5 Tires You Should NEVER Buy!

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In this video, I discuss 5 Tires You Should NEVER Buy!

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Joey Thornton says:

Thanks for showing this 20 year old video

evgeni dimitrov says:

Wow I’m so lucky now if I go back in time I will know which tyres not to buy.

Frank B. says:

Are Milestar MS932 Sport AS good tires?

2.5Boxer Powered says:

*181,000 RV?* That’s some fancy meth lab you got there dude.

SideShow Bob says:

Your data is not correct.
The ATX and ATXII were the focus of the recall. I’ll tell you the real problem was improper maintenance. Tire pressure primarily, other issues such as age, dry rot, and wear do to lack of rotations and alignments and worn chassis components contributed to the problem. Even today it’s hard to get non commercial tires to go 100k even if properly maintained. But, them ATX’s did it all the time.
The Wilderness Tire recall was isolated to a small section of all Wilderness tires made.

Ford was the problem regarding The ATX tires. They placed on the door of the vehicles a tire pressure recommendation that would render the Tire underinflated.
Despite what the tires own recommendation had stamped on the Tire.
Underinflated tires is in my professional understanding the number one reason for tire failures. Even in the Commercial capacity.

alphatrion100 says:

S.U.V’s flip over. Not safe.

tim pontius says:

the g159 was never ment for an rv it was ment for a small delivery vehicle the rarely sees speeds over 45mph

drsnowmon says:

This is why you never buy anything from China

Le Birb-Brain says:

Yay, Nokian Tyres (Not) mentioned on the list
*(Nokian Tyres for life ❤)*

C Deprima says:

Good! Now warn people about Nazi lethal RX! Boycott Rx and sell stocks!

blue03r6 says:

I think this video is complete trash. you can never blame any tire brand unless you were there to inspect said tire before it was put in use. many people neglect to properly inflate and inspect their tires. 99.99% of the time it’s user error.

RanGer498 says:

so we should not buy these tires that have not been in production or sold for many years ……ummm how do we get a set?

Keith Newton says:

How can something go onsale without passing safety test first. Do not your have tyre safety laws. Things cannot be sold until they be prove to be upto standard.
They are not unsafe brand. They are companies floating a nation without laws to protect people

LawF250 says:

Shows random vehicles crashing that have nothing to do with these tires.

Lil Peanut :з says:

Where are the tires from the thumbnail, huh?

WorldVideoTheatre世界视频精选 says:

You get what you paid for, remember this. Don’t expect anything from Americans when they only give Chinese one dollar to produce a tire and sell them at 200 dollar to Americans. It’s Americans who is putting your all live in danger not Chinese. Chinese is just doing what they are told to and what they are paid for.

WtrDogg20 says:

I use Bridgestone, made in USA… As ‘Murican as they can be…

chas sisom says:

Always buy Michelin. A few bucks isn’t worth your life.

tihzho says:

So when time travelling back to the 1990’s don’t buy these tires!

andgate2000 says:

Why is it Americans luv blaming everyone else but themselves…if your vehicle rolls over go slower. Such a litigious society.

Robert DeMaio says:

West lake tires are still for sale at Walmart

Dan Ked says:


Not a famous You tuber alt says:

Lol just don’t use wheels and you won’t die

Martin Lavoie says:

The firestone tire was not to be guilty as ford would recommend the wrong tire pressure in the door jamb. This would get the passenger rear tire to blow as the case developed in court I remember a gentleman from Firestone saying we don’t make passenger rear tires we make tires period. Which should of exonerated Firestone. Also the Goodyear tires were to be installed on delivery vehicles that drove in lower speeds as long as the manufacturer had the specifications from Goodyear really it was the coach manufacturers fault for cheeping out. And at last the Chinese tires you get what you pay for if the tire is 1/3 the price maybe it’s because it is lacking R And D

gary robinson says:

Firestone’s SUCK most huge tire recalls are Firestones

Jay Sommerset says:

Again….I HATE CHINA!!!!

Jay Sommerset says:

180k on cheap tires wtf?

LawF250 says:

Don’t guy these tire! Oh wait I can’t anyway.

David Cobie says:

Pretty sure the clip at 3:00, was wind related, not tyre related.

Matija Brkić says:

Thang god u warned me about tires from 1990. Kek

Muhammad Mikhail says:

good no michelin

dkphantomdk says:

ME.. I never buy low quality tires, I go for the premium brands Michelin / Continental and the pick the “best in test” ( the german ADAC or danish FDM, they are usually place the tires about the same ) – because I live in “that area” where those testcompanies are at home, so tires are tested to the climate where my car is.
The reason I dont pick cheap tires is that.. you dont save much money pr mile driven on a tires, the last summertire I had Hankook ventus prime 2, made 50.000 miles and I only had to replace it because the frontsuspension setup got “out of line” so the front tires for bald on the outside egdes, so I had to change them and then I picked the Michelin Primacy 3.. I hope this tire will last at least 50.000 miles, for winter I went for the continetal TS850, we dont get much snow, if we had snow for months on the road I would probably have gone for an even more hardcore winter tire.. like the nokian hakkapeliitta..
But 50.000 miles on a tire paying just a bit more and makes up for alot more safety is worth it.
Just keep in mind, any tire can get you from a to b, but when you NEED the tire to perform to avoid the crash, the best tire is prefered to have on the car..

ted simon says:

Skeeter Saurus must be an excuse engineer because temperature
and pressure are related in such that when temperature goes up or down so does
pressure. This morning I left to go to work at 5: am it was 28 degrees F. When I
left work in the afternoon it was 52 degrees F., according to you tires that
don’t blow up are used by people that inflate and deflate their tires during
the day.

Taelor Watson says:

I got my mother-in-law Westlake tires and now I wait

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