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It is almost universally accepted that tires are the best performance upgrade for a car aside from driver experience. However, as top tier performance tires get more extreme many of the issues outweigh some of the benefits for typical street cars and drivers. Often vehicle owners don’t really need the best or most expensive tires on the market to enjoy their vehicle.

00:00 – 00:20 Intro
00:20 – 1:28 Understanding Basics of Heat Ranges in Tires
1:28 – 2:22 So Many Tires Make Things Complicated
2:22 – 3:20 Tires are Important, But Don’t Over Buy
3:20 – 5:00 Extreme Summer Tires are Overkill for Most Street Cars
5:00 – 5:52 The Realities of Street Driving Extreme Tires
5:52 – 6:21 The Benefits of Extreme Tires
6:21 – The Mechanical Issues with Extreme Tires

The Fine Print is a series of videos about the pros and cons of technology, cars and specific parts and practices.


grey goose says:

video for americans….no education idiots watching this with open mouth,no knowledge of Anything,but $2000 tires on dads car….AND dads insurance…because nerd did enough stunt driving and drinking.
vroom vroom…i am cool

Jerry Qin says:

I will stick to cheap tires. they all satisfy certain standard, the difference is just the for the marketing niche.

Paul Bornuat says:

Very informative, thanks.

Mike B says:

Dam…been driving the the strip club all wrong. Got to change my tires to maximize efficiency now.

K P says:

Thank you for this…seriously! I’ve been on the fence and going back and forth for the past month or so, figuring out if I truly needed ultra high-performance summer tires on my DD (IS300 SportX) and your breakdown has helped me reach a conclusion. Looks like I’ll be sticking with my Pirelli all-season tires for the foreseeable future.

Dan Bert says:

In the UK it’s the same miserable rainy shite all year round with a few rare days when you can actually wear shorts outside without your bollocks getting chilly. Doesn’t leave much wiggle room for tyre choices. If they’re shit in the rain, you’re going to have a bad time.

ocramidajzj says:

Found this video in reference to my question on your Mazda 6 Turbo video. As I mentioned there maybe helpful to go into more of the physics and chassis dynamics of changing tires. Your point about increaded body roll in particular. Great video btw. As usual you point out derails that many people wouldnt even consider.

99subigt says:

How about the new Nokian all weather tires? Not all season but all weather Nokian’s, apparently this tires are unique to were there is no more need to change from winter to summer tires, this Nokian’s are the full package, I have get to see any reviews on them or comparison I just happened to read the article a couple of months ago.

Michael Backus says:

whats a Fahrenheit?

Thomas Marshall says:

I hadn’t thought about the damage your doing to the car putting on sticky tires. Great video, you gotta new sub

abdul sijad says:

the lint roll photo was the best

Megadriver says:

I got Pirelli P7 Cinturatos on my w203 Mercedes and they are great.They offer very good grip in the corners and under heavy acceleration for spirited driving, very good in the wet and still comfortable and quiet for everyday driving and long road trips.
Last tires I had were the old P7s. They were good, but the P7 Cinturatos offer better performance. On a series of tight S-turns in the outskirts my town, the P7s would squeal and I’d feel the car start to slide at about 40-45kmh. Cinturato P7s go up to 55-60kmh before starting to squeal and feel squirrelly. Definitely worth it! And the new Cinturato P7s have a cooler thread pattern. Superficial and silly, but still cool.
P7s lasted me about 7 years and 80000km (50000 miles). Had my new Pirellis for 2 years, still as good as new.

SufferingAddict says:

uuuhmmmm, actuallllyyyy, I think you meant to say “like everything in our world” 😉

Jokes aside, very good and reasonable video!

407ForRent says:

So in Florida sport tires is the way to go due to the heat? In a GT car

godcore223 says:

I want a good street tire for daily, and occasionally hard driving and maybe 1 track day if that what do you recommend people have told me ad08r for my clio rs200

bucknut2000 says:

question, can an over grippy tire hurt car handling, I have a 2008 civic Si with the HFP suspension. In the past I’ve run Conti DW, Mich Pilot Supersport, Michelin Pilot AS 2 last versions, the OEM and now I just bout the conti control contact. The weird thing, I feel the new conti make this car the most fun to drive. When I had the Pilot Supersport, I felt the tire was better than the car but now I feel the reverse. Comapred to my 2016GTI, I feel that this old civic is a level above in handling. It seems as if since there less grip, the car stays flatter and I can get on the accelerator better. It seems odd that my cheapest tires make this car feel the most athletic in years. The grip isnt the same but the car just stays flatter now. Am I crazy or is there a reason for this,

HyPE YoLO says:

Put this on times .25 he speaks slow thank me later

StereoSoundAgent says:

Michelin Pilot 4s.

The only tire you need, they’re my all seasons here in Denver Colorado.

André Gonçalves says:

Hello. Does anyone knows what are the differences in handling and riding comfort between a 235/45 and 245/45 tires for 17″ wheels?. Thanks

Dimmu Borgir says:

I just replaced my 2015 Dodge Durango tires to kumho Crugen KL33. I was going to get the Nitto NT421Q but saw that the Crugen worked better in Phoenix, AZ due to the hot weather do you think I made the right choice? I really wanted the Nitto since that’s all I normally buy for my other vehicles but was in a bit of a budget so ended up with the Crugen KL33.

flyonbyya says:

I need special tires to drive to the strip club ?

Dj says:

I love your honest reviews, it really appreciated .

tips 4 truckers says:

thank you so much for this video. I think my azenis were a good compromise considering its a cobra and I don’t drive it in the winter.  I have had them for 2 years and a few autox and haven’t worn much all things considering.  every dd I have had I put neogens on and have been very pleased.

Marco de la Peña says:

Personally I own a Mondeo mk3, which I have put on Michelins pilot sport, at first it was fun in twisty roads because of the shorter braking distance but I despise them short after because all of the inconveniences. They were constantly getting flat because of the debris, stone chips as said but the most uncomfortable thing was the rough ride and tire noise because of the more rigid structure, all in all they lasted about 10k miles. Changed to Bridgestone turanza all season and what a relief to my spine was that, which by the way lasted 30k miles, I’m currently on my second set.

Renan Soares says:

Belo vídeo.

SebastianAsian says:

Guys throw Yeezys on their feet even though it’s not stickiest shoes nor quality shoes. You show you got Yeezy and Kids know what’s up. That’s what it is.

Mike Oxlong says:

Driving to the strip club eh? Ada boy!

T8PolestarCyan says:

High performance or even premium tyres are worth every cent. Not to mention safety. Tyres with good wet grip as well as wet braking help to keep my car under control. Budget tyres are certainly make driving experience more stressful especially in the wet. That’s why I’m sticking to my premium tyres! High grip, premium tyres are the best motoring insurance.

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