WTB Mountain Bike Tires: All You Need To Know

For the past couple years WTB has really made a statement on the forefront of Mountain Bike tires. For such a small company, these guys and gals are going toe to toe with some of the biggest names in tires. But why? Simply put, WTB offers a tire for each and every riding style and or condition. Keep the stoke high and the rubber side down and rolling smooth. In This video Jeff goes through our favorite tires from WTB and explains what each is used for. You don’t want to miss this one!

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cgRui34 says:

Vigilante + Trail Boss combo = all day, everyday

darkriverracing22 says:

I use the Trail Boss 2.25 as a front and a CST Ouster 2.25 as a rear with really good results.The CST is a little more narrow than the WTB, (they must measure differenly than one another) but it feels like a nice setup.

Oasis Explorer says:

Hey @Worldwide Cyclery – can you please make a video for hardtails with few suitable set of tyres? I find your tyre overview videos very informative and a some video guides on hardtial will be very helpful for many like me.

MapleSyrupGuy says:

Oh wow I had wtb tires on my old specialized rigid 26” when I was 8

Will S says:

I’ll stick with Maxxis, these seem a little overpriced.

Tony G says:

My wife just bought me the Vigi 2.5 and Tb 2.4 as an anniversary present. She loves me 🙂

Simon Farr says:

dude I can’t wait until the 29×2.8 Vigilante. yes it’s coming and it gon R O L L

Google This says:

I just started mtb this year so so this upcoming winter is concerning me. I live where it snows so im debating tires for snow conditions.

I normally run “middle of the road” tires (size and tread) because i ride in a ton of conditions and hate swapping tires.

Colosabeast Epic says:

I would run the judge f and r

Paul Guerrios says:

My stock 2.8 Ranger tires are pretty good in the dry, they get pretty loose on fast turns but fast rolling. In the mud they are terrible. Great summer tires, terrible winter tires.

Doug&Margie Fit couple in the Philippines says:

I’m happy that WTB is offering 29×2.6” tires. I haven’t used wtb in a while but I was wondering how the 2.6” tire measure up?As you know Maxxis run small.

chris calomino says:

Hmmm vigalante 2.6 and 2.4 trail boss out back sounds interesting. Are the 2.6 wide tires made for 35mm inner width rims or bigger? Think the would work well with a 30mm inner width or squirm to much?


Bigfoot And Bananaman says:

I actually just put on a pair of velociraptors on my bike last week. I love these things and I will probably keep using them for a long time since they just grip so well on the climbs, which my local trails have a lot of.

Rory Vermeulen says:

Nooo i can’t concentrate with that devinci troy and mrp ribbon fork in the background! My dream bike and fork!

M PLAYS says:

I had raptors on my 26 3 months ago

oldkayakdude says:

WTB tires just don’t feel like they have same adhesion as the other super soft compounds by other manufacturers

mwinner101 says:

I like Specialized tires but will have to try WTB one of these days.

hawker800mech says:

Was a Maxxis lover until I tried WTB. WTB is my favorite so far. Vigilante/Trail Boss light/fast really woke up my alloy Patrol. Love the braking traction of the Trail Boss.

John Carrington says:

WTB is selling good quality product for a better price than Maxxis. Maxxis seems to have been running up their prices within the past couple of years so it is good to see them have some competition.

M_ White008 says:

See how well my Goma’s work out. If my try the judge if I don’t go minion next time. Nice clip, thanks for the info!

Victor says:

Review Vittoria

Worldwide Cyclery says:

Which WTB tire combo would you guys choose? Let us know!

trixr4kidsdawg says:

Hey Jeff, thanks

LegitMTBer says:

Wtb breakout any good?

Gary Collier says:

“Derek. Get up will ya? You look like the poster child for birth control!”

Jared Erickson says:

Really want to try a Vigilante in the front and Trail Boss in the back! These look epic!!

gigambo263 says:

I personally ride vigilante´s front and back and i love them. a fast rolling light casing in the rear and a grippy light casing in the front. the lifespan of the front blows me away. awesome setup

Nick Bender says:

I tried a WTB tire and it wore through too quickly and didn’t have the same kind of grip in the loser, sandier stuff that I had gotten used to with maxxis and shwalbe tires. To be fair though colorado shreds tires and I demolished an exo casing highroller II coming down enchanted forest. That tire must have only had 10 hours on it.

G. Donuts says:

Really curious if WTB 2.6 tires are like everyone else’s 2.8?

BuckeyeMCS says:

My last WTB tire was indeed a velociraptor.

maddingo says:

I had them VelociRaptors on my 98′ stumpy Pro … loved those tires back then.. currently rocking Nobby Nic tires on my Anthem 29er

Novice MTBer says:

I just bought a pair of Ranger 2.8 for my Bucksaw from you guys before even seeing this video. Love the tires so far.

Jim Anastasio says:

You’re old? I’m 53 and still trying ti run with the “kids”. I remember when you had to have WTB Raptor series tires to be cool!

Robin Breeds says:

Good Tires lasted well compared to other brands ive used

jacob valenzuela says:

Why did they drop the breakout? Great rear tire

Mark Stover says:

Might try the Vigilante/Trail Boss combo when my Maxxis DHF/DHR combo is worn out. Really like the subdued graphics and printing.

Jim Anastasio says:

It’s nice to see someone other than Maxxis getting some exposure.

adammoonface says:

I had Motoraptors a few years back. They were great. Really good in the UK weather

Staying Active R A Warrior says:

Used to have those tires on my old 26″ Gary Fisher. Not bad tires. Lasted a long time and I was not gentle with them.

C&J Productions says:

Can you do an episode on Continental tires?

Gordon Nichols says:

No WTB Breakout??

OzoneEditions says:

1. Good video, but weird science for sure.
2. I didn’t know WTB makes tires, but I always ride their saddles.
3. You’ve got the Elvis smile down at 9:28.
4. Worldwide Cyclery rocks!

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