Specialized Armadillo Road Tire Review – LONGTERM

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Daryl Liggins says:

Continental Gatorskin is another good choice.

College Bud says:

I’ve had atleast 4k miles on my Elites but I am not too fond of the regular Armadillo’s. 

HighCarb Master says:

What about Continental gatorskin?

PlantTheSeed says:

I like Continental GP 4000S or 4000S 2. Amazing tire. Durable and fast. 

dpf213 says:

I’m looking into getting a road bike ( really want one ) but do not want to overpay for something that is not worth it. Ive seen you recommend alloy frames and most of the bike to be alloy, what is a price for an entry level road bike or something worth the money? 

coolcamaro12 says:

About how many miles did you put on that tire? It is TRASHED! Keep on riding man 🙂 planning to go vegan once I get out of my current situation

Sal Ad says:

I use the Shwalbe  marathon Plus!! I love those Tyres. Great rolling resistance and strong as hell!

David C says:

@durianrider slap some grippy tires on there so you can descend the climbs like a pro

The Psychonaut says:

any suggestions on a road tire thats fast but a can handle a bit light trail with top puncture protection?

Samuel McKenzie says:

vid on how to develop your aerobic system without affecting strength +durianrider 

Zoë Lkjsdhf says:

Is this the Armodilla Elite? Or the normal one?

theflyingcyclists says:

didn’t mention GATORSKINS they are bombproof! 

Bruce Lee says:

What’s your thoughts on the Schwalbe Durano plus, I run then on my winter training bike, not got any flats in over a year, but heavy but worth it for strength and lack of flats, is it worth sacrificing speed and adding a few grams?

oren88 says:

Thanks, been riding the Specialized Armadillo for month’s, it’s the best tire for road bicycle, but what about mountain tires? any recommendations ?

Joseph Bourne says:

I swear by continental gatorskins there are the best a little pricey but they are the best

peter fahr says:

25mm on a road bike? haha why dont you buy a fatbike?

interspool says:

+durianrider  DR I am considering the new Giant Defy Advanced 2015. I live in So Cal and like to climb the local hills but its only running a 28 cassette, should I get something with 30 or 32? My mechanic friend is telling me I will be good to go on a 28.. I’m still a newbie and don’t feel like dying for 6 months on climbs before I can hack it. Let me know!

Jack Martin says:

Have you tried schwalbe marathon plus tyres Harley?

Duncan Bananatyne says:

Some tyres use stearic acid derived from animals.
_There IS a Vegan tyre option!!!_
_Vegan Tires_
*Vegan Bicycle Tyres*
*_NOT_** vegan*

No Tubes

Luis luis pimentel flores says:

are these tires good for skidding?

james grainger says:

Only 1 puncture in 20,000kms!? Holy shit thats impressive. Why go tubeless if you can get a tyre that never flats

30bananaguy says:

I still haven’t worn mine out, its bullet proof

Jesse Cole says:

Durianrider, have you ever tried the Continental Grand Prix 4 season? Another very good flat resistant tire.

Jason Airey says:

 just bought Maxxis Refuse 25mm 🙂

CynicFox says:

I dont think I’ve seen you review or longterm review Lizard Skins DSP Tape. Future Video Idea?

James Sherwood says:

conti 4 seasons. DON’T even THINK of getting anything else. 

Lovely Jubby says:

One of the first views 🙂

soblivion says:

I had a set of Armadillos on my bike unti they finally gave out. I can count on one finger the number of flats I had for the one year they where on the bike. When they wore through I decided to try the Continental Gatorskins and so far they perform just as well.

bananiac says:

Have been using armadillo as well and so far no problems. **Fingers crossed**


Harley, could you make a video with your thoughts on saddles please. I’ve got the prologo zero pas, which I think is a pain the butt… 

CJ Ultra says:

Not hatin, just sayin… I think the Armadillo is the worst hardcase tire I’ve ever ridden. I’ve probably had 8 in both 26″ and 700c. They chunk, are balanced poorly, the beads rot, not fast, and the rubber is like old bubblegum. Bontrager Hardcase is about the same quality. Schwalbe Marathons are good tires, but I didn’t get much mileage. I rate the Continental GatorHardshell as the best I’ve used. Sucks in the rain and the sidewalls fade and get ugly, but the rubber is better than all those others above, and they are tough. I have 6 in service at the moment.

globalnomad says:

Hey Harley, I really enjoy your videos. I was hoping to get your thoughts on barefoot (or midfoot-striking) running.

Dominus Blicero says:

You should try schwalbe durano plus

rocky tim says:

Continental gatorskin?

Piers Hazelgrove says:

They are great tyres

bdk5280 says:

How much do you spend in a month or year to maintain your bikes in terms of replacing worn out parts? 

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