BF Goodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2 Tire Review

This is a review of my BF Goodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2 tires on my 2010 Camaro RS.


mje19D says:

I just got these tires for my boat. They are a bit loud but the traction is amazing! Great for wake boarding as well!

RealTalk says:

hows the road noise with these?

vmteck says:

I been looking into these tires.  Have you tried them on wet or snowy roads yet and how are they?   Good vid.  Thx

danny dash says:

i have them on my car now but i hear road noise unless its something else from time to time my service light comes on for (service traction control) 245/45/18

shako georgia says:

thanks for upload this vid it helped me a lot. im going to order today hopefully they will be great on my 10 camaro ss

john infante says:

Thanks for the review, I just ordered mine!

Syed Abdul Ghaffoor says:

which pirelli pzeros did u have on before?

Nicolas Gauthier says:

I love those tires aswell, but they are not quiet at all. Loudest tires I have ever had.
They are so sticky that they stick to rocks and send them flying in my fenders 😀

gsxwrx says:

i got those for my integra. pretty good for autocrossing.

mishel kevorkian says:

Thanks for the review. I’m gonna get it as well for my 2014 SS

Eric Lopez says:

How many miles have you put into these tires?

aleslucio says:

what size did u use???

carlos pacheco says:

are they good in snow?

J.Adams says:

They’re quieter than the Mich. Pilot Sports as3’s i just replaced… noticed a mad difference in sound… i’ll give it a few months before doing a performance to tread life comparison.


where did you purchase these tires?

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