Upgrade Clinic – Winter Road Bike Tyres

This video includes paid product placement for Chain Reaction Cycles.
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Konstantin Arsentev says:

So what’s the best tire width for winter?

Yavijo says:

I personally use the Conti Grand Prix 4season tyres because of their side protection, which is great as a rough riding commuter. For my needs, they are undeniably good in any condition. For the summer I’ll swap them to GP4000SII tyres. I live 2km from a Continental plant, there is some emotional stuff going on with them.

Todd Johnson says:

Its the tubes that is the problem.

Isauro Garcia says:

I’m riding a 700x28c tire and tube would the 700x30c winter Shwalbe tires fit?

Fire Line1 says:

woah that vitus bike does not look bad at all… i had a vitur dural frame that got stolen…

Nikita says:

You winter looks like summer in place where i live

David Culshaw says:

I can vouch for the schwalbe durano’s , had lots of bits of glass stuck in them over the past 12 months and not one puncture , very grippy as well , … top tip , remove the glass shard with tweezers , put a drop of puncture repair glue in the hole , press the affected hole together and leave for 24 hours leaving you with a nice tire again 🙂

Kingsoupturbo says:

While I appreciate the concept of slicks on winter being the most grip, I have been running on light duty snow days Continental top contact 2 tires with ultra soft compound siped tread with really good results, the rest of the days I suck it up and run 1000g studded 26″ tires on a hardtail mountain bike, maybe in light duty “winter” UK you can get away with those tires, cold rain super sucks though, but lots of snow and ice and really cold temps is worse!

Joseph Hatter says:

Misinformation about tread patterns here.

On the road, no matter how wet the road is, and tread will always reduce traction. The tyre manufacturers even admit they only sell road tyres with tread as a marketing tool because people assume that bike tyres need tread in the same way cars do. On a road that isn’t either covered in mud or covered in breakable ice you don’t want tread.

Obviously off road is completely different.

Chris Perry says:

completely agree with the tyre choice, ridden all 3. m+ is indestructible and d+ is almost.

Gediminas Jesinas says:

External gears and v brakes are crap, especially in bad weather. So invest into internal gears

Kumppaaa says:

0:59 Don’t use overside tires on your bike if you don’t want to ruin paint or even the frame material. Every small rock whats stuck on tire will rip off that fork.

Steve Mc Inerney says:

I was charged 89 euro for swabble lugano tyers…I know I was ripped off just looking for conformation.

Bungle2010 says:

A few errors in this video. Bicycle tyres do not need tread to disperse water, and fatter tyres actually have LESS rolling resistance than thinner ones.

nerdexproject says:

I have a suggestion for you guys, could you maybe upload all your uncutted footage on a second channel? I mean, I’d really enjoy keep watching this guy riding in the snow. Same for all of your other footage, it’s just cool to watch! 🙂

CrazyCyclingVlogger says:

It ain’t winter if you can still ride a road bike…

Erica Khamari says:

Having a hard time understanding what this guy is mumbling ?!

Александр Терсков says:

Not a big pleasure to ride in mud or cold. Especially in Russia. I’ll wait for dry warm spring. May be it is time to move to our old-new region – Crimea.

Try Kin says:

it’s not winter, just muddy and wet conditions, any reasonable tire would work

Thierry Derp says:

cool but this is why i love my mountain bike dont need to change tires by weather just get up and go ride (Sorry for bad english english is not my 1 language)

Felipe Luiz Dickmann says:

0:21 i see trp Spyres. tell me, do they perform well?

darcy gunning says:

How tall are you please, what size and model Vitus is that bike?

Soundtallica in Chains says:

For winter riding I just put on my fat 32c slicks on my CX bike. Safe, bombproof, and stable. Sure, I’m a bit slower, but it makes me feel like I’m flying when racing season comes around in the spring!

sendercorp says:

well puttogether video, thank you kindly.

Emil Rosenberg says:

1. Marathon Winter studded tires wont work well in much snow because of the shallow tread pattern.

2. Vittoria Corsa Evo CX aren’t a very good winter tire and punctures will be present – quickly.

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