VITTORIA AIR-LINER Install and 3-Month Review

For the past few months, we have been trying out the Vittoria Air-Liner (a flat protection system similar to Cush-Core) and we’re sharing our thoughts today. Summary: we’re pretty into it as it’s easier to install than some other systems we have tried and seems to offer pretty good rim protection!

Interested in trying out the Air-Liner? Check the comments for a discount code!

We’ve been using the Vittoria Air-Liner for over three months now and are really impressed. They’re light, easy to install, provide tons of protection and are reasonably priced.

Tubeless tire install WITHOUT an air compressor (or charger):

SLIME valve core tool we use:

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Alcoholicone says:

this triggers my styrophobia pretty bad ahah

Karina says:

I installed a cushcore somewhat recently and it was an extremely hard install. Almost makes me question whether or not I want to keep using it in the future.

dave himlin says:

Couldn’t you use a round pool floatie and get the same effect ? They only cost $2 at the dollar store.

☠MrHairyNutz☠ says:

Does this work on BMX bike tires

Amitai Medan says:

If is tubeless, why do you need the green stuff? I don’t get it?

Bob Dole says:

Does the foam get compressed in spots where you hit rocks and cause it to be lopsided ?

Trails with Ty says:

Cush core! Best thing ever

NicksterB says:

“Line the writing on the tire with the valve to make the valve easier to find”.

The dumbing down of society is complete!!!!

Andre van der Merwe says:

Never thought “pool noodles” will be the new thing

Oliver Batchelor says:

When will they make tubes which just have an outer section made from foam and an inner air chamber? Then everyone can go back to using tubes…

Michael Bradley says:

Tubeless tires laughable.

The Dancing alien says:

Us aliens have these on our Saucer.

Neil Britton says:

This will be your most viewed video. Because cat.

Steve Holmes says:

I noticed the video doesn’t show that last part of getting the bead on the rim. That part is what is hard about Cush Core. How difficult is it with Air-Liners?

chef678 says:

keep selling

IWroteThis says:

Glorified pool noodle.

Grant Feddema says:

Sounds like a great addition to the rig!

Gram Pt says:

Why don’t you use a dead snake? Gpx

Richard Kaz says:

The question is, Now knowing that you have had one flat with the insert installed, what is the number of flats experiences without the Air-Liner installed over the same time duration and distance traveled?

Brian Bassett says:

I haven’t had a flat in over 4500 miles now and 60% is off road.

Taffy Cymro Uk says:

Looks and sound Good will have to check it out there site Syd &Macky ;0) the cat look like he was enjoy him self ;0)

Jon the Mountain Biking Viking says:

I love Macky’s assistant. 😀

The Rev332 says:

Do they come as a set?

Nero Inclan says:

Please tell me Jack is now your official van cat, ’cause that’s absolutely adorable.

Vegan Mountain Goat says:

I Need a set! all I have right now is My Hardtail Id Like to run lower pressure with less chance of rolling my tier on corners and them Dam square edge and sharp rocks keep wrecking my tiers that is one thing I miss about having a Rear shock lol but I still Love my Hardtail! Hell maybe even more with a $80 Pool noodle in my tier lol as soon as this Bum can get some extra cash I will have to try them out…

Clifford Burruss says:

looks like a pool noodle.

Natalia says:

OMG. There’s a CAT!! 🙂

james irvine says:

for the air liner do you run less air than your normal or do you use the same as you normally would?

MarvinMarket says:

Jack totally needs a bike!

Wolffanggamer says:

What is the difference between cush core and this?

Nojikuzus says:

The cat is the star! =)

Alex Kastano says:

15 minutes of crap

Dino Hauska says:

why? whats the point????

Steve Boyle says:

Do these inserts cause any issues with sealant not working or not sealing a puncture properly?

Douglas Bruce says:

My tires are 2.6, which the inserts are not available yet for my size of tires. I do like the idea that they have different size inserts for different diameter tires. For $93.00 do you get 2 inserts? Do valve stems come with package also? And do you need a special valve stems to work with the inserts? Keep up with the work, thanks.

chef678 says:

keep selling.

SYD and MACKY says:

Use code sydandmacky2018 for 15% off at
And here’s the link to the Air-Liner:

fromkentucky says:

How much do they weigh?

Phil Ward says:

You still have to use air though…?

Doug Scarborough says:

What kind of psi are you guys running (typically) with, and without the liners? Looks like a great option!

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