WTB Vigilante Review: my all time FAVORITE tire!

I’ve been riding the WTB Vigilante tires for YEARS now, and they have become my all time FAVE tires! In this video I explain the differences between the various Vigilante models, and why I like the tire on the extra wide, modern rims.

Find the Tough/High Grip version of the Vigilante tire here at Jenson USA: http://bit.ly/2FI65eY

If you have any questions about this tire, please let me know in the comments below!

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Brad Naka says:

I’m buying Vigilante tires next… Why? …because JKW uses them! He must only change 1 front tire for every 5 rear tires though… #manualmonday #onemilewheelie 😉

Polish guy with hard to spell name ;-p says:

From my knowledge 60 TPI is 60 threads per inch, which is how many strands of cloth are in the tire, and from my knowledge the less threads=more rubber=tougher tire, so I’m not sure on WTB approach on toughness, but I’m pretty sure Jeff got mixed up in describing what two layers consist of.
For example – ultra light tires have double or even tripple layer of threads=120-180, they probably don’t stretch, but are not durable due to low ammount of rubber protecting those threads, and low “rubber buffer” for wearing down.

eric contreras says:

Vigilante front breakout rear. I use WTB because the guys from trailpeek use them too.

JT MTB says:

Can you compare this to the dhf or magix mary?

Douglas Bruce says:

Which rims do you use? Hub?

Mackenzie Cliff says:

Hey Jeff, I am trying to decide between a convict tough casing high grip vs a vigilante tough casing high grip for a front tire. Could you provide some insight? I have been a fan of the vigilante in the past back when it was the “team issue”. I am running the riddler tough casing fast rolling in the rear just FYI on WTB frequency team i29 rims. I do not have any riding experience on the convict tire. I ride the new Rocky Mountain Altitude enduro bike, but I am more of an average shredder rather than a racer. Obviously I am kind of wtb fan, they are located in my hometown. Thanks man, happy trails!

Y S says:

The description of how WTB tires are categorized is super helpful! Any thoughts on running WTB Convict in the front and WTB Vigilante in the back on 35mm ID rims?

dnnbrgr says:

What psi did you measure the width at? Maxxis in my experience has only hit the listed width at max pressure. Wondering how the WTB compares? Thanks!

Andy P says:

Such a cool video. Thanks man

Benjamin Lee says:

Yeah, used the WTB Vigilante tires for years. Solid, predictable grip, and works well in all kinds of conditions.

Liam Vickers says:

For the love of God please help me with suggestions on how to get these on the rim, I havewire bead, high grip, light sides, 2.3, 27.5 vigilantes and CAN NOT GET THEM ON! ruined 6 tyre levers already. Please help, cheers.

Trail Features says:

Awesome video with tons of bike geek info!

WTB has really been catching my attention lately. May give them a try once I need some new tires. By then I’ll be in Colorado which has some pretty diverse trails, so should be a fun test!

Harlock says:

Hi I have a convict in the front is this a good tire for fast rolling in the rear or is better the breakout???


Monster Vlogster says:

Jeff, i appreciate these informative videos…SUPER helpful man =)

Efren Delarosa says:

Have you ever used the convict front breakout rear combo?

King Rat says:

Anyone else think that second measurement was a little quick? :skep:

Thim says:

Pretty nice to see something else than a minion dhf / dhr. Alot of other brands out there but didn’t know much about them. Thanks for showing.

Mason Rudolph says:

tire is so sick!

Theball Player says:

For everyday riding (street, dirt paths, park trails) I’ve been on a set of WTB Breakouts 2.5″, Light/Fast rolling on WTB i35 Scrapers. Seems like I can lean the bike scary low and not break traction.

The only downside is I had a heck of a time sealing them up. Probably for 5-6 days straight, I’d come home and they were deflated. Finally got them sealed up for a few weeks and the weirdest thing happened. It rained, and they went flat again (bike just hanging on the stand).

Otherwise, I really like how they feel on a wide range of surfaces.

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