9 of the best winter tyres for 2018!

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Here are 9 of the best winter car tyres for 2018.

It’s finally getting cold enough to fit winter tyres in the UK and Europe, so here are my favourite 9 winter tyres for cars and SUV / 4×4 vehicles.

The Car Winter Tyres in this video are:

03:49 – Continental WinterContact TS860 & TS860 S
04:57 – Goodyear UltraGrip 9 & UltraGrip Performance Gen-1
05:51 – Hankook Winter I*Cept RS2
06:30 – Vredestein Wintrac Pro
07:10 – Nokian WRD4
07:56 – Michelin Alpin 6 & Pilot Alpin 5
07:56 – Kleber Krisalp HP3

The SUV winter tyres are:

08:18 – Dunlop WinterSport 5 SUV
09:01 – Continental WinterContact TS850 P SUV
09:34 – Nokian WR SUV4

Nordic and studded winter tyres from 09:50.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3
Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9

Link to the short video showing the difference between summer, CrossClimate, all season, and winter tyres: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cgtmmtsqFA

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Rob Leech says:

Another great and detailed video thanks. Have you done/ will you be doing a video on runflats? Worth changing from them of they’re fitted as standard with no spare?

Albert Marin says:

what about pirelli sottozero?

Sorin Neagu says:

What’s your opinion about the UK tyre manufacturer, Torque? have you tested them?
I own an all season set on a Focus and i’m pretty amazed by them.

sabakag says:

Why there is Nokian WR D4, but no WR A4?

Paul Brown says:

Great vid I also love tyres and find these vids great viewing!
Have. I got this right,
So is a cold weather tyre worse at dry braking than a summer tyre at low temperatures say under 7degrees, but brakes and performs better in wet, snow and ice at low temperatures ?

Kaidong Wang says:

how about Bridgestone Blizzak WS80? My friend told me that is the best winter tyre lol

kenzohkw says:

First taste of sub zero temperatures in central Scotland this week and the Goodyer Vector 4Seasons gen-1 i have fitted are definitely hooking up nicely in the salty greasy conditions. Another good video, keep it up! ps. love how you sneaked in the gun show lol

Thingummy says:

2016 Jaguar XF (180ps) 245/45R18 Y 100. Conti TS860 S (£790), Michelin Alpin PA 5 (£1,048), G/Year Ultragrip Gen 1 (1,000). (Price for 4 from a National Tyre store). Interesting that the TS 860 S is the least expensive. Although the tests say it is good in the wet, why only a C rating in EU labelling? Driving around Tayside/Fife in Scotland. Which winter tyre?

Really enjoy your channel.

mastarce says:

Nice video! Could i have some advice?
I drive a 2012 Forester 2.0D with 150ps, 4×4. I can’t decide on winter+summer or allyear tyre to keep me going for the next 3-4 years. I was looking at Michelin CC+ or GY V4S G2. Though i’d go with the Conti allseason if i could fine one. My size is 215/65/16. I only have one set of aluminium wheels. If i don’t get the allseason tyre then i was looking at UG9 or Dunlop WS5. Most of the time i drive in town but i go skeeing and visit my parents in the country where it can snow a bit heavier. I’m from Zagreb, Croatia. Last couple of winters were not with much snow. Help?! 🙂 Obviously the allseason option is much cheaper. Almost 2x.

Tomaski says:

Last december dealer sells j.renegade on nokian suv3 215/60/17. With 4×4 that little thing is just unstoppable. Deep snow or mud goes like small tank. Butt… on summer Bridgestone was 7-8 liters for last 10kkilometers, now not under 9.

chomihai says:

Tyre maniac, thank god there are people like you sharing the knowledge

Willem Smith says:

Best all season tyre that will fit 255 40 R18 – Go!

Diac says:

I love your video’s! Only suggestion I can make is maybe try to pause a little longer between talks. Sometimes it’s a little bit too fast for my brain to follow, haha!

The continentals are excellent tyres, I had the TS850 on my BMW E36 a couple years ago. Very good grip.
Last winter I bought the new Viking Wintech winter tyres, they really surprised me. Very good snow grip when I went into a snowstorm in Germany.
Wet performance slightly better on the continentals, but was very surprised on the performance from the Vikings.

This november I will get new winter tyres on my lease car, don’t know what they will be fitting yet. Probably Michelin’s.

Hagop Sarkarian says:

A question. Is it allowed by law to use studded winter tyres in UK and in which particular months? As you might know studded tyres are allowed in Finland (but not at all in Germany for example) and their usage can be from first of November until next spring comes (basically until the week comes after the Easter celebrations, according to law in Finland) 🙂

H. L. says:

Thank you for this review, well done.
I live in Switzerland and I’m used to drive on snow, I still prefer the Pirelli Sottozero 3. I know it’s not the latest tyre and an update would be welcome. Anyhow, this tyre still works very good during winter time.

Nice-oscar says:

I am going to try winter tyres on my taxi this winter. I’ve been reducing tyre pressure in winter and I nearly crash twice!

Digital Deceptions says:

Been rocking the Ultragrip Perf G1 for 2 winter seasons now, I barely notice any increased fuel usage or grip issues in all weather conditions. Even drove them down in Italy around April on country roads and they behaved perfectly. Totally recommended

Tomas Klony says:

How about Eskimo S3? A lot of people recommend them for performance on all sorts of snow

Svetoslav Grancharov says:

I just ordered Bridgestone Blizzak WS80. Was it a bad choice?

