Tannus Solid Bike Tire, Overview and install. First look. No more flats

I give you a quick overview of the new tannus Solid bike tire. The first solid tire that really simulates a tubed tire performance and ride. Then i show you how to install them.


John 117 says:

Wow you’re the first in dept video of these tires! Thanks!


Thank you it really would benefit me in buying new tires

SecondLifeDesigner says:

I have had Tannus tires on my bike for over a year now. I LOVE THEM!!! A whole year without a single flat or pumping up tires. 😀 I have ridden them for just over 900 miles. The front tire has hardly any wear and tear so they will probably last at lest 8,000 miles. The back tire is showing some wear but I believe will last at least 5,000 miles to probably 6 or 7 thousand. Now I have the Tannus Shield model which is a bit fatter than their road bike tires so more rubber probably means longer life compared to the thinner road bike tires but I think 5,000 miles on their road bike tires is very doable. Bit of advice spend the extra $20 to get the P-Tool installation pliers. It will save you a ton of work. It only save you 15 or 20 minutes per wheel but there will be no chance of accidentally bending your wheel rim out of shape. The ride is like riding a tire pumped up to 90 to 100 PSI so a bit harsher than I was used to because I never pumped up my old tires that high. The Tannus tires handle great! Just for the first 3 or 4 miles I would suggest not taking any sharp turns where you really have to lean into it. The first 3 or 4 miles will really pop any remaining clips into place if you had happened to not quite have seated them all the way. Something wish I had known before buying the tires is light colored tires get really dirty fast. I wish I had plugged up the valve stem hole before putting on the tires because water can get in between the tire and wheel then as your ride centrifugal force makes the water seep or out around the rim making the tires dirty where the tire and wheel meet. Of course this may not be completely due to the valve stem hole. Anyway they are great tires. Oh almost forgot the rolling resistance in my opinion isn’t any more than a regular tire or maybe slightly more. My experience was it was less because I had green slime and plastic inserts in my old tires to try and stop flats which they really didn’t.

Lucas Husted says:

fine video. Just one comment though, you mention that people on tannus tires get in the thousands of miles before having to replace but a conventional tire will get you only in the hundreds, but that’s not really true. I’m sure tannus tires last much longer than a conventional tire, but I get at least 2-3000 miles out of my continental tires before i replace them.

Jeffrey Zaiser says:

Good video, but we are waiting for the followup to this review. What did you think of the ride? I need to know how it feels to big guy with some weight.

john quinn says:

Good video, thanks. Hope bike companies seriously start putting them on new bikes. Whole concept of airless tyres completely justifiable. Keep us all up to date with your reviews of Tannus . Cheers and thanks again for the video

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