7 of the best all season tyres for 2018

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Here are 7 of the best all season car tyres for 2018.

With summer coming to an end, now is a great time to think about fitting a new all season tyre to ensure safe motoring for 2018.

There have been plenty of new all season tyres in the last 12 months, so I take a look at what I consider to be 7 of the very best all season tyres on the market.

Top 3 All Season Tyres

04:03 – Michelin CrossClimate+
05:00 – Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2
05:30 – Continental AllSeasonContact

Other All Season Tyre Recommendations

06:45 – Vredestein Quatrac 5
07:21 – Nexen N Blue 4Season
07:36 – Nokian Weatherproof
08:06 – Continental WinterContact TS860

Brand new all season tyres

08:45 – Bridgestone Weather Control A005
08:45 – Hankook Kinergy 4S2
08:45 – Falken Euroall season AS210

Link to the short video showing the difference between summer, CrossClimate, all season, and winter tyres: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cgtmmtsqFA

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Stxn says:

Opinion on the Continental ExtremeContact DWS06? (If it they’re available in your area of living).

Jason Adams says:

Great video.
I do run summer / winter now but the last all season tyre I used was the Dunlop sport sp01 A/S, it no winter tyre but it was considerably better in the snow that a summer tyre, and that’s going back a few years, it’s an older tyre now!
Keep up the great vids!

vrsmartin2981 says:

Such a geek…..
Love it. Great channel and the website is THE place to go when shopping for new boots for your vehicle.

Jayne H says:

Do you have much experience of tyres for electric cars? Efficiency and noise levels become more important than in my old diesel. Also, grip to deal with the huge torque from standstill, its very easy to get wheelspin at junctions. I had been planning to change to Michelin Cross Climate+ but now also considering the all season Continentals you mention. I live in Scotland, a bit north of the central belt so lots of cold and wet, fair amount of frosty weather but usually not much more than a sprinkling of snow. If/when I move to the Highlands then I’d definitely get a second set of wheels for separate summer and winter tyres.

Paul Robinson says:

Is there an all season run flat in 225/60 x17 to fit a BMW X3 3D SE!

Jonathan C says:

The General Grabber AT3 is the best choice for SUV imo. It is the perfect all season, fully snow rated, mountain marked. Can’t get any better year round performance.

Arnis says:

I believe you are way too optimistic in snow/ice.
Give comparison between 7 best all seasons and Nokian R2.

Alex Park says:

Awesome video. What about the Michellin Pilot Sport 3+ A/S? I heard lots of good things about it.

ILIJA1993 says:

Why would you run tyres for just one year??? If I am buying two sets (summer and winter) I expect them to last 5 or more years, and around 3 years for good all season tyres.

Digital Find says:

Performance cars – which offers better handling for performance driving in the (UK south) winter, when it’s cold, but either dry or wet? i.e. the conditions when you still want to enjoy a performance car?
High performance summer tyre or an all season?
(It doesn’t even need to preform on snow or ice)

Jake Kitchener says:

What about a review of high performance all seasons?

geoffnepo says:

For many years I use pilot super sport all year round here in northern part of the Midwest in the states and can tell you it’s definitely hairy on snow and ice, but the reward is hard to ignore rest of the driving seasons. I’m contemplating all season tires for my next set, not willing to give up on the feedback and road holding I’m used to from a good performance tires it’s very unpleasant being all clinched up while driving in the snow.

Bikeo Matic says:

Which RunFlat all season would you recommend for 5 series xdrive?

Constantine Lycos says:

Strange picks. First of all there is no such thing as an all season tire, it’s just marketing. From what’s marketed as all season, which in Canada is good for the spring and the fall and acceptable in the summer, the best tires are; Michelin Pilot AS 3+, Bridgestone RE980, Continental DWS 06 and Pirelli p zero AS plus. Stopping distances in both wet and dry, cornering gs in both wet and dry for the above 4 tires are all better than all of your picks. What am I missing?

Flyingdutchy33 says:

…. You mean “3 season tires”

They can never be as good as a real summer tire, nor can they be as good as a real wintertire. So you have a tire that sucks at everything.

