Tires…Custom ERW 700c / 29er MTB Airless Tire Review

ERW Tire sizes 700c / 29er MTB. Locations in Colorado and California. Custom Wheels.


EnergyReturnWheel says:

Are you open to a simple tire change?…In exchange for Never Flat, Handling and Power Delivery Advantage.

EnergyReturnWheel says:

Precision Handling…Reduce bounce related crashes. ERW Immediate handling is obvious in this video.

Timothy Thompson says:

What is the max rider weight for these?

EnergyReturnWheel says:

Rider Big Gary is 6′ 6″ and he has no problem. NASA Rovers are 500 lbs…No problem. I guess it depends on what a 300 pounder was doing…

Alpha Music NCS says:

good video

Roly Fernandez says:

They look awesome, but 2500 bucks a set is a bit overboard on the price. I’m sure the tread wears out at the same rate as 30 dollar tires. I do wish you luck with them though. This would change everything about tires.


I’ve been following for over several years. Do you have an estimate of when they’ll be available?

EnergyReturnWheel says:

All these prototypes are wicked fast… We had to slow them down a bit…literally. An interface between the hoop and tread. In our research we tried many things…Like cork. Corking the hoop. What do you think energy transfer efficiency would be?

EnergyReturnWheel says:

We have literally made hundreds of prototypes. Learning as we go. Tire Engineers seem intimidated because they have not gone where we have. Now we can do what they can’t. A $200 Billion Industry hangs in the balance.

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