What Is A Fat Bike? | GMBN Explains Fat Bikes

Massive tyres and seemingly limitless grip. We look further into fat bikes. Click here to subscribe to GMBN: http://gmbn.eu/subscribe

There is an exploding popularity with fat bikes, they are now seen everywhere. Neil looks at the similarities and differences of fat bikes compared to conventional mountain bikes.

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Milky Way Galaxy says:

Can you do tricks with a fatbike that have no suspension?

ElvislaD says:

Slower braking and accelerating isnt a problem or even noticable,this guy always says that whenever he does a fat bike piece. We’re not all racers and the micro second of extra time it might take to accelerate is easily cancelled out by how ell they roll over stuff,you just dont get stopped by holes rocks and roots as much and as for braking,you can stop quicker,fact.

sadomasothebest says:

Plz create a Fatbike ranking with diffrent prices like $500/1000/1500/2000/2000+

Slipknot 133 says:

Might as well buy a motorbike

woodywoodverchecker says:

My Fatbike makes me smile anytime I ride it. I feel like a kid on a BMX bike.

Bryce Fergie says:

what is a fat bike– 10 grand down the drain

Random Videos says:

What is the point of getting an Fat bike ?

ajmf 2016 says:

i ride a fatboy pro with xt brakes on all kind of trails …the stopping power is amazing.

Lars Borgman says:

wtf you need to push like 15 times more rolling resistance over a 25mm tyre


I got a Bucksaw Salsa, I live in Montana.
I love it, never riding anything else again.

Kaan türkan says:

I liked to this video i agree to your opinion

BuzzyBee SG Deadzone says:

I’m getting this bike nice video man 😉

bushgreen says:

can you ride fat bike on grass?

silvana madariaga says:


qbnREBEL says:

so, im really fat… i just blew out my tire on my mountain bike… i really enjoy riding… are the fatter tires better for my fatter ass?


Can we use for city ride or its specifically made for sand and snow?

Matt says:

what’s going on with Niels feet at 0:20 to 0:25? Watch them

Freddy Jongue says:

Would they be alright for riding on straight road ?

Alaric says:

I don’t see the reason to ride these, other than in extremely sandy/muddy/snowy conditions.

Mr YOLO says:

only the tyre is ass big

marwn hakeem says:

I’m overweight (120) kilo. can i ride this bick?

BlackOutProductions says:

i have a bmx fat bike. is that good? or bad?

Colin Horwood says:

Hey GMBN, I’d like to see your all thoughts on the chubby bikes (3in tires) and I’m in interested in how you justify paying so much for these bikes. I’ve been wanting several bikes but I’m restricted by price. Also, this channel is amazing!

sadomasothebest says:

Can YOU tell me have you ever ride better fatbike than Canyon Dude 9?

Gol Gappa says:

can I convert my fire fox sniper mountain bike in fat bike

Rage 9one says:

Are all fat bikes Alu and carbon frame? Or are they Chromoly too?

Smells like Blackberries says:

what fat bike are those?

Nikhil Menon Nayar says:

Great video! I’m currently looking at buying myself a fat bike… any makes that you would recommend? Thanks!

Anshujain Anshujain says:

Which bike you are using in the video

B TYC says:

great production value on this video! and super helpful content

BlokkiPoika says:

i am about to buy a fatbike but it’s non suspension, where should i get good and cheap suspension fork for fatbikes?

Wuba Zemfree says:

You guys gotta go somewhere where there is snow to give a demonstration.

Kevin Pickard says:

can you tell me what is fatter a contental trail king 2.4 or a mountain king or xking 2.4 I know they are the same size but some 2.4 come up like a 2.5 onces mounted thanks

Ben Johnson says:

fat bikes for fat arses


this motherfucker has attitude so motherfucker don’t reply…..

Gol Gappa says:

can I convert my fire fox sniper mountain bike in fat bike

_ALtai[R]_ says:

is hard to ride fatbikes or roads( streets )?

Kicks4life23 says:

Can you do catwalks on these

AusterityG says:

how can i get a thick mud tyre on a 28″ hybrid?

ef mons says:

i want this kind of bike but finding the right frame and fork seems to be the problem here in Philippines.. and my budget is only around $300-350

Mr. gute Wahl Gerechte Gerechtigkeit says:

May I ask if it’s safe to use fully rigid fork fatbike on a trail? I use Trinx Tiger T106, alloy frame alloy rigid fork

dlanes says:

0:22 neat trick 😛

Patrick Todd says:

tire shaming.

Death Cold says:

Hi nice video 🙂 can i convert the normal mtb to a fatbike just by replacing the wheels and the fork? Thanks!

Sarcrak Khubkuba says:

hello I have a 26″ mountain bike not a fat one just a normal tyre if I bought a fat bike wheel (26″) will it fit my regular mountain bike forks

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