An AMAZING Summer Tire – FIRESTONE INDY 500 Review

I have only had these for a couple of days but holy am I ever impressed with them, watch the video to hear what i have to say about them! and SUBSCRIBE for more !


Gilberto Morales says:

These tires are the same exact thing as potenza RE003….bridgestone and firestone are the same made them for other countries and wanted to sell them in the U.S. for cheaper so they marketed them as firestone

David Anderson says:

what are your thought about these now? I’m thinking of getting these for my 2015 200 S 3.6. The factory tires can’t handle 300 hp to the front tires. I’m going one size bigger to 245/45/18

Chilazr says:

Getting this for my BRZ this week. Thanks for the input.

Matt Verteix says:

I have these tires on my 600hp audi s4 and they are great! coming from pss cup2 I like the indy 500 better for rain and every day driving..

Reallystock Mustang says:

You said 15 degrees is that C?  or are you running in the cold?

microair01 says:

Looks like ‘the secret’ is out. I’ve been driving on these for about 1 month on my B7 A4. They’ve really helped make my daily commute a whole lot more fun. Probably the best Summer performance tire for the $$.

Erfahn H says:

Have these for my 2015 mustang gt. No complaints! Excellent grip during launches. They performed well in 40 degree weather as well.

screaminseagull says:

Looks like a BRZ/FRS, so yes these new tires are worlds better than your stockers. That is if you still were on stock tires.

Isidro Martinez says:

On a budget would better describe your situation rather than saying you are “poor.” Great review, but you are fortunate enough to make enough money to modify a car, which costs alot of money to do. No hate though man, just some constructive criticism.

fsa1704 says:

Just picked up a pair used with 85% tread for $140…Had to get the other pair new at a shop for $500, Canadian funds.

Francisco Cruz says:

I got a full set for my evo 9 on stock wheels, 255/40/17, and I am more than pleased and I paid $550 for them rotated and installed.

Central Florida Reckless Drivers says:

So what is the outcome on the Indy tires since you last did this video?

AKS says:

In my area, they are selling so well you can’t get any. People seem to love them.

Englebert Humperdink Views says:

If you’re looking for something “DECENT” then you can’t go wrong with these especially for the price and this is why I had purchased 4 X 285/35R19’s for my 2016 Ford Mustang GT but I can assure you that you will slide in dry or wet weather on those unexpected stops as it has happened to me already, kinda scary! I had Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3’s before on my car which got 3 years out of them and paid $1600CAD as the Indy’s were under $1000 for 4 of these tires. If you want good safety, confidence in corners, fuel economical and a tire you can trust spend the extra money on the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3’s or the Pilot Sport P 4 S’s. If you’re on a budget and looking for something decent the the Indy’s are good but nowhere close to Michelin’s! If you don’t drive like an ass like some people do then these tires are perfectly fine but until you can compare these tires to Michelin’s like myself you will know the difference from a really good quality tire compared to these…

Interflop says:

I got a set of these for my summer setup too!

Rookie To Pro says:

I just invested in these tires Rob ! Stop by my channel if you get time bro (made a video for it)

Olivier Beauregard says:

Everybody talk about the grip and the driving on wet condition… but hows the tread life? Good for 2 summers or he’s just gonna melt like crazy on agressive driving? Thanks

SneakySonBeach says:

my buddy just got these for his nismo 350 he likes them so far

boxedmilk says:

Sounds great bud! What camera are you using in your car? Sounds and looks great.

Kenans Kars says:

whats your cockpit vlog set up? im tired of shaky video quality

Kennedy McGovern says:

You went oot?

Brian Mcclain-white says:

250 for TWO OMFG u fools getting ripped off. I mean brand new.

1pt21gw says:

I just got these and so far love them.

Rick Allen says:

Just bought a set for my 2012 Nissan 370Z
What a great tire, could not be any happier

Crosshead1 says:

Interestingly, these same tyres sell in the rest of the world, like here in Australia, as the Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003. The represent extremely good bang for your buck.

Joe Castro says:

At least youre realistic about what you know and don’t know. Good review though bro! I just ordered these tires myself (215/40R18)

Jacob Jeckles says:

Iv got some on order for my s2k I can’t wait

Tee DeVane says:

Have these for my 2014 Maxima on coilovers and I love them. The best bang for your buck tire that you can get. People sleep on them.

Tyson Tran says:

I loved these tires. Now I regret going with an all season ultra…want these back one the wheels.

Bryan Ransom says:

$91.25 a piece for 225/40/18 at tirerack as of 4/8/17, pretty good deal. I’ll get a set for my gti soon.

Mango 86 says:

almost got these!

DUN OU says:

Thinking about put these on my mustang, just wondering the treadlife. Someone said 5000mile and it would be wear out

JDMricist says:

This is a review from a kid who’s never ran a good summer tire before to take that with a grain of salt..

HelloGeno says:

Yup, these tires are nice. I run them on my FRS as well, 245/40r17. Great in the wet, and exceptional in the dry. Amazing value for what you get. Hopefully the prices don’t rise when everyone learns about it and people start grabbing them 🙁

John Taylor says:

Did you drive these all year around?

Chris says:

I bought these tires for my 18 wrx for my summer setup and the price is still 112 bucks per tire. So thank god i got these before they became super popular and tire places raised the price lol

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