What’s The Best Tubeless Sealant for MTB? – Seb Tests Six of the Best

Tubeless tyre sealant is an unavoidable part of being a mountain biker, but which one is the best? Seb Stott rounded up various sealants that have placed well in previous tests, as well as some that have come to the market with unique claims.

Read the 2017 test – https://www.bikeradar.com/mtb/gear/article/6-of-the-best-tyre-sealant-50481/


Sam says:

Can you add the new Muc off stuff? would be great 🙂

lefreakify says:

I use continental sealant

Makan Tahi says:

inner tube!

Luka Gorjup says:

I’ve returned from the Alps recently and on the rear I had the Hans Dampf EVO PaceStar and Doc Blue sealant. I have counted that I accumulated a bit over 20 punctures on the rear tire by the last day of vacation and every one of them sealed without me even noticing any air loss during the ride…It was just full of sealant stains and noticable small punctures all over the thread … p.s. And in Germany, the Schwalbe sealant is actually quite cheaper.
Having said that, on my Continental tires, it simply doesn’t make a seal in the first place, those tires work good with the Continental Revo sealant in my experience and one should stick to the recommended method from Continental. Although, the 2018 tires are way easier to seal…
So, i think it also depends on the tires…

Captain Llama says:


sfer1 says:

Colorado mufa.

euskafreez says:

Why did you test three sealants per tire? Finish Line says its sealant requires a new tire or a spot on tire on the inside. As well as cleaning the rim from any latex based sealant residue.

In dry and hot weather conditions, aka everywhere but the UK, we out found in our workshop that Notube’s, Orange Seal and Finish Line work the best. And we strongly disagree with Caffelatex. That sealant is the worst of them all, some workshops buy it because it’s cheap. But a gallon of Finish Line ain’t that expensive for a workshop. And boi, that Finish Line outlats its competitors by a mile!

And our opinion is based on hundreds of customers, not some kind of short term and small sample review. Ask the grease monkeys at your local bike shop. They know what works better for your area.

Cornelius Carroll says:

My own personal real world experience confirms the conclusions of this video: Caffelatex for every day riding and training, Stans Race sealant if you’re racing and need to avoid a puncture at all costs (but it will likely clog your valve core… eventually).

Robert Wilke says:

I watched this whole video on 1080p trying to figure out what model that WTB tire is. Finally found the Mavic Quest Pro XL. Tough game.

Pedro Aponte says:

We have use Orange Seal, Trukerco and Peaty’s with good success. Stan’s make a freaking mess when punctures and also damage the rim inside thru the holes of the valve and spokes.

666mcc says:

i’ve been using caffelatex and i can’t say i found it so good (tested with RocketRons EVO and RaceKings) and it lasts only a couple of months in the tire. In case of RoRos i had to pump them quite often on that sealant on RK it didn’t hold the puncture – and i don’t know whether it was already dry or it was simply too big hole. I am now using some other sealant and i see it performs better.

Geekboy NZ says:

Cafe latex working really well for me, no ruined rides and doesn’t dry out too quickly

darkhalfcustoms says:

I had never even heard of the Caffelatex before I’m going to look at it right now. Thanks.

Adam Fricska says:

Anyone else here still use good o’l Stan’s with glitter? Works great for me.

Jay G says:

i was unfortunate enough to buy Joes and they suck. im just waiting for it to be all used up and will buy stans.

Whelan Chen says:

I’ve had caffelatex coagulate in the bottle it came in.. so a lot of it was wasted..

John Law says:

Same feeling for that finish line stuff – it’s rubbish. Doesn’t effectively seal small holes and in my testing didn’t manage to even outlast stan’s race sealant. Great test as always Seb!

davyboy1379 says:

Very detailed review.
I use Stans Race Sealant.
I cycle to work and use my mountain bike also for leisure so I wanted something that would work well.
It’s probably overkill for my type cycling, but when you get a flat on the way to work it is very annoying.
I just wanted to have a hassle free ride.
I would never go back to inner tubes, but I will carry one in case I get a large slice in the tyre.

Roman says:

My strategy:
1) Use a lightweight pinch flat protector like Huck Norris or cSixx Foamo to minimise rim strikes and tire damage
2) Always carry a Maxalami or similar product that can quickly be applied from outside
3) Always carry a 60ml milk bottle if the tire bleeds out before you’re even able to apply the Maxlami
4) Use a milk that is reliable at sealing small holes and that lasts long (won’t dry up like Orange)

Stans Race sealant may be able to seal bigger holes but has the huge drawback that it cannot be injected through the valve which is very important if the tire bleeds out

Riccely O Sombrå says:

Libera legenda para português

Bruno says:

What about putting some additional stuff into the tire? I have heard (amateur) racers are putting rice or other small rubber pieces into their tire

Alex Webber says:

Because caffelatex foams, it has an enormous surface area in contact with the air. In my experience this translates to it drying out VERY quickly. In fact the first time I used it, it formed a latex monster within days.

J-man72 b says:

for real world you could have went for a rip around the block after it sealed the puncture to test it’s holding ability.

Riding With The Reid's says:

I bought my bike used and it had already been converted to tubeless using Stans kits. So far I’ve had 0 problems, and I swapped out my rear tire for a better DH tire and also used Stan’s when putting that on.

I do notice that I have to add air to my front tire every few weeks, which I’m thinking I need to add some more sealant. I haven’t noticed any holes and I run 35psi in the front and 30psi in the rear. The bike is a 2015 Kona Lava Dome 29er hardtail. I weigh 250ish lbs. Should I up my pressures to 40 in both tires and see if that helps with them holding air? Or should I dump some more sealant in and go back to the pressures I am currently running? I ride single track, but I also pull my daughter around town in her cart around town a lot. Any suggestions? Sorry for the movel of a comment…..

Mikey Ponsford says:

I’ve had no problems with seating sealing and large punctures with finish line, tyres seated very well and the sealent done a very good job sealing the beeds. I’ve had no leaks even with tyre pussure’s up to and above 30psi even with a puncture. The trouble with this test is how many punctures do you get directlly in the middle top of the tyre? and 8mm is a big hole….!!!!

Derber's Discoveries says:

Shouldn’t we use plugs after 4mm?

Thatchman says:

Where the slime at

glad2 says:

Poor test. Jamming a phillips into a tyre does NOT create an equal hole all of the time! You need to use a hole punch, or something similar. “nice and consistent” – not in my book, sorry. Love the idea though

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