Which is the world’s fastest clincher tyre/tire?

Video now updated here: https://youtu.be/ds8_SVjQY3g

Wow, here we will help you find the the fastest tyre/tire for TT road and Triathlon and in doing so save you about 27-39 watts (depending on rider weight and speed). Others have tried but FFT now presents the definitive review. Using Tom Anhalts amazing database which we have improved and refined.

http://goo.gl/zxoepJ [google sheets]


Vittoria Corsa Speed Open TLR 23C
Vittoria Corsa Speed TLR 23C Jet6+tubeless
Continental GP TT 23C
Specialized Turbo Cotton 26C
Continental SuperSonic 23C
Specialized Turbo Cotton 24C
Continental Attack 22C
Continental Force Rear
Continental GP Force 24C
Zipp Tangente Speed 25C


Remy Gambit says:

Thanks for those informations!
What about cornering/brakeing, and how these tyres work in the wet conditions?

xyz says:

Great video 🙂 Really useful info, again!

James Lee says:

awesome work …thanks

Ron Wolf says:

Sorry, what does “only requires a tweet to access for free” mean? Who do I tweet? And what should be in the tweet? BTW, as of just now Chrome won’t load http://www.patreon.com – error is “too many redirects”.

Evan Blankenship says:

should the TLR be run as tubeless or with a good latex tube?

Anthony B says:

I really appreciate the time and effort you put into presenting videos like this with evidence and not marketing hype. It helps to make informed choices at all levels even down to the best tyre for your bike based on your best budget position!

Rixter says:

That was terrific Alex!

Racespec says:

The spread sheet won’t let me input any of my data? What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

stefis6 says:

Great video. BUT – what about track racing on indoor wooden tracks. Most high performance bikes are shod with Vittoria Pista Evo CL/CS tyres up to 220psi for indoors. Will this trump the Vittoria Speed TL at it’s max allowed pressure?

Robinator says:

too bad, it is too uncomfy. just bought a pair of vittoria 32c rubber. Not aiming for speed, so, this suits me 🙂

Habibband says:

awesome as always !

ItsDanK says:

As someone who has ridden the Corsa speeds, they are fairly useless in the corners with minimal grip and they’ll flat on just about anything. Saving watts is meaningless if you can only use that speed in a straight line and on a perfect road.

hypojames says:

This is all well and good if your only looking at hysteresis losses. but what about suspension losses especially considering most road surfaces are pretty rough. They should make that 23mm top dog clincher in 28mm+ sizing.

J Y says:

Holy Sh!t.
Vittoria Corsa Speed Open TLR 23C costs $89 on eBay. Each.
I paid $23 for my Continental.
First world problems. eh.

Tren C says:

What about wheel/rim width? same tire, same everything else, but different sized surface contact zone…. different amount of compression, all those things have to add up, how does the calculator take those into consideration? eg, i’m running a wider rim, should I be using a 23 or a 25?

jim l says:

what is the website so we can use it

Bernd Kiltz says:

What about the Aerodynamics of the Tire? Flocycling did a test here, and for example the very well rolling turbo cotton from spec lost bigtime against some conti tires. ?

macmurfy2jka says:

A lot of continental in that top 10.

Deckard Shaw says:

This vid could have been over in 3 minutes….just name the bitch!

Ian Ffield says:

Everywhere I read says the Grand Prix TT is the second best CRR tire you can buy. However, Continental says their Grand Prix Supersonic is their fastest tire, and this spreadsheet helps prove that. Its also incredibly light at 150g for the 23c. Thats 50-60g lighter than Corsa Speed. Being rotational weight, it does matter… I think the Supersonic may be closer to the Corsa Speed if you consider aero and rotational weight. CRR isnt the entire story…

J B says:

My vote goes to the vittorrio open clincher, with a latex inner tube. For consistency, when using tubulars I also use the vittorios. Great tyres, and usually at a reasonable price for the older models, which are still very fast

Minimal deformation of the side wall sounds counter intuitive, when open tubulars are supposed to be good because of their softer side walls like cotton tubulars. But I suppose it makes sense, the best FMBs have a pink latex treatment to stiffen the sidewalls so they can run lower pressure

I expect there are better tyres, including the FMB tubulars that the pros use (rebranded), but they are niche and have a price premium

mattnugy says:

The spreadsheets you produce are such wonderful resources. Thank you for taking the time to create and share all this content!

sandydenny lives says:

Most if not all would puncture in a heartbeat on my roads, i’ll stick with schalwbe.sic.

st kr says:

The Michelin 45/75-R16 Radial Eco-marathon tire has CRR around half of the FASTEST bike tire available.
Recumbent bikes could use it. By the way Recumbents is superior in the aero department too. DF bikes is quite low performance and old school actually.

Bill Hedworth says:

It recommends me a specialized swt28c – Does anyone know what tyre this is? Google is bringing up zero matches.

Matt Seager says:

Thanks for the video, and all of the other great content on your channel. Forgive my ignorance, how to I access the spreadsheet?

Guoenyi says:

Sticking with my gp4000 II. This tyre glues to the ground

Ian Ffield says:

I also feel like body weight can have different effects for different riders. Im only 105lbs, and I feel like 20c or 23c tires are faster, even though everyone says 25c is faster. I have to run super low pressures on 25c, which makes it feel squirmy and less efficient. I can get away with running 80 psi in a 20c, and the tire still feels comfortable and deforms well over rough bumps. Plus its lighter and more aero on my particular wheels… Same with heavier riders. A 28c might be faster than 25c depending on how much PSI you require…

Rusevelt Roberts says:

Yeah I kinda knew the Vittoria Corsa G would come up top trumps.

Manuel Luis says:

… tooo much cooking NOTHING on the [ empty ] pot …
the road is the one ‘who’can say something _ not you .
A german autobanh it calls for a differents kind of tire .
A burquina-fasso or biafra goat-path ,,, NATURALLY ,,, it will call for another type of road bycicles tyre : NOT YOU MR. CAR SELLER .
Is there a refund on this ???

ConcreteTV Ron says:

A chart I checked out had a Specialized TT clincher as the “best” in terms of rolling resistance/weight BUT horrible for reliability/flats.

John Brown says:

Is it better to run this tire tubeless or with tube? I ask because the test was done with a latex tube, but this tire can support both options. Thanks!

Naami Paltta says:

michelin power competition not tested?

According to bicyclerollingresistance.com they should be up there:

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