For today’s Tech Thursday we cover everything you need to know about BMX Tires in this weeks BMX Tire 101!

The 4 main components of a tire are The Tread, The Sidewall, The Body and the bead. The tire bead can either be steal or kevlar (non folding vs folding tires), and the sidewall and tread are the main things that differentiate the vast majority of tires. Whether its a dirt, street, park, vert or flatland tire they can all be used on any terrain, but they all do excel at one certain area.

For this particular video we looked at the Fit FAF, Cult Vans, Cult AK, BSD Alex “Donnasqueak” Donnachie, Stranger Ballast, Primo Steve Churchil, KHE MAC 2, and Merritt Option tires.

Hope you enjoyed this video!

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Enrique Gonzalez says:

Are those bikes behind you the complete bikes you have for sale

matthew ramirez says:

thanks never knew that much about the tires they had, so i got my first bike from toys r us and my tire from the stock bike was wasted so i went to a bike shop and saw the merrit option tire and they told me it was a big tire but i didn’t really care about how big the tire was i just loved the color, tbh i had no idea what i was doing, but i decided to go down a hill to try out the new tire so i started swerving left to right and i slid into the back of someone’s car and he said you alright i know you fucked up my car a little but as long as you ok it’s alright.

Big Steve says:

Hey Alfredo I have the Cult Dehart Slicks and I dont think they have any Micro Knurling but they do Chirp ALOT !! I dont think it is the Micro Knurling that makes it Squeak or Chirp …

Little Dude Bmx says:

Are united indirect tires street

Codi Young says:

Got a set of those Merritt option tires and the bead ripped after only putting around 50 psi. Is there any way I can fix it without buying a new set? They haven’t even seen pavement yet. Still brand new and the bead ripped

Ethan Moore says:

I’m still riding the tyres my bike originally came with so I want to buy some new ones, does it matter how wide they are(for example my tire says 20″x2.30 on the front and 20″2.20 on the back) so can I buy 2.35 or 2.4 for the front and back. or do they have to be the same width as the ones my bike came with?

WickedG5150 Forever says:

Where is your shop located?

songs about mixing says:

good video keep it up yo!

Māris Sedlenieks says:

Should i get Cult AK’s or Vans x Cult?

itsDarrell says:

What tire was that at 1:36?

Brad Smyth says:

Would 2.25 on both or 2.3 front and 2.25 back be okay for park

Joseph israel says:

yo i learned so much from you bro

Sky Jenner says:

So many ads

I AM L3G3ND 666 says:

I have a question my rims are 20×25 and the tires I ride right now are 20×2.125 I want to get bigger/fatter tires without changing my rims what’s the fatter/bigger tires I can get to fit on my rims?l.

Ivan Lysunkin says:

Wow this is massive and really good info about tires =)

Nick Barry says:

great info and the editing was top notch

Ivan Lysunkin says:

Get well Bro

Dan Pomykalski says:

You should look into getting one of these:

I think it’d help get rid of the echo.

.::Roy::. says:

will the cult ak 2,50 fit on a Primo VS Rim when my frame says the max is 2,40?

Raymond Yeater says:

hey if I buy tires for my BMX bike will I get one or two tires or do I have to buy them both separate

Migreezy Bosphotoboy says:

Mancuso droppin’ knowledge!

BH King says:

Chears for the help bro, it rlly helped me out

Chris Sparrow says:

so wait.. what if I have a bike but the tire that came with the bike isn’t thick enough and pops easy. What  should I do???

Ethan Boer says:

do u guys sell vans tire

clay snevets says:

I had the vans cult tires and they are extremely weak, they lasted a month of street riding

Gus Wilkens says:

“Things that you might run over, like a HEROIN NEEDLE, or whatevers”

Bahahaha I thought the streets in my neighborhood were bad

Spiky Diaz says:

Where your store at?

Derek Ullery says:

So I just got a new mafia madmain 20 inch bike and im looking for a extra set of tires so what is the best tire for street then ?? And do you have a website where I can order off you I just started watching your videos good vids

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