BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2 tire review

The BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2 tyre was launched mid 2013. In this expedition, author and 4×4 explorer Andrew St Pierre White reviews this tire’s performance in the wilds of the African Bush.

Andrew was in Zambia for four weeks shooting for his regular TV series broadcast on South African TV, and a huge hit on YouTube. He selected the new tire as part of his kit to tackles Zambia, a relatively undeveloped country of huge diversity. The route took him through Livingstone, Luiwa Plains, Kafue National Park, South Luangwa National Park, Lake Malawi and Lower Zambezi national Park. The tires were tested on blacktop, gravel, rocks and sand. No wet weather performance was determined as it was deep in the dry season.

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TVR161 says:

Hi Andrew, I’m running these on my Discovery 2 but wouldn’t say I’ve found the “happy place” for them offroad in terms of pressure. Generally run them at 18-20 psi off road but friends seem to think I need to go lower as they arent bulging enough. What would you suggest?

Stokes King says:

Great video. I had the old All Terrains on my Jeep and I got well over 100,000 miles on them. Best tires ive ever had-not even close. Going with the KO2’s for my truck. If i get half the use as I did on my old all terrains-it will be money well spent.

Sir Chill says:

I agree, I just swapped out my old Michelin atv’s for these on my f-150.

I work in West Texas in some pretty rough terrain, lots of rocks, sand, potholes, shitty gravel highways and roads. My old Michelins after 50k miles looked like they had been through a cheese grater. First day and I instantly felt much better grip and even more smooth rides over small potholes. I can’t explain it but I feel safer with these things, every gravel, pothole infused hill I go on I feel like they are saying: “fuck you, is that all you got?”

very quite and smooth on the highway, I love these tires.

Simen Ringstad says:

Thanks for the video, Andrew. You might want to mention that you are sponsored by BF Goodrich Tyres (Michelin South Africa) as stated on the patreon page and mentioned in your other videos.

Rich Mignogna says:

OK, so I just put them on in time for our recent minor snow. They seem to do pretty well. We’ll see how the winter progresses. Good to hear that you got 50K out of yours. I was a little concerned since they only start with 15/32 tread depth. I am a little annoyed that I had to drop to a 17″ wheel however.

john adams says:

If you’re not getting BFG, you’re not getting anything of value at all.

Tyler Nutter says:

I have KO2s on my XJ Cherokee, and love them! Horrid junk in mud, and did okay on rocks, but shine and shine very well everywhere else!

Pete Marloe says:

I just put the ko2s on my 2000 tundra I love them 33×12.50 lifted 4inches

slewke says:

most people that buy something will love it and insist other do too, even if its junk. that being said these tires look like a great improvement over the legendary predecessor. time will tell

Humman Off-Road Adventures says:

Thinking about KO2, but there are so many good choices…

Rich Mignogna says:

Anyone have experience with these new KO2 in snow & ice? Right now I’m running 37×12.50×18 for rock crawling but am looking at these for winter use in Colorado. Unfortunately, the KO2 in 37 only comes on 17 rims so that means new wheels :{ My alternative is a Nitto G2 (which I can get on either 17 or 18 inch rims) but I cannot find any review on how well the G2 performs in winter conditions. Any thoughts?

Scott Alvarez says:

I’ve only run BFGs for last 20+ years. Load E and can tell you they are not made like they used to be.

They are impossible to balance and are all out of round. Closer to egg shape than a circle. Try this test-jack your wheel 1/8″ off the pavement and spin the tire. You will see what I mean.

This summer with 60% tread left my KO2 all began separating, cracking and developing a warp.

Sears manager called BFG with me standing next to him. He verified we’ve been chasing this issue for over a year, they were aired correctly and rotated and BFG didn’t want to cooperate with very much of a proration.

On July 4th it happened. I had a blowout while on a curving country road. It was terrifying.

Only after threatening to sue did BFG offer to help by charging $400 to replace the set.

It’s been three months and already the whabble is back on brand new tires.

Pittwater Mowing Australia says:

I love these tyres my fist set lasted over 100000 km’s without a puncture

federico aka voxa on the road says:

Why not muddies?

Patriot extraordinaire says:

May I know what is the highway speed limit on the KO2?

lickitysplit roberts says:

What kind of tire review is this

PerthEnduro says:

I’ve done about 20,000km on my KO2’s. They perform pretty well everywhere except for wet hard pack & mud. Wet hard pack they are down right scary. It’s like driving on ice with racing slicks. I would not recommend them to anyone that is going to do even the tiniest amount of hard pack or mud driving. Fair enough they don’t perform in deep mud, that is to be expected but the total lack of traction on wet hard pack was completely unexpected. Any hill, even a small one is enough to make me find another way around if it’s even a tiny bit greasy. Honestly, I can’t wait to get rid of them.

