Slick Road Tires On A Mountain Bike

If you have 27.5 mountain bike wheels, and you want to put some slick road tires on them, you can do it. In this video I show you which slick road tires are available for 27.5 inch mountain bike wheels. If you have 26 inch wheels, there are a lot more options, but there are still some good tires available for the street if you have a 26 or 27.5 inch mountain bike. If you want to run high-pressure slick tires on your mountain bike, you can do it. I put 27.5 x 1.95 WTB Thickslick tyres on my 27.5 inch mountain bike wheels, and it rolls a lot easier and goes faster with the new road tires than it did on knobby tires.


DylanCee 96 says:

I need 26″ 2.35 width can you help please

Hayden says:

Next time try to line up the valve to the logo.

Levon says:

kenda kwick seven

Joel Hutson says:

What size are they 27.5 by what

jacobww1 says:

lol fish tacos are 100% worth ^^

Cx Stark says:

i got a sidewall puncture on my mountain bike tire.. that i only use on the road.. i am going to take this opportunity to buy slick tires like you did so i can get better speed. thanks for posting

Nathaniel Zhu says:

Bros before hoes, Tacos before bikes

Christian Roche says:

must be so much faster now

Julio Hernandez says:

Where did you buy these?

brv002 says:

Oooh I’m so excited, I just ordered a pair of Kenda City Slicks for my old 26′ MTB. It’s an old clunker that I ride with the kids. Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for the advice!
Btw those tacos looked good!

CS RAAW says:

On my giant 26″ I’m running thickslick 2.00

iTence says:

Honestly best review on these tires thank you.

Nathaniel Zhu says:

“I could get on my bike and catch up to those guys but I have a previous commitment to my fish tacos”


jvh22a says:

Tacos first.

Dominique Lawson says:

Im needing these ive been using the mountain bike tries an its slow on the streets until i hit sand or dirt lol

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