Schwalbe Magic Mary & Hans Dampf Tire Combo Review

Schwalbe Magic Mary & Hans Dampf Tire Combo Review
This is a review of a mountain biking tire combination, which consists of a Shwalbe Magic Mary on the front, and a Shwalbe Hans Dampf on the rear. Although a popular combination, when shopping I struggled to really find any reviews that gave me a good idea of what to expect from these tires. If you have any questions or criticism, please leave a comment. Thanks for watching. I hope this was helpful.


Andrew McLaughlin says:

Call me crazy but I run this 2.35 inch tubeless snakeskin dd defense trail magic Mary front and Hans damp pace rear on my trek xcaliber 9 2015 hard tail…. Granted I’ve completely modified my bike.. Only stock component is the frame… So Yea.. I push my hard tail as hard as balls and since switching to this combo Ive gotten unmatched performance… Yes my XC bike is 29lbs :s …. But I can take it down the gnarliest trails, send it and beat it up. Best upgrade was Rims, tires, brakes and front shock and my Thompson Dropper post!

In short.. I’ve ridden this combo on every type of terrain on multiple continents… Works well! Good vid

Karina says:

I’m running a trailstar Hans Dampf on the front in snakeskin casing and a trailstar Rock Razor in super gravity casing in the back and I’ve been super impressed with them so far. The Rock Razor has never felt like it was going to wash out in hard corners and the Hans up front is extremely grippy and you can hear the tyre when it’s at the edge. I couldn’t imagine running a Hans as a rear tyre though, and the Rock Razor makes me concerned about even the smallest patch of mud, though it handles wet and gritty conditions beautifully. I think if I were going to do it again it’d be a Hans front and Nobby Nic rear. I don’t really see the point of the Magic Mary except in a bike park scenario (i.e. no uphills) or the worst of conditions.

Smells like Blackberries says:

what cam?

Colosabeast Epic says:

don’t talk and ride add a voice over

Twinaroo Family says:

Cool, thanks for the review

Danny Visser says:

good video! maybe you could use some more Third Person shots

North Country MTB says:

I have had my eyes on these…beefy tires right there! I see you have had them in snow? Check out my Winter rides and let me know if they would work for my trail bike as I am currently using a Fat Bike to get me through the Winter!

Darrel Hee says:

This is very informative, thank you! I’ve been trying to decide between this tire combo and maxis minions, but this made up my mind. Great work.

Colosabeast Epic says:

aim your camera angle higher but good vid

Mathew Cove says:

just out of curiosity was your rear tyre tubeb or tubeless ?

Fat Biker Vaibhav says:

Nicely made

CalQaida says:

Well done. I’m running Magic Mary (f) and Rock Razor SS (b). Schwalbe for the win!

Paul Graham says:

subscribed, cool vid.

fabbike Giant says:

Good single

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