Schwalbe Tires vs Tannus Tires – What is best for your Bromptons?

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In this video, I am reviewing Brompton Tires options from my own person experience.
Brompton 100PSI Racing Tire – Go Fast
Schwalbe Marathon Tire – General Purpose Tire, flats every 1000mi or so, commuter tire
Schwalbe Marathon Plus – Touring tires, slowest speed, most robust, best puncture resistant Schwalbe. Still can get flat, need to carry air pump,.
Schwalbe Studded Winter Tire – Specialty snow and ice tire with studs. Use for winter snow days.
Tannus Athier 1.1 Tire – No flats, no worries, good for 3,000+ Miles. A++, Cons: Need to be ordered from CycletoGo, learning curve to put on. Purchase at

For the Tannus Tires – I ride on asphalt only. Freshly painted white lines on the side of the road can feel slippery. I would avoid small and large gravel bits with the Tannus tires because it may cut into the tires, and say away from ice

Tannus 1.0 Tire – Older skinny tire, upgraded to Tannus Athier 1.1 Google Project Fi –


DHTCF says:

Tried tannus tyres, went back to normal ones. They were like riding through treacle.

super visor says:


acme511 says:

I installed the screw in “Grip Studs” made for mountain bikes into my Tannus tyres for my Brompton 2 years ago. No problems other than 3 studs lost. But I just easily replaced them.

readyset says:

By any chance you come across a Rear Triangle Frame for a Brompton in the NJ area? My eazy wheel mounts are snapped off on my bike. The Brompton store wants $200 +$120 for installation = $320. They were nudging me to by a new bike since it is 1/4 the price of a new Brompton. I enjoy my Brompton, but I just don’t like being forced to buy parts by the store only with their install requirement.

Polly g says:


forgetyourlife says:

1 puncture every 1000 miles is way better that toting the weight and harsh feel of a solid tyre. Your anxiety is the issue here. Fixing a flat is easy when you practice at home so you know what to do in the rain etc. there are plenty more reasons to be anxious. Use a Mr. Tuffy strip and a Kevlar belted tire to double your miles without a flat. It’s obvious you just don’t want to fix flats and this is really bad information for someone who wants to feel the suppleness of air and not just “fear the flat”

Dwi Soeyoed says:

where is laser second condition slide brontom…..

Atelier says:

Talking about tires without talking about all the sizes that fit on a brompton frame is like talking about nothing. This guy on the video drones on and on and says nothing of any use. If I had to put up with this person in real life being as annoying as he is I would drive my head into a brick wall.

Real Man says:

Schwalbe Marathon plus tour tires

Christoph G. says:

If you have a broken spoke with the tannus tire, you could drill a hole in the tire and remove the broken spoke. Not sure how much that affects the riding quality but it is worth a try.

ilovepancakeswithjam says:


f. g0nc9lv3s says:

what about amerityre? there is quite a few brands, i cant find reviews for all of them, at least comparison. who really has the best one for all terrain

Australian Opal Australian Opal says:

1:42 Schwable Marathon Tyres. These are the best of a bad lot to me. Ive tried all sorts of tyres in the 700 x 18-32 range.
I never get more than a few thousand K out of any of em, so I am keen to try the Tannus, for front at least. I usually wear down the marathon or marathon plus on the rear till the tape shows in a few spots, then switch it to front.
I carry a load and the marathons are designed for this but still dont last on Aussie roads.
Our roads are shit, very rough crushed rock, grade 3.
In Tasmania, they use grade one rock in the road mix triple crushed, its like riding on glass so smooth.
Marathon used to say good for 16,000 miles once, may have been a midget riding that bike in his lounge room.

Screaming Dean says:

Can I find either a Schwalbe or Tannus tire designed for a beach cruiser?

Bungo Man says:

Hi David it is a very nice material made on this tyres Thank you Just last night got a puncture 🙂 All the best

etuaz says:

great video and comparisons. I bought a pair of tannus’ and fitted them on my brompton. changing a tire in the rain and cold (I live in Seattle) on a bike without QRs is a huge pain, esp when commuting to work. also saved about a pound since I don’t need a tube, levers, patch kit, small crescent wrench, and pump anymore.

Helmut Ernst says:

Having a puncture with Marathon tires every 1000 miles? you’re kidding are’nt you?

jasonpb27 says:

Wanted these tyres, bike shop suggested I don’t though claiming they “break spokes” so how many spokes have you broken?

Colin MacKenzie says:

A flat tire is not a giant disaster wherever it occurs. Basic fixing skills should having you rolling in well under ten minutes. The extra rolling resistance is just not worth it for the minor inconvenience of fixing a flat every few hundred miles. There’s a lot of overkill here. The solid tire is ridiculous-strictly for old ladies and fat men-the repeated broken spoke issue on such a strong wheel indicates you are too heavy for the bike. Get a special wheel made or try a different bike.

inxlee says:

Hi David, may I know if the Schwalbe Marathon Plus were hard to put on? I read that its very stiff to put on. Also is the specifications of the Schwalbe Marathon Plus 35-349 / 16 x 1.35 / 65-110PSI? Thank you for making this informative video!:)

Bernard Manansala says:

I gave up on the Tannus tire, so hard to install .

henry spiritdrum says:


Nick Vivian says: multiple pressure emulations and tire sizes, easy installation LIGHT and cheaper than Tannus too. coming to a retailer near you soon.

Heron Banach says:

Hi folks. After three flats in a row i tannused my brompton.

Tomoko Abe says:

tubeless tires are nice but you WILL feel more resistance — I bought the Tannus. However, I ride my bike for the work out so I don’t care. You really feel the difference when you go over bumps. Do not use tubeless for racing or if distance is your top priority. My rims are 20 mm so I bought the tire which was most difficult to place over the rim. However, I used a crowbar and it got the job done.

petrushka1611 says:

Thanks for the comparisons, David — I’m leaning more and more toward ordering a set of Tannuses to try out, especially for a bike trailer. The price really ain’t that bad. But, why do you have to cut the tire off if a spoke breaks? I don’t quite follow that.

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