Best Car Tire Dressing: part 2 Additional review of Chemical Guy’s VRP

In part 2 of Best Car Tire Dressing, Darren reviews Chemical Guy’s VRP Dressing and demonstrates on various car tires including some knobby off road tires of a truck and offers additional tire dressing tips.


1954BJohn says:

Newly subbed from the UK – Hi Darren – thanks for all your video’s – your verboseness is for sure very entertaining 🙂 Thanks for all the great advice!

sniper pro says:

Hey Darren yeah the chemical guy’s have some really good product’s

TyTyson98 says:

I kind of wish my father was a professional detailer like yourself. I would love to be able to have that knowledge and wisdom to help make my car look its best and the knowledge on what products to use. The only thing is if my dad was a detailer would I not be as interested in it, because I would of grown up with him doing it? My dad works in IT and I have no interest in that so I wonder if it would have transferred over to detailing.

7topseven7 says:

What do you recommend for working in the sun in Florida it has been getting in the high 90’s would you recommend a canopy or do you take a different approach I would love to see one of you very informative videos on this subject thanks and I love your videos

Toot Ivey says:

Great video Darren

714slugger says:

what would you recommend to clean my chrome iroc wheels?

Steve Van Der Vorst says:


i like to do the entire wheel at the end of my detail
i hear a lot of guys saying you should do these first , because of heavy dirt ect.

i prefer to do them last, it’s not like you swing dirt all over your car when cleanings wheels and rinse does’nt need to be messy as well

i  used to do them first but then i tended to forget tyre dressing at the end of my detail.

what is your oppinion about “the order”

+Darren Priest

MikeEM1 says:

My favorite is CarPro Perl. Looks so good!

rsxfreak79 says:

Truly enjoyed the vid. VRP is some good stuff but quickly switched to CarPro PERL as I found it to give my tires the sheen shine I have been longing for. I dilute mine 1:1 but you can also use it straight for a shinier look. Works great on trim as well.

203 Ls400 says:

Do you like the vrp more than chemical guys g6 hypercoat?

S_J_P says:

Never tried V.R.P but I have tried CG Natural Shine, big fan of that.

jehsautosalon says:

Sir I hope you make a video about your Bissel Spot cleaner. I just want to see how effective it is for detailing before I buy one. Thank again for all the videos

Integrafreak1 says:

Made it to part deux!Off topic but how reliable is that mercedes to you?As in repairs and maintenance.

Anthony A says:

It’s always entertaining hearing you condescend everyone as if they’re clueless idiots. No comment necessary.

lol7497 says:

Darren where can I get that squeeze bottle that you used for the tire dressing?

Richard Ivanoff says:

I have used Adam’s VRT for a long time, but now I have changed to CarPro Pearl which I like much better. I dilute it with distilled water in order to have a matte finish.

Filip Sichman says:

Hi Derren. Thank you very much for this video. I’ve been trying to find some tire dressing that lasts long on the tires and tried different products. Right now I’m using Meg’s Endurance and am happy. But from your video i started thinking about the water based dressing just because i think it’s also i guess more nature friendly? And again as you say why have a special dressing just for the tires when you can have one product usable for other exterior and interior plastics etc….
also i wanted to thank you for your time you put in to explain the details behind so that one understand the nuances and gets over all knowledge. for example – i was wandering why the tire dressing doesn’t work the same all the time (on different cars). i never thought about it to be because of the difference in the tire itself….

714slugger says:

what would you recommend to clean my chrome iroc wheels?

Harrison Pierce says:

That answers that for me chemical guys FTW!!

Ken Lawton says:

Darren have you tried Meguiar’s tire gel? I use it and I like it…..

JMD NY 631 says:

now that I hear that your using some chemical guys products. Have you tried the V32,V36 or V38 polishing products from chemical guys? if yes what do you think?

Kevin C says:


twoicyclops says:

Have you tried Adams vrt ?

alphacharlie65ms says:

Have you figured a way to use the VRP on wheel wells. What do use.

JazzBlueRT says:

Do you dilute the vrp???

psdaengr says:

Trying to be fair, I started to research VRP in preparation for purchasing some for testing.

When I saw that the label had warnings, about for professional use and keep away from children, i tried looking up the MSDS for the product. There isn’t one.

V Umadat says:

Darren, I’ve seen almost all of your video and so far I have about 6 item in my cart to order. However, I do like to have a little shine on the dashboard ect. Is there something you can recommend for that? I know you said that personally you don’t like it but growing up all my father used was armor all and turtle wax which he put on everything including the dashboard. I lately got married and bought my first car and basically now staring to learn about taking care of my own car and would also like to expand my father knowledge on to new products. I do not have a garage so I do all my cleaning in the parking lot of my job or in the warehouse when it’s winter so the optimum no rinse will work great for me. So far all i have been using is water and a cloth once a week and my father clean and armor all the car once every month but now I would like to take better care of the car which I own for almost a year now. Any input will be very much appreciated.

Abdul A says:

I really enjoyed your videos. Darren, is there any Meguiar’s dressing product (for wheels and exterior black plastic) that I can dilute?
And what is the different between hyper dressing and all season dressing?

Thanks in advance. 🙂

Mark Jones says:

Plz send the badge to……………………

Love from the UK


Marcos Zavala says:

Have you tried silk shine is also a water base dressing. I love the way it smells and has a great shine. It says it a level 7 shine on the chemical guys chart. You should try it you’ll probably like the smell

Molineux88 says:

What do you make of meguires endurance gel. ? It’s silicone based.

mn4a15 says:

You need to try carpro perl dressing

jaison jusino says:

Thanks for all the info.

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