Cheap drift tire challenge #1: Venezia Crusade HP vs Kenda Kaiser KR20

Who will win this cheap tire challenge? The Kenda Kaiser KR20 or the Venezia Crusade HP? Comment with what tire I should try next!

Both tires are under 150 shipped, 225/40/18, both are on stock 350z wheels, both are inflated to 25psi. I ran the same version of the track, 2 different ways as many times as I could before the tire or car failed.

Keep in mind, these tires would have lasted even longer if I didn’t do back to back to back laps and gave them time to cool off.

Footage by Tim Walsh | Automotive Digression


CLP says:

I don’t know if they still make them, but if you can get ahold of a Michelin Hydroedge tire, the ones I had were 740 treadwear but they gripped like 400 and I could wail on them all day driving for grip and they’d barely be chafed on the outside edge.

Nate Dickey says:

I really want a z in my life!
Dad goals for keeping it super cheap

Zachary Robertson says:

What are you running for front tires? How often do you change your fronts?

James Kurz says:

Under $150 for a set? Where are you buying these from??

Roberto Gonzales says:

Thank you,

ShortShift says:

How about trying the Antares Ingens A1 All-Season they got for about $50 each. i like them on my stock e46 325i but would be interested how the like a little more power

Benny46drift says:

Is it sad that I’d be interested in the smokiest tire? (For putting off the chase driver, and general badassness)

TRUSTS14 says:

Triangle brand tires on ebay. I have had good luck with those so far.

AaronMacruairi says:

Try Jinyu YU63 vs Kenda

SK8R6593 says:

try some ironman i moves, or achilles atr sport 2

suprakillavr4 says:

Velozza ZXV4, recommended to me by some BMW guys, should add to your test.

Paul Miranda says:

This is a great test, I wonder who will win?This not my saying but the 350z sounds like a pissed off elephant, lol always makes me laugh

AdrianHeredia_AC says:

Where did you buy the Kenda’s from?

Luke Pakula says:

I like it. Good idea for a video ….. p.s. I miss that track, but no the tire wear on it lol

CLP says:

The Venezia ones look just like Canadian Tire Motormaster all seasons.

Driftwood Evergreen says:

This was fucking great thank you

___Jared ___ says:

hey dan whats up it would be cool to see a video on cheap angle for the z. i used some gk tech steering spacers and removed the bump stops and it was a pretty noticeable amount or it just mite be me thinking i got more

George Krapivko says:

When is part 3 coming?

Executive Eleven says:

“I’m naming my next baby Venezia”

Dirty_ Drift says:

Achilles ATR sports 2

John Santiago says:

Try Brand: Rydanz
Model: Roadster R02 they use these on drift works s15 that cost 122 shipped

Ray Cervantes says:

When you say set do you mean 4 or 2 because i bought one crusader for 60 🙁

Gamma Light says:

Good science story

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