Robin Wells says:

Talking about tyres is not wrong. From what little I think I know of the technology it seems really genuinely interesting. I’m possibly not getting out enough but I would love to know more about compound chemistry!
Incidentally I now have snow socks which I use for the infrequent snow days here in the Cambridgeshire fens. I used them on the front wheels last year to really good effect except that I then got overconfident and spun 180 turning out of the gateway when the rear wheel drive engaged on my CRV! Can’t wait for some snow again this year!

Manuel FÉRON says:

Thanks for the video! 😉

If there is some advice around there, I’ll gladly take it. I have quite a hard time to find replacement for my Alfa 156 V6. I drive around 1000 kms/week in the North-West of France, between Britain with a mild climate (average of 15-20 days/year of freezing and only a couple days of snow), and Normandy with a similar but slightly harsher climate (over 30 days/year average of freezing and 15 of snow, which can be quite deep). Both regions have usually very wet winters. Like England, I guess.

The Continental TS850 on my winter wheels are shot and need replacement in 205/55 R16. There are several valid options like the Continental TS860, Dunlop Wintersport 5, Goodyear UG1 (or maybe an all-season tyre ?) but don’t know how to split them. My main concern is wet performance.
I don’t need dry performance, I keep it for the summer wheels wearing Goodyear Eagle F1 Asy3 for now. 😉

Christopher Burnham says:

Are there any specific tyres you would recommend for an M140i? With the usual setup been staggered, would I have to do that with winter tyres too? I have the standard 436m wheels on. Appreciate any help!

marinerbc says:

Great information, one question please how about a car manufacturer recommended tires , could there be a better tire but not being endorsed by the OEM , as an example for the Cayenne turbo 2016 with air suspension , only the Dunlop 3D winter sport N1 is approved by Porsche . Do you know of a better tire for that application . For the NA pacific north west Region . Thank you

Lungu Gabriel says:

No Pirelli?

Englebert Humperdink Views says:

You should do a segment on winter tires that are good for rear wheel drive vehicles! When I got my 2016 Mustang GT I assumed since the Michelin X-Ice Xi3’s were the best winter tire it would be my best choice for safety on the ice and snow, well I was completely wrong! It was good in all weather except for snow and ice and went with the Blizzak WS80’s which was great on ice and snow but horrible on gas and tread wear.

jonathan french says:

Van tyres?

Cristi M says:

Do you know have any opinion about the Firestone Winterhawk 3? I’ve been using them in winter for 3 years and they seemed pretty good. I started doubting about them when i couldn’t go up a small hill when there was some wet snow on the road after some rain

dufonrafal says:

Nice as usual, but it’s me or you didn’t mention the Nokian WRA4?

Btw, Kleber Krisalp HP3 = BF Goodrich G-Force Winter 2

They’re exactly the same and a great reasonably priced tire.

Firestone seems to make some good stuff recently as well.

vaikusch says:

What budget/mid-range tire brand can you recommend for a Subaru in 16″?

upload9595 says:

I bought Fulda kristall montero 3. I read some opinions that its good. It wasn’t the cheapest, its mid range pricing for R14. In ADAC they say pros “Especially good on snow” and “Good on dry roads”, only one con “In comparison to the best a bit weaker on wet”. It ranks 4th in their winter test for 2015. What do you think, if it was a good tyre for 2015 is it still good when compared to newer models or they became much better for 3 years? DOT is 2418. I am about to put them on when the cold hits.

Mrdyrwtk says:

here is something funny for all north Europeans…. it’s almost winter but i’ll be fitting the Pirelli scorpion verde 255/55/18.
I live in Greece

Rob E says:

Another great video – thanks! I know you said don’t buy budget winters, and a few years back i would have definitely agreed with you, but i’ve just bought a used car that’s come with 4 new LANDSAIL winters on it. I’m loath to bin these and spend a bunch of cash upgrading to something better. Car is a diesel honda civic so i’m only really trundling about, no performance driving needed. I’ve read that in recent years the quality of budgets has improved significantly – what’s your view? The landsails certainly feel ok, obviously not as good as a premium tyre but not that bad given they are only fifty quid each (225/40 18).??


Spidermats says:

I think you are right about Hankook. I’ve used both studded winter tires and summer tires from them, and they were really good.

Wolfgang Messer says:

Too bad that the TS860S isn’t yet available in 17” – at least here in Germany. So I’ll have to stick to the TS850P, which is also decently okay.

dugsoft1 says:

Great vid
But what about yokos ?
I had wdrive 902 on my suv and they were great over last few years in uk never got stuck anywhere
Just upgraded to the new wdrive 905 for this year hope there as good?

Veselin andreev says:

People need a better knowledge on tyres, you are doing a great job. The Kleber in 205/55/16H size costed me 46 EUR, everyone is buying them this season. After all in Auto bild’s test it scored equal with the TS860, so there’s that. 🙂

Valters Pelns says:

It would be nice to see an actual test of budget winter (from not so popular manufacturers) tire vs premium. So there would be a video to share for all who consider to cheap out. 🙂

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