Baldo Bailey says:

Not the same as the original BFG AT KO but still a pretty good tire..
Original tires last forever. I got almost 80k when they 3/32 so i knew theu last.. however ive read the new ones only last 50k miles. Very disappointing.

Machine217 says:

What brand cargo top is that? Looked up Bushtech and couldn’t find anything.

Ephraim Duran says:

thank you for the review. I just purchased these for my LC 100. I use to run the previous version in my Jeep wrangler and they were tough. I was close to pick up nitto Terra grappler but you tipped me back to bfg

Thomas Kirby says:

While these are good offroad, they’re very harsh on roads.

Troy Russell says:

4x Overland – were you running the load range C or E? it seems they may be phasing out the C as most places stock the E in my size but have to order the C at a much higher cost. just wondering if you had experience with the E

N L says:

great tire, but they are horrid in the mud.

Alex Geisler says:

what tyres would you recommened for a 80s series land cruiser for desert driving

Jarryd Ross says:

i have the ko2s on my car and and thay are tuff as!! thay go as good as mud tiers and go forever

Rolly B says:

from my own experience BFG’s are the only tyres I would put on my vehilcles

Johnathan Sanford says:

he deserves free BFG KO2s for life.

Misiekgren says:

Yyyeah how many km did you get out of those?

Nigel Naughton says:

“I’ve been carrying a load!” haha

30minforasn says:

“We have a relationship with a big black rubber thing?” Hmm?

Jamie b says:

living in East Anglia.. England , I have always wanted these for my Toyota 2012 Rav4.
Big chunky looks , top quality and yes they look brilliant !
My driving to be honest is 90% on road…. 10% off road on mostly gravel or sandy tracks in Suffolk , or the odd muddy byway at weekends.
I know these are the best !.
But I do have to say they are quite noisy ( I live with it , and got used to it )
They are wareing quite fast though, and because of the reinforced side walls ‘ and ‘ my Rav4’s stiff suspension my ride quality over bad road surfaces can be intolerable!!
But…… at the moment I’m suffering it as another different set is more money.
So overall , would I buy them again for a Rav4… possibly not.
Next time it’l be Yokohama geolander A/T as I had these on my 2002 Rav4 a few years back.
Much quieter, and smoother ride.

Just my thoughts , Andrew… you have a brilliant Utube channel along with Rhonny.
All the best !….cheers.

Michael Gabriel says:

AGREED. I had the KOs on my last truck and the KO2s on this one. They claim 11% better in mud…yup not much more but not much less. The are slightly quieter, mileage didn’t suffer much, the sidewall is SO NICE. Love the vid man

Cainori says:

You should be honest and say that the KO2s are shit on wet asphalt hard breaking as well as clay mud.

leadnsteel says:

They need to make a tire like the wrangler all terrain. Something more aggressive than an all terrain, but not as aggressive as a mud terrain.

baggins919 says:

Goodrich A/T the best tyres ever these things epitomise the phrase, FIT FOR PURPOSE,
the go anywhere get you home again tyres

808aaq says:

I have these on my 2015 4runner running 20’s stock because its the Limited Edition and I gotta say that they do what they need off roading 4×4 and quite and smooth on the highways! no complaints and I get a lot of great compliments from strangers about how great they look too! thanks again for making great tires!

LSC says:

Man why do South Africans always sound so arrogant?

B T says:

Love my KO2’s. They kick ass on snow, dirt, sand, and rocks. But holy hell do they suck donkey balls in thick mud.

Jessi Sumner says:

I love them and trust them with my life . I even put a set on my 08 sienna. They ride great and still get 25 mpg

Ali H says:

Thanks ASPW @4xoverland – I’m planning a Cairo to Cape Town trip via Eastern African countries and wanted to know how much I’ll have to deal with muddy tracks and whether Mud Terrain would be a better option even with the trade off in noise and fuel economy? Many thanks.

james posterson says:

… and i’ve been carrying a load… lol

Flatheadfletch says:

I love BFG tires !! HOWEVER. The KO2’s are only good for asphalt !! I grew up southern Utah with 4×4’s and the all terrain Ta of the early 80’s was the best snow mud and sand tires I have ever seen and never left me stuck. NEVER. The KO2’s pure CRAP by comparison !!

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