The best road bike tyres for commuting you can get! …In my opinion.

The best road bike tyres for commuting, in my opinion…

Continental Grand Prix 4 Season

And said…

“These are a mix between Continental’s GP4000S race tyre and it’s heavy-duty GatorSkin. They’re tougher than the GP4000S, yet faster rolling than the GatorSkin, giving great versatility and durability. Excellent puncture and sidewall protection means riders should get good mileage from these tyres without puncturing. There’s great grip in the wet, and they even managed to keep us upright when we unwittingly rode through an oil spill. Only a high asking price cost these great tyres a perfect 10.”

It’s just like what i think! 😀


Steve S says:

Nice test of lean angle on slippery floor I thought – hopefully followed by swapping the tyres to Cheng Shin or Golden Boy for comparison… but no ! 
Seriously, I’ve never noticed any difference in the wet grip of various tyres (however the ‘feel’ and effect on ride quality / geometry does vary enormously I think).

podfunk says:

For commuting and touring I’ve gone all the way up to 35mm now. (I used to run 28 then up to 32). Maxxis Overdrive Elite at the moment. Puncture-proof kevlar compound, light tread and yet seem no slower at all than the skinnier tyres I used before. Also corner really well.

Neo says:

Great review!

DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals) says:

GREAT review! Very thorough. Just curious, have you ever tried Vredestein Fortezza? I really like the feel a LOT but I have had a staple get through only once (out of several thousands of miles). I tried gatorskins and they are just too heavy for me. Between the lower profile and the weight, I felt like I was 20 lbs heavier. I’m not sure how they would compare to your tires (conti 4 season) in feel or your skid test.

Arthur Sanchez says:

i have GS4000 on a roadie, as for any conti tire, i see the prices more like a good investment.

Terrence Rettich says:

Next time you might want to try a folder. They should be lighter, you can carry a spare, and you’ll only need 1 tire tool If that.

ThorfinnurPetur says:

I prefer the GP 4000s… in 25mm

Tricyklist says:

Continental are uncomfortable, puncture magnets IME.
Try Schwalbe Durano and Durano Plus for commuting and touring.

Jeremy Lopes says:

Use your 23 for front and get 25 for back

Rok Pajer says:

about profile (canals on tyre) not making any difference…since contact patch on road tyres is so small it really doesnt make much difference when riding on straight line, but in my opinion profile makes difference when cornering on wet road, since those “canals” are easy way of water getting away from inbetwen part of tyre that sits on the road and tarmac itself, resulting in better grip since tyre will grip great on tarmac, but will not grip well if there is water betwen tyre and surface in sits on. I’m thinking of those corners that sometimes have running water on them during strong rain season, or some crossings in cities with standing water on side of the road or in ruts. Profile of this tyre looks like it was designed with that in mind + got stickines youre talking about, thats why i’m getting this for my commuter. Thanks for sharing your opinion, helped me to decide on these 🙂

sixy69 says:

Stick with 23mm. Don’t believe the hype.

ginganz13 says:

I can tell you exactly how scientific the grip test is – not at all. The lean angle and force applied are not measured – neither are other variables like tyre pressure. No other tyre makes are tested and all the evidence for your opinion is anecdotal. You’re closer to being a religious leader than a serious review.
What can be said about 4 seasons from scientific evidence is; @30kph they absorb 6watts per wheel more than the Conti Attack and Force. 5 watts more than the GP4000s II and 2 Watts less than Gatorskins.

WindOfTheWisp says:

Thanks for the very informative video…I’m a tire freak myself, lol…always looking for the perfect tire, as its importance cannot be emphasized enough regarding safety! I’m willing to spend whatever it takes to find a good gripping, reliable, long lasting tire. I ride on streets with a lot of dirt patches & gravel accumulation, especially on corners & intersections…will definitely give these a try! Thanks again! Janine

ynotnilknarf39 says:

4 seasons suck, sidewalls are way too stiff (folding) and give a harsher uncomplient ride IMO. they are expensive for what they are. either get gatorskins or 4000S if you’re a conti buyer. THe actual width of a 28mm is actually miles off and measures 26mm! Compared to a Giant branded 28mm folder with similar puncture protection at the contact point and similar weight it was easier to get on without having to stretch the tyre a little, rolled much faster, better cornering in all conditions and actually measured 28mm on the same rim so was more comfortable allowing a greater volume of air. I’ve been riding on the roads in various modes for 30 years since I was a teen so have a wide range of exp. incl tubs

Al Duarte says:

During winter/fall/early spring I ride my Cross and my Road bikes on 28s & 25s and truly agree with You; Contis 4 Seasons are made tough and yet sporty!

