Solid rubber bicycle tyres, Yea or Nay?

After cycling 950 miles on GreenTyre solid rubber bicycle tyres, I thought that I would give them a quick review!


Ibrahim Warner says:

Why did you not tell the make?

Kevin S. says:

Maybe the closed cell foam tires would be much better???

Carn Soaks says:

stop at a bike shop for new tyres, for $10 fitting, tx for video

Aldo Calabria says:

I hate flats, Tannus forever!

Erik Viking says:

Nice quick, tight, comprehensive review.
I wish all videos on YT followed your no-bones format.
Good job buddy.

Alby_Torino says:

these tyres should solve all the negative points, due to their inner suspensions:
The “only” problem is: a couple of these tyres costs 2600 US$

RedRed Robin says:

Great, honest review! Thumbs up…

Beatles5 says:

what is 950 miles???????? use normal units

LievenVanthuyne says:

thanks for this, I’ll stick to regular tires with tubes!

James Chua says:

so the conclusion is…
if you are a commuter .. solid tyres are Ok.
If you are a bike enthusiast who rode it on all kind of terrains .. stay away.

if you don’t have suspension on your seat or on the front frame. stay away
if you do have it’s Ok.

Lastly buy the original who develop it.
do not buy imitation.

RdnUniversity says:

great video! do you need to buy specific rims for rubber tires or do you purchase rubber tires to fit your normal bike rims you already have? Your replay would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

dimensional shift says:

What about the tannus or nexo solid tyres??

Wool Verigne says:

+1 for typing “yea” and not “yay”.

Jared Fontaine says:

Yeah but I hate flats

EnergyReturnWheel says:

We claim to be faster than pneumatic tires. Composite hoops vacuum sprung from the wheel. They respond at high frequency.
Immediate handling and hook up at the highest speeds. Velodrome is on our menu.

Robert Ostman says:

downvoted because you are not providing real info about the tire itself and the power point style of presentation is missing key images that could have solved the ordeal… now regarding your personal take on the tire, you made 2 or more mistakes… 1st one you forgot physics!, it is clear that you will need to incorporate something else to compensate the fact that you removed the pillow that you were using… there are at least 2 solutions to your ordeal, they all are about adding a suspension system to your vehicle… remember physics wins… physics doesn’t care if you are pretty or ugly… nor do I so as physics has run you all over… I have downvoted you… so… yes physics and I… we are here to downvote you when you forget about us..

joe4liberty says:

What brand tire did you use for the rest? I think that this is an important aspect of any review as there are several brands out there, some cheap that do not claim to be high performance tires, and one that claims to be as good as pneumatic tires.

shonenlad one says:

I’m no expert. I’m a casual cycler. But is there any reason there isn’t simply a solid insert to place UNDER a regular tire, just like a regular tube?

Dark Newt says:

Great review…. only 950 miles on a tyre and that condition (no comment on your distance just the poor tyre!).. After seeing this I am sticking to Shwalbe Marathon Plus or Durano. Good luck on your next trip!

Peter Griffin says:

Anyone else spot the UFO in the footage bottom right?

Peaceful Cyclist says:

Tannus only

BlueWise NinjaOwl says:

The ones we make in the UK are totally awesome! I have some on my Motorized Bike and would never go back to tubes even if I was paid to do so
I am thinking the ones you reviewed maybe the cheaper copies and the genuine ones do not break like that. I have been on snow and ice, mud, concrete, tarmac clay and stone trails etc. Not a problem 2 years in.
If you keep deliberately skidding on them you will get problems though but if you ride normally they should last years,

Derek Wildash says:

Great review. I understand that these tires rated low for your adventure but would you say they have a place on commuting bicycles?

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