Tips to NEVER getting a Flat Tire again!

In this video i briefly explain how to prevent getting a flat tire on your DH bike, mountain bike, bmx bike, and any bike in general! This video was a rush to make and took forever to upload and make. But in the end it was worth it because now YOU guys know how to never get a flat tire again. Hopefully this video helped you guys and keep shredding:) Don’t forget to subscribe!


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Huy Runnels says:

Buy a Slime tube ,best way

X_Chrome Boi says:

just use duck tape. because it fixes everything

joe con c says:

is slime useful?

dannygolden96 says:

mtt tires withstand alot of glass js

Abdulaziz Alyousef says:

His name is ryan higa do you know ryan the YouTuber

nelcon grigg says:

Omg the other day I patched my tire on my mtb and then popped it again within the next 3 hours damn curbs I swear man

Doritocrunch says:

he almost looks like chadtronic in this video

Rocky Lopes says:


Andrew E. Jesse says:

Rim strips?

Humantoaster 500 says:

make sure the spokes are not poking out of the nipples


I just use my finger as a tire lever

Toby Mason says:

Shame on me for thinking this video would be useful and give some tips and not just be common sense

carl seiz says:

No the annoying part about getting a flat is when you’re far away from the house and you have no way to fix it then you get to stop walking the bike all the way home and it could take a long time to pending how far you are


gfys, just go tubeless ,noob, dont make vids again, hope you break your leg, like your nae nae

Kyle Mckay says:

for removing a tire if you don’t have designated plastic tire levers and your a weirdo like me and has some brass rods or any softer type of metal than what your rim is made of it will work just fine… or just roll your tire off the rim.

Ed R says:

Common sense .. All of it.

itre bebag99 says:

You didn’t give any tips on how to stop from getting a flat. You just told peoole to follow freaking STANDARD PROCEDURES.

Jay Turner says:

What if you just ride a rim

Andrew E. Jesse says:

And making plans to kill you

dan laesu says:

just get a fuckin #stopaflat iner tube :))))) problem solved :))))

Rocky Lopes says:

if you go to rocky lopes on facebook i have a new product that prevents flats from happening its universal for most all bikes and sizes YOU MUST CHECK THIS OUT

Taylor Darling says:

Dude this is all fucking common sense

Strangely My Comments Usually Get Quite Popular says:

I’ve ridden over so much glass and never popped a tube…

Chuck Jovero says:

Wassup bro ur videos are hella fire ong

Mikey France says:

nothing wrong with old tubes if you know how to fix them properly

madeline hoffman says:

grain sweet next tune incorporate street incredible severe rat accept.

louis martinson says:

bich this shit fake

GS350X Channel says:

I run over *SO* much glass and I’ve never got a flat, but when I do a jump and land on a rough little stone, my tire explodes like a nuke lol

Billy Hogue says:

I’ve been getting flats way too often lately. Actually had one yesterday & had to lock it up & walk to Academy, then just like always, it started raining like crazy on me. FUCKING so sick & tired of flat fucking tires.

Fredo Corleone says:

use marathon plus tire

CANNIBAL ಠ_ಠ says:

he finally stops fucking around at 1:10

Antonio Teixeira says:

Well stated my good man!

trakkaton says:

Clickbait – misleading title.

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