Tannus solid tyres tires HONEST review

Review of Tannus Musai solid tyres by VeloBalls writer Andrew Culture. If you’re considering buying Tannus tyres you should probably watch this video. Full review at https://veloballs.com/tannus-solid-tyres-review/

Get Tannus tyres here – https://veloballs.com/tannus-solid-tyres-review/

If you’re wondering why the word ‘tyres’ is mentioned twice in the title, well that’s to account for international spelling variations!

The timestamp on the clip is WRONG! Oops.


jayrodprime says:

You’re a bum ranger.

Evan Pipta says:

What’s stupid about 52/18? Seems fine if you live in a relatively flat area. As in anywhere that you aren’t climbing steep mountains. May be kinda difficult to skid that ratio on a fixed bike without brakes but otherwise what’s the problem?

Stephen James says:

thanks for a great review. I’ve just fitted a pair to my bianchi nirone commuter bike @ find them brilliant. Nice not having to carry pump @ tyre foam everyday to work

Quaternions says:

First, I would like to say thanks for the review. I’ve been thinking about going with solid tires on my commuter bicycle for some time now. I think this solidifies my decision.

On a side note, my family and I moved from Ipswich back to the United States about two years ago. Thanks for the tour! I missed riding along the water front. I have to admit, I recognize most of the places you were riding.

Kevin S. says:

Hi; you seemed to be concerned with riding over greasy spots; is that because the tires would slip and slide or because those oils would break down the poly tires? thanks

Lionorder f says:

How bout skidzzz?

Elene Marsden says:

Thanks +Andrew Laws for the bike tour of #Ipswich


Thank you it really would benefit me in buying new tires

Gediminas Jesinas says:

Weight and durability? Does foam absorb liquids?

Liofa says:

Looking at that stem angled upwards, I’m guessing that frame is too small for you?

Luke Lucas says:

Thanks for the review and the tour!
Just installed a set of Vittoria Randonneurs on my commuter bike. Had I’d have seen these beforehand I would have purchased them. I have a 60+ mile round trip commute so punctures are a big concern. I’ve already managed to puncture one of the Vittorias! 🙁
Next go round these will get installed
Thanks again
Luke Lucas

Patrick Charlton says:

Are you still riding these tyres? How’s it going?

Premliana says:

Most difficult installation I’ve ever done. But considering how often I won’t have to remove a tire, fix a flat, and reinstall, I think I’m way ahead on the question of labor.

It should be noted that some of the tires are available in three hardnesses: H/R/S. The Tannus site oddly doesn’t elaborate but I assume that stands for Hard, Regular, Soft. I got the R, which feel like tube tires pumped up fairly hard but they give slightly when you press in with your thumb. They’re hard enough to ride fast but give enough to be comfortable.

I haven’t tried the hard but, based on the regular, I wouldn’t recommend the hard unless you ride only on smooth roads or else you might get a bit sore on long rides. You may want the soft if you only do shorter rides but you may get tired on longer rides. Again, I haven’t tried them so I don’t know just how soft they are.

IMPORTANT: Tannus has a limited selection and may not have a size that fits your rim. Measure your rim’s inside width with calipers before ordering. Don’t just go by what’s printed on it. Go to the Tannus website and be sure you carefully read all of the notes about sizing and installation. These tires are less forgiving than tubed tires. If you don’t get the correct size, or if you use the wrong pins to install, or if you install incorrectly, the tire could come loose at a very inconvenient time. Properly sized and installed, they lock on like a crocodile bite.

el verdugo Pr says:

that must be very heavy to ride.

Paddy Connolly says:

I’ve had these for a year now and cannot recommend them enough, I forgot that pressure checks and punctures exist. My Bag is so much lighter from no puncture kits, spare tubes or pumps. Another big advantage is that the millisecond of clenching before hitting a sharp pothole is gone haha. If these ever show any sign of wear I will definitely get them fitted again but they still look new after 10miles a day for the last year.

PikiNickBasket says:

Please post an update video 😀

sarvagya angre says:

they r soooooo solid that i would like to buy them for my road bike


Cheers for that 🙂

Edgar Jakobs says:

Great Review Andrew! I hope Tannus will bring out their Tires for Tubular Rims soon. Because tubular rims are stiffer than clincher rims and the mounting of a tubular tire is much easier than mounting the recent Tannus tires on clincher rims.

Dean Herde says:

Join the Bonranger Ride for Dyslexia.

TheBattleon10 says:

Hey Andrew, just wondering, what camera did you use? And how was the battery able to last so long? Nice review! Cheers

Alexander Gonchiy says:

They don’t make 29″ tires, do they?

Alexander Abakumov says:

what about tubeless tires as an alternative ? not solid tires but without a tube

Damon Thomas says:

They may be harsh riding, tractionless, heavy pieces of garbage, but they are perfect commuter tires for people who work from home.

OJ Tibi says:

Which compound did you pick for this vid? Hard, soft? (I heard they also have the regular compound?)

fruitcake4t says:

what are they like on a wet road? whats the grip like??

Perez says:

Do you think it’s going to last in the long run?

timtak1 says:

Has anyone tried the cheap Chinese ones? They are available from about 15USD per 500 gram 700 23c tyre.

Steve Perry says:

Hi Andrew I live in Stowmarket can you tell me where you got them fitted or did you fit them yourself

Screaming Dean says:

Can I buy the Tannus tire designed for a beach cruiser?

Mathieu Tallard says:

i ride a folding bike with 20 inch tire but i put a motor on the bike and i go around 50 km an hour. wanted to know if it would last as long as normal ones. Thanks I travel countries that way and not having a flat at high speed would be nice but if they are finish within half the time of normal tire, wouldn’ t worth it.

Simon Watson says:

Good review, Andrew. Really useful.

How do you cope with broken spokes? I know they are a horror to take off and put on. Do folks just get used to doing this?


Nadia Williams says:

Hi, Andrew. It’s a few months on, what are your thoughts on the tyres now?

jack daniels says:

thank you very much.. your review was very helpful my friend..

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