Schwalbe One 3000km Review

Checking out my set of Schwalbe One 25C road bike tyres after 3000km of use.


Kjetil Korsveien says:

Both tires are worn out. You should replace them and not risk a blow out. After 3000 km they have held up very nicely, so that’s not a warranty problem.

Road Glide says:

Schwalbe makes 2 variants of this particular tread pattern. The Pro One HS 462 and the One HS 462A.
Which one is this Mate?

dieter Soenen says:

your back tyre is busted the tire is not round anymore

Danyang Song says:

don’t know why but quite lots of top class tyres get worn out during racing. maybe designed so, like sacrifice.

Shawn Koh says:

Hi I noticed that you are running mtb rear derailleur, are those 10 or 11 speed? Also what sti shifters are you using?

Vieriu Alexandru says:

For how want to check the quality of the all tier : (for me Schwalbe One is better then Continental 4000 : better puncture protections, same price in europe(32 vs 33 euro), same resistance 12.2 Watts) ). Tnx for video.

Stuart Stuart says:

Rotate your tyres

Acheron says:

i tried this tire on my front wheel. After exactly 24,7 kms the tire had a cut on the sidewall (1,5 cm in legth ) so deep that turned the new tyre into a useless one…In other words this tire costed me 1,20 Euro per km…i should have taken a taxi…

fezzo baer says:

Nice review, thank you!

septembermannen says:

After 1500 k or so the rear tire showed some deep cuts. I have been riding in some pretty foul weather. Repaired it with liquid rubber, good for many more k’s!

Tim Rice says:

I am finding them slower than the GP4000. maybe I need to break them in. Maybe I should run Pro one tubeless. Regardless they came on the bike, I might as well keep using them.
for the same mileage my gp4000 didn’t flat spot like your one’s. what PSI do you typically run?

David Sammut says:

That sidewall WILL blow out eventually. I’d be getting in contact with Schwalbe. That’s defective. I’ve used them and never had that issue.

Seb Roache says:

exactly what i was looking for, thanks mate

Don O says:

Are you riding it tubeless?

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