Well I’m poor so… I’m on that Altimax shit from TireRack

James Phucwit says:

Michelin propaganda

Just Me says:

how about the dunlop sport maxx? how are they compring to the michelin sport 3?

cooldbz12 says:

When i bought my mustang in 2005 i bought cheap tires ( at the time ) for the front. I would constantly take it over 140mph and do alot of breaking. Best tires ever. I still buy them but the price has gone up on the exact tires due to popularity goin up with them. All you got to do is inspect the tires before you drive especially long distances . Keep them at the proper inflation. And dont hit any curbs and you will be fine with the cheap ones.

James 87 says:

Michelin tires are over priced junk and living on there name then putting anything great on the market. cooper tires are US made and cheaper then Michelin plus out preforming them. This guy in the video is clearly paushing Michelin. Goodyear makes great tires to but in his test they suck too and Michelin is great. the cheaps tire has less road noise then the Michelin, shows you how great they really are.

ash cole says:

Im pritty sure the guy got some numbers wrong

Ronnie Pierce says:

there out to make money alot of the cheaper tired come off the same line as the expensive ones just a different name and the rubber compounds may be a little different

manie deya says:

I’ve got some Toyo tyres from China, just changed my front ones after 4 yrs. My rear ones are still in great shape. Can’t complain.

Jim Dickinson says:

You can get Vredestein and Nokian tires in Europe, so you get the best of both worlds.

Stef Stef says:

I had PS3 for around 40.000km. The best tires I ever had. On all weather conditions it felt like there was glue on the road, and when breaking both wet and dry it felt like there were anchors pulling me back on the seat. A bit noisy, yes. Best tires ever for me. Thank you Michelin

Crobular I says:

Years ago I used Michelin X tyres. The most slippery tyres ever in the wet !!. This was on a Jag. Then I fitted a set of Pirelli Cinturato`s. Brilliant tyres !. Never Michelin again. Now I am old and drive a Hyundai (UGH) I fit budget tyres. No Problem.

Khairul Anuar Bin Bakhtiar says:

Thanks for this video

Fast4SloW 717 says:

I’m on my third set of nexen nferas and I love them, I get about 15 k . That’s responsibly hard street driving, no issues whatsoever.

Jack Black says:

Here in the Japan Alps, I’m on snow tyres year round. Buy your winter tyres in summer. Obvious when you think about it, and I’m off road a lot of the time, sometimes intentionally. So no point in balancing.
Buying the best tyres you can makes a lot of sense. Even when you fit yourself (which I do), there’s the same amount of effort. Recycle tyres are dirt cheap here in Japan. Bottom line, everything second hand is better in Japan than UK. A set of four 16-inch almost new, never punctured will set you back between Stg.50-100, equivalent. The dealers make their profit on fitting, balancing, fitting new valves and disposing of the old tyres.
Disposal can be an issue, but don’t be tempted to dump in the corner of the supermarket carpark, or even the auction car park.
Jack, the Japan Alps Brit

Uday Sail says:

Force 1

Rowan Lewis says:

its fine now all tryes have a A-E rating I’ve got rain sport 3 rated A in the rain so can’t get any better surely it also depends what car you drive, some naturally break better than others,

peter kamei says:

Michelin tyre is good or not?

Johny's reef tank says:

I always buy premium tyres every time. I wouldn’t go to a garage and get the cheapest, part worn breaks fitted to my car! and the same goes for tyres.

Jordan Manturk says:

new tire is the best tire..

TireFrenzy says:

#sugarnads Yes get the best, because everyone should drive like they are at a race track @Mazda rx7

carl watson says:

I’ve just changed my conti contact 5 for a cheap 3a brand make and it has made zero difference to the grip,handling etc I must admit the car they are fitted to has that many sensors and driver aids like traction control,abs,stability control,take over and save your life when you fu k up in a corner program…I don’t think it matters what type or brand of tyre is fitted.when things do go Pete tong the modern technology in today’s cars will stop you or take control before its sunk into your head that your now going off roading on your set course.

Ian Purcell says:

If I can’t afford to put branded tires on my car then I can’t afford my car.

Jay 90 says:


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