Simon Fynn says:

Been trying to educate anyone who’ll listen in the UK for years about Winter tyres, so pleased to see someone else doing the same. Unfortunately you’ve missed something absolutely crucial – The Michelin Cross Climate and Continental AllSeason Contact are the only two of the 3 that have the Snowcapped Mountain and Snowflake logo – The other tyre ONLY has the M+S logo. This means the former two are specifically Summer AND Winter tyres, so in practice they perform leaps and bounds better than the latter which is a, lowly by comparison, solely All Season tyre. The Conti and Michelin will outperform the Goodyear in snow and ice which, whilst it would make it up a hill, would take more effort to obtain traction and maintain grip…That’s true even in the brand new 4wd Discovery I had during last Winter wearing factory fit Continental M+S only tyres. My wife has a BMW i3 which then had Nokian WDR4 Winter tyres fitted. She flew past me on the same snow packed steep hill whilst I struggled to get going and stop slithering. More importantly for the many who drive to or through Germany between October and Easter, their law changed in January – If you had tyres fitted since then, to be legal in snow and ice they MUST have the Winter snow-capped mountain and snowflake logo on them. Tyres with just the M+S logo are illegal in those conditions. If you’re caught with tyres without the official Winter logo on them (and Police do stop-check for tyres there over the Winter for safety reasons) it’s a fine and possibly a ban / immediate prohibition for the car depending on the tyres’ condition. If you cause a delay to traffic the fine and consequences are bigger, and if you’re involved in accident regardless of fault, it’s an even bigger fine, Court and problems with your insurer. Not relevant to all UK drivers, but given the Germans know pretty much all there is to know about safety and engineering, it’s a pretty obvious verdict on tyres without the mountain/snowflake logo that I’m happy to go with here. That leaves a limited choice of tyres optimal for all seasons – The Continental tyre you’ve reviewed, the Vredestein Quadrac 4Season and the Michelin CrossClimate+ you’ve also reviewed above – The latter is fitted to all British Gas vehicles, Emergency Service fleets and some Royal Mail vehicles to name but a few. If you’re fancy a real-world test when the weather changes, I’d be happy to bring the i3 and the Nokians! Simon Fynn – http://www.DrivenFM.com

Geison Blax says:

It’s weird, cause, you just talked about the specifications. You should have done practical tests.

SDav21 says:

Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance…. I don’t think it’s all season but is it good? Drove in a car fitted with it and it was quiet and grippy in the wet.

Gonçalo Tomás says:

Can you do a top ten summer tires?

Arthur Bush says:

Great video as always mate.
I live in the north west of England and I have just got a set of the nokian weatherproof. I had Michelin cross climates before which were great but thought I would try something else. I agree with your comment about the nokian tyres. I think they are a bit overkill for the uk so I’m kinda wishing we have a lot of snow this year so I can justify buying such a winter/snow bias all season tyre. Keep up the good work mate!

LiberatorOfAmerica says:

Can you do a video on the most comfortable and or quiet tire? Are all seasons better for this over a dedicated summer or winter?

Против Глобал says:

In my country, you need to have at least 4mm of rubber (thread) left in order to drive them at winter. So it mostly defeats the purpose of having an all season tyres…

grapsorz says:

all season is CRAP in every conditions.

Против Глобал says:

I like Michlin CrossClimate+ the most.

me999 says:

Nokian WR-G3

Ronald de Rooij says:

In the Netherlands, winter tyres are very popular, but generally not of great use. People believe the 7 degrees centigrade stuff. Autoweek tested that the point where winter tyres start to get better was at 0 degrees and summer tyres still acceptible at -5 degrees C. It rarely gets colder here. Also when there is snow or ice in the forecast, the roads get salted even before the slippery conditions occur. So, all you drive in, is salty water at temperatures close to 0. I decided that commericals still work and that people are hurd animals. They don’t think for themselves. Needless to say, I still drive on summer tyres all year. Saves me a lot of money too.

JD says:

We used the Nokian as a winter tyre last year because we don’t get routinely cold enough temps for winters and the all seasons aren’t good enough in the summer. Perfect winter setup imo.

Arnis says:

Tree design always makes lots of noise.

Magor Bárócz says:

So is it better to use all season tyres in the winter if the conditions are mainly cold and dry?

Paul Loffredo says:

I’m going to purchase Nokian WRG3 hopefully there good for the winter

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