When Should You Replace A Road Bike Tyre? | The GCN Tech Clinic

We’ve got a special edition of the GCN Tech clinic, brought to you from sunny Dubai. This week Jon is talking tyre wear, when to replace cables, and how to care for your helmet.

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Keep your cycling tech questions coming in for Jon across the channel, anything we can do to help you stay on the road we will!

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David Crow says:

So Jon, Tour Down Under, Tour of Dubai, are you just lucky enough to escape the winter weather in the UK or did the others just want you out of the office for a while?

Nice vid, thanks for your insight.

Ed Arandia Dela Cruz says:

Hi Jon can a short or long stem make any difference in turning my bike?

Seph Piters says:

Regarding tubeless (latex) tires.

My experience isnt that good. I loose around 1.5 bar of presure before the gap is closed so i drop from 7 bar to 5.5 wich increases the risk of pinchpunctures instead of removing them. You can always bringe your tire up to 7 bar again at wich point the latex doesnt hold te gap any more but Just blows out

Also when u get a nasty ripp or slash in your tire you will be cleaning latex offerte your bikes for about an hour

So if your a bigger person there is a chance that when u get a flat tire ure ride will be over instead of replacing an inner.

Im back on inners. Latex works great on mtb though

Jamie Wiley says:

vinegar on track tyres is just to clean the tyre so you’re not contaminating the track, it also helps with grip to a certain extent by not having oil etc on the tyre on the potentially very slippery surface of the velodrome. On the road its just not relevant

Enrico de Harder says:

By using vinegar you remove a bit of the rubbers oil therefor making the tire less sticky. This lowers rolling resistance by an unmeasurable amount. But iT is still usefull because on the Road your tires pick up less debris so less chance of flats.

RuneRexx says:

You failed to mention an important detail regarding brake compatibility: Shimano have changed their brake cable pull ratio at least twice during the last 15 years or so: both the amount of cable pulled, and how the cable is pulled throughout the throw of the lever (from regressive to progressive pull).

Lars Hjort says:

I was quite surprised seeing my sisters helmet after she had a close look at a Ford Transit windscreen at 60 km/h. The helmet started to shrink. right after the collison it was normal size and only had a few scuff marks, but after 2 days i’d estimate it had shrunk 10%. The plastic outer lining was way too big for the foam.

William Keys says:

Quick rule of thumb. If you are getting higher than average punctures, it’s probably time to replace your tire.

Herbert Wingfield says:

6:17 perfect chance to address the misnomer appertaining to “clinchers.” Fail…

Steven Jones says:

Last time i had a problem with my braking ( with no visable reason) i replaced the cables and hey presto. ( cable was kinked inside my top tube )

Hedley Kerr says:

On the tyres, tubulars you take some sandpaper or vinegar and clean the surface of the rim tape to get that glossy sealant off that they spray on the tyres! Thats what gives them that shiny look! I just do it around the (rimstrip) area that I’m gluing tyre up with! For the track I definitely could see why you would do that!

Moses Jonson says:

I love this, also thanks for this beautifully informative content about tyres and more.

Ian Kitchen says:

Is there going to be a full video on “how to scrub your helmet properly?”

Michael DeZwart says:

Why don’t we put tubeless liquid inside clinchers…best of both worlds?

Phil Houck says:

Tubeless tires, to me, are not worth the trouble. Most of the advantage of a tubeless tire can be matched with a light tube (latex or very light butyl) and by powdering the tire and tube with either talc or cornstarch. You don’t have to worry about the sealant drying out or incurring the extra cost of buying sealant. In a blindfold test, I doubt that the vast majority of riders would be able to tell the difference between a tubed and a tubeless tire.

Mark Evasion says:

didn’t expect to hear you talking about scrubbing your helmet in the shower, Jon.. #toomuchinformation

Damon Thomas says:

Bike maintenance tip; never, ever spray your bicycle with water, yeegads! Why is that still a thing? Just wipe it down and oil the parts that need oil.

Sohm Bhate says:

his name is HEETESH 😛

Michael billygoat brandywine says:

Wait… did he spray wd-40 on the whole bike?????

sjjjr1 says:

GCN Tech: How can I true my wheels without using a truing device/stand? Thanks in advance!

Bruno Kabbaz says:

When to replace your tyres? When they’re tyred…

Travis McGarry says:

Pretty certain the vinagre is used to remove mold wax from the manufacturing process which is what improves the grip without compromising he rubber properties

Tom Nordhausen says:

Coming back on when to replace a helmet: I’ve had a crash, but I’ve never thought about it of replacing my helmet. When I checked it properly, I saw a couple of coves (3-4 mm deep) and a deep and large one (at least 7 mm deep). Do I need to replace my helmet on this occasion?

Ashley's Big Boy Bike Ride says:

The master cylinder on my shamano hydraulic brake has got stuck all the way in! How can I fix this?

Stephen Williams says:

Is there anything Jon doesn’t know?… “What was Fausto Coppi’s preferred chain lube?” Jon: “Funny enough, when I worked as Coppi’s mechanic in 1947…”

David Harper says:

Yeah I also think cleaning your helmet is good. Nobody wants a smelly helmet, right guys?

Blackeye 99 says:

I run my hybrid bike on stock 35c tyres. Will it be safe to switch to 28c or will it be incompatible?

a r says:

Instead of super glue, would you use Shoe Goo on a tire cut?

David Culshaw says:

the gear cables on my mtb where 16 years old when I had to replace them because the coating on them had turned to dust , I use un coated cables now so I might never have to replace them again

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