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Tire review on Arron Ross Odyssey Tire,Kenda Kontact Tire And Odyssey Tire.


wheelcrankbmx says:

The Kenda tire lasted me 4 months they was worth the 13 bucks I payed for them.

kipperg1577 says:

dont use kenda tires, but oddysey tires are awesome

JayShmurda says:

sub back bro ?

Drewbird 16 says:

U use to have the kink curb right

Drewbird 16 says:

Ur voiced hella changed to

wheelcrankbmx says:

True there good tires Last for ever and didn’t slip on me when I rode them and the price is affordable too.

JayShmurda says:

yo bro go get the cult dehart tires best tires ive had

Fengning Liu says:

Fuk u the Aaron Ross tire is the best

wheelcrankbmx says:

Sure bro I did.Thanks

miguel alexander says:

I have the Arron Ross odessy tires keyboard black same as u and their still in good condition I have been riding them for 4months now … Just saying I actually find them good

wheelcrankbmx says:

Yo I have those tires they are amazingly smooth I have them on my school bike.Ill make a review on them soon

SeqoZyco says:

i wood pute odyssey

5tarBr1ight says:

I rode kenda in 08 and they were shit. I rode them again in 13 and they were a pretty good tire. Kenda sells quality shit these days.

wheelcrankbmx says:

yeah i guess that’s probably the best of all the 3 tires

wheelcrankbmx says:

Yeah i still got it but now i ride a fit now O shit just checked out some of your videos you got a fit too NICE

wheelcrankbmx says:

Lmfao yuuup bro its called PUBERY XD glad you noticed

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