Schwalbe MTB Tire Guide: Which is Right for You?

Let’s face it, there are a ton of tire choices out there today and with so many models, compounds, and sizes, it’s hard to narrow it down. The German tire gurus at Schwalbe make a tire for just about any situation, even wheelchair and snow spiked treads! In this video, we’ll focus on Schwalbe’s six most popular MTB trail tires and more specifically, their strengths and weaknesses. Between the Thunder Burt, Racing Ralph, Rocket Ron, Hans Dampf, Nobby Nic, and the Magic Mary, we’re here to help you find the right tire for the job.

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Walter Kasper says:

Western Pennsylvania. Hauns dauf front. Nobby nic rear. Soft front. Medium rear

ItsWend says:

Go Michelin Wild Enduro! Magi-x compound… INSANE GRIP

Daniel F says:

For XC i run Schwalbe Nobby Nic an for Enduro Maxxis Minions

Adam Fricska says:

love how you make a vid about shwalbe tires yet the bike behind you has minions

Jean Libante says:

I use Schwalbe enduro combo, Magic Mary Front and Hans Dampf Rear, Addix Soft .

Jun Austria says:

I started with Schwalbe Magic Mary and Hans Dampf. But now I feel the Magic Mary and Nobby Nic combo is the right choice for me. And nice presentation.

Mr Avocado Man says:

The best schwalbe is the “maxxis minion dhf-r”

TheFridge says:

Great review Jeff and great tshirt where can i nik one from??Maxis icon , adrent – Schwalbe just like you mentioned for  XC

Daniel says:

Cant choose my favourite brand between maxxis, schwalbe and continental. Right now i am running magic mary front and conti trail king 2.4 rear

krusch75 says:

Maxxis need to get their measures right. Their 2.5 is smaller then 2.35 etc. Scwhalbe on the other hand is often wider then they claim.

GrizzlyAaron says:

Continental Baron and Kaiser for me.

David Quiroz says:

Great video
Are we going to something similar but with continental tires?

Francois Painchaud says:

I’ve ridden Schwalbe, Maxxis and Bontrager and to date I liked them all.

Alan Slaney says:

Hans Dampf fr/rr combo-trailstar/pacestar. I have had great luck on 3 sets, but do plan on trying the DHF/Aggressor combo in the future. Great vids; keep em’ coming!!!

Ryan Baillargeon says:

Round and Knobby!

Brad Devers says:

Nobby Nic all day long… Awesome tire!

Glen Widjeskog says:

My experience with Schwalbe is limited to Racing Ralph, and with those I experienced constant pinch flats and sidewall tears here in rocky, rooty upstate NY on a hard tail with agressive XC/Trail riding. Switched to Maxxis Ardent and Minion DHF and haven’t had a flat in over two years, running tubeless. Grip has been amazing on the DHF front and decent on the Ardent rear. Would love to hear any compelling arguments for Schwalbe in these conditions. For the time being I’m completely sold on Maxxis.

Steven Daniels says:

I run 2 magic Mary’s, super gravity, trailstar on my 120 travel trail bike where i ride on an high school xc team

Malachy Driscoll says:

I just got myself a magic Mary and a rock razor, haven’t ridden them much yet but im already impressed, I’d get to somewhere a bit damp and get cautious but the Mary just seems to find loads of grip where my old mavic crossroc pulses couldn’t.

stoenchu122 says:

Any chance you open a shop or a warehouse for EU?

David Golightly says:

Im running nobby nics and smart sam on both my bikes full sus is the nobby nics and my hardtail smart sam tires

Gary Collier says:

I like Continental. Currently using Trail Kings. One thing I would like the online retailers to do is put the Country of Origin in their descriptions. WC does a great job with the “Item Specifications” grid which is a perfect spot for COO. There is a difference between the German made Continental’s versus the Chinese made. I’m willing to pay the premium for the better, German made tire. Thanks guys and another great video.

Brian McMullen says:

Can you do this type of video for Vittoria?

Johannes Röhrl says:

Schwalbe Tyres are pretty good tires..BUT: When they come with your new bike, rip them off. OEM Schwalbes are really bad. Tubeless isn‘t working at all, Hans Dampf wears out very quick…

Salvotation says:

I run high rollers front and back but got a magic mary in the sale to try out when winter comes

michael mancini says:

You always have great topics and cover them thoroughly. I run the Magic Mary’s. When my other friends are catching flats and are washing out through turns I on the other hand am having no problems. Now when it comes to speed and roll resistance I’m in the back of the pack.. P. S. Great looking tire..

Karina says:

You forgot to talk about the different cases and compounds by the way 🙂

maz ditzo says:

I run schwalbe marathon … ups wrong channel

The Timkatt says:

RE Sum 41: Only if I’ve had a lot to drink. A LOOOOOOooooooooooTttt

faisal fajar says:

yes thanks for the video that i need. what about combo nobby nic and hans dampf? will it good?

Sean Lyons says:

I think u look like JTT from home improvement

Sean Ralph says:

I love how all the wheels in the background have Maxxis tires mounted. hahahahaha

Kayn Johnson says:

As you have mentioned about trying different tyres, I have now gone from Mary front and hans rear to the new Michelin enduro wild gum x front and rear, I just hate Maxxis, have never felt confident with them.

Alvin Enobio says:

Does a schwalbe hans dampf and magic mary have 29×3.0 size tires? Thanks! =)

Todd Uncyclist says:

Slayer interlude? crikey! I have a Nobby Nic on the back of a hardtail 29er [2.2 I think]

MtbTrailHustler says:

WTB Vigilante Front, Breakout/Trail Boss Rear for me. NorCal. I enjoy all WWC videos. I think you guys are doing great things as a bike shop for the MTB community. Thank you.

J B says:

Love my schwalbe i run a 2.35 mary up front and a 2.25 nick out back on my 100mm hardtail and love it

Krigloch theFurious says:

When you don’t run Schwalbe tires, but WWC put out a new vid, so you have to watch. I’m a Maxxis guy, but I’d like to try some WTB rubber for sure.

Lauro Garza says:

You look more like mid 80’s rod stewart.

CJ Hanifin says:

I was running hans dampf on the front and rear. I got a gash on the sidewall after only a few months of rididng. Changed to maxxis minion dhf dhr tubeless. Hope to get a few solid years out of them. Nice video though.

PaulCon says:

Fat Albert? I’ve got them on my Cube and they are good all round (not really a winter tyre)

Sean Ralph says:

Currently running a Magic Mary Super Gravity front, Hans Dampf Addix Soft rear. The MM is a year old and as about 5 plugs in it but running strong.
Hans Dampf was just recently mounted but it seems its still a three ride tire. Three rides and the side knobs start peeling like pencil erasers.

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