Shannon Strobel says:

Conti GatorSkins in 25 and 28 – road/race and commuter road respectively. Good all round traction and responsiveness. Not much wet weather here in Southern California, so I mostly deal with sand slicks and idiots who can’t drive.
and high winds. bah

The Cyclist says:

little question for you. im running a hybrid bije with 38 700 tyres, whats the smallest i can get on that rim?

Screaming Dean says:

I sometimes ride a beach cruiser with 26 x 2.125 tires. Where can I find a solid inter-tube tire here in America and which is the most puncture resistant?

MarcoPakety says:

Hey.. you have a good tires… but need a change of bike!!! think about it 😉

Kelvin Grover says:

180 dollars here for two tires at joy ride bikes lacey Washington never had any flats

Mark Spaul says:

Very good tires and I’m very impressed with them

combatLaCarie says:

what are you using for a cable end there?

joel verleysen says:

Accelerating between 2 rows of cars i ran over a put hole with a new 4season 25mm, first ride and the 8 bar went bamm on the front wheel(pinch flat) and tire slipped to one side of the rim and was cut through the side wall between rim and road surface.(bye bye new tire)
That was an expencive single test ride.
Luckily i could slow down from my high speed, riding on the aluminium rim on front wheel getting to the side of the road without falling over.

mohammad azad says:

love your video blog

Ydonkov says:

I have very bad experience with Continental tires (24, GP Attack). After just about 800 kilometres or so they started breaking on the side and let me down – in another country, sunday afternoon with all stores closed, while chasing the train. Luckily I managed to get another tire just in time to catch the train. Not buying Continental anymore. I think their supposed quality is waaay overhyped.

John Cherry says:

Ordered a set last week, should be here Wednesday. After puncturing on my Asian made Conti Sports this weekend, I am looking forward to trying these. BTW hoping the 25c’s fit my Bianchi ELOS

PanzarMetal says:

Reginald Scot,
The polished wood floor is a nice idea giver but I’d say the best test practically is to do it against a cold polished steel surface like a manhole cover. Those buggers are the one I’m afraid when cornering.

Bugz Buggy says:


Sweetosis says:

Thanks for this. Might give them a go

Jimjim Skimmer says:

I use Schwalbe Durano plus. How do they compare?
Also £30 for your life is nothing. Great review.

Glasgow Cycle Guy says:

Had them, were shite, got a puncture within 2 weeks and when I fixed it i found the sidewall to be completely torn through aswell as the puncture.
I now use schwalbe marathon plus in a 700x25c size and in over 2 years with the last set I’ve had a total of zero punctures. The current set had a manufacturing error with the tread (between the treads the tyre was cracking) so have been replaced by schwalbe. So the new set arriving hopefully today or tomorrow and going on my new wheels, will have the same condition, no punctures for as long as they live. I stand by them when saying they are the best commuting tyres around, much much better than the continental grand prix 4 seasons

Marc Kirk says:

GP 4000Sii 6000km with only a single flat on gravel/road. They are the hardest tyres in the industry to mount though. I can do it without levers in about five minutes but I’ve practiced a lot in the kitchen.

Mucca Pazza says:

i was thinking to get the same tyre as well. do you think this tyre can cope on canal paths occosionally?

Jammy Lammy says:

Whooops I might retract my positive comment for the truly terrible Vivaldi quip at the end

Mutant Baby says:

How’s the ride quality compared to the gatorskin? Lots of people complain that the gatorskins are a harsh ride.

Jammy Lammy says:

Really informative video…. Makes a change for YouTube. Cheers and happy cycling

Oliver Haag says:

Used those for my roadbike trip around sardegna, really great grip on road and also on gravel or earth (Used the 25 mm width) and much better puncture resistance than most others while still being fast rolling. The only problem is that the rear tyre was through after about 2000 km, not too bad for racing tyres but will get expensive for commuting at least (about 5000 km a year for me).
So for my commute with the cyclocrosser I’m currently using Schwalbe Marathon Mondial Evo which don’t have visible wear after about 3000 km, guess they’ll still be fine after 10000. Not available in 25 mm of course, just 35 and wider. Imo perfect for commuting except for the winter months, but the Marathon Winter do very well once it gets icy 🙂
Continental Gatorskin could be a durable choice for commuting if you’re using a roadbike, the grip won’t be as awesome of course 😉

ClockwiseCycling says:

Vittoria Rubino III Pro Slicks here. They are pro… I win.

Rosendo Quiamco says:

how about in freezing it will not slide the tire?

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