Road tire review│Specialized Turbo Cotton vs Vittoria Corsa vs Continental GP4000s II

Let me first say this review is on CLINCHERS. Sorry I forgot to mention that. These are the best road bike tires for 2016 in my opinion. Let me know if you feel like I missed a brad/tire.

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Martin Sowerby says:

I have taken your advice, but the old man in me went with the 24 cotton wall, with my mate going for the 26 cotton wall. I have to admit not only are these the best and best by some distance tyres I have ever used, but the 26 is better still.

Hajime Kuma says:

open corsa pro 320tpi 27 – best rubber I’ve ridden recently. switching to tubeless with my next wheelset so looking forward to trying that 🙂

Anibal Jesus Delgadillo says:

The 25 mm Continental 4000’s are incredible; I can’t imagine the Specialized turbos. I will give them a try.

Tyne Sansom says:

You should have done the Vittoria Rubino Speed w/graphene instead of the Corsa. It’s a way more durable tire than Corsa and slightly lower rolling resistance than GP 4000’s.

Danny Havey says:

I ride the vittoria’s and have never had a flat

Richard Guadalupe Lebron says:

ok so I bought the cotton wall 700x26c. which size tube should I buy? sell 700×18-25c turbo tube. will this tube fit?

Richard Guadalupe Lebron says:

ok so I bought the cotton wall 700x26c. which size tube should I buy? sell 700×18-25c turbo tube. will this tube fit?

Shane VanGampleare says:

Since this video have you checked out the Michelin Power Competition?

Suburban Cyclist says:

Never run this particular specialized tire myself, but for the contis Ive gone nearly 10,000km with one puncture. Didnt specialized provide you guys team bikes? (and I assume are sold at your shop)

schlooonginator says:

Now THIS is a tire review!
So many tire reviews are nothing more than some dude rehashing what it says on the freaking package or they just say they like the tire without explaining how it performs compared to other tires.
Someone telling me this so and so tire rolls well really says nothing without some kind of way to scale what his “good” is and this guy does. Perfect. Wish all tire reviews were like this.
I like that you explain what you feel. Its true that the more of the jarringness is wasted energy being redirected just the same theory as a mtb with suspension forks taking out the bumps so you move forward faster, this tells me he knows what he is talking about.

DanielV says:

hey, great review but Im just curious, the video was uploaded in May, but when did you tried the tires? I’ve seen in a promo video of the vitorria Corsa Clincher and is shown a 25c tire but you say they lack of it.

video here:

Jackson B says:

Ive been riding the Corsa’s for 3 years. Had my first flat today. Ridden on all types of surfaces including 80+ K of gravel where two other guys I was riding with flatted.

Jeff Mayfield says:

Great review. Thanks for this!

Kyl3 D says:

And yes i run the turbo tubes no liners.

Luke Macann says:

Great review thank you. I brought a pair of corsa’s before I watched and I would have gone for the new turbo if I had seen it first. Having said that the corsa is still a very good tire and I concure about the way it rolls. Needless to say I now carry some glueless patches as well as a spare tube.

Drpepper99uk says:

Excellent review, and well presented! Any chance you could review the Schwalbe One tyres and add them into the mix?

melbman43 says:

So just use the corsa’s for your carbon racing wheels for racing only, Im using the GPII for training

Richard Guadalupe Lebron says:

ok so I bought the cotton wall 700x26c. which size tube should I buy? sell 700×18-25c turbo tube. will this tube fit?

Scott Arceneaux says:

Great review

myshihtzudontstink says:

I switched to 25’s to 23’s and it inproved my speed comfort sprint you name it the tire improved it. I’m afraid to try different tires since there are so many corners being cut now. I used to use conti gp 3000’s which had the Kevlar sidewalls (no flats the whole life of the tires). Now I have issues with these thin walls splitting and so far the least shitty tires ive used are 4000s II’s. I weigh 185 so bigger tire means more even weight distribution less flats but same pressure as the 23’s.

Kcire says:

Isn’t 110psi too high for conti, I used to run that much and I reduced it to 80psi and I can feel that it rolls faster and more comfort. Btw, My conti ii’s 23c are 5000+ miles w/ all season running NYC streets.

Mike Woods says:

I’m so new to the cycling world soooooo, “What are ‘clinchers’?

Deckard Shaw says:

with 28mm tires there is nothing coming through the bars anymore, heaven.

Daz g says:

bollocks review I and lots of friends have ridden all three tires, and let me tell you this new vittoria absolutely blows the competition out of the water, its got good puncture resistance its rapid and super comfortable, funny how he says the spec is the top ha ha they are flimsy pieces of shit its just because he is being paid by spec.

Maverick5588 says:

very good video

OldPlaces says:

‘michelin pro4 service course’ are better than conti4000’s, anytime, anywhere, the contis aren’t good enough to be compared with the other two tires in your review.

question; do the corsas run big (size)?

Drew Labat says:

$70.. That’s the most expensive 4000 I’ve heard of in a shop, more then the ones around me. The Specialized is the new thing in clinchers, it’s in every vid.. Love the ride, didn’t like how easy it cuts.. No better than my 4000s in flat protection…South Louisiana is hard on tires..

Bjarke Bonke says:

I have the GP 4000 and the S-works.
I find that S-works is faster, but wear faster and puncture more than GP 4000

michael allen says:

$70/tire for 4000II!!!.

I just bought 4 4000II online for $35/each.

looopandlooop says:

110psi on 25c Continental GP4000S??

isnt that a bit much for a 25c tire?

p Feeley says:

why not go tubeless

Eyyoed says:

is the turbo cotton clincher?

Kyl3 D says:

Ive ran personally all three tires listed here.  I agree with the vittoria being a fantastic tire, except for the flats and no 25mm in their top tier performers.  The continental gap’s for me were very soft and plush over uneven sections, i did flat a few times but not nearly as much as other specialized or vittoria.  The specialized turbos are by favorite by far.  I have had zero flats over at least 1000 miles.  Granted I am riding the same roads as the other two.  Upon inspection at around the 600 mile mark the tires do show significant signs of use and battering like cuts and abrasions but i still has the original tubes in them for the sale of my new bike.  They roll fantastic like the other two, Im running the 26mm of them and like them a lot.  I have not tried the cottons yet but i feel they will yield similar results.

anthony gonzalez says:

So true men 100 % I put the corsa today I’m get flat 30 min later with brand new tires fuckkk topppp shit a was not moving in the moment that I gets flat

Big Vegan Jeff says:

nice video man. Didn’t know the Specialized tires were any good. I heard on the TrainerRoad podcast once something about Specialized designing their tires to be paired specifically with their Roval wheels. Might be why they go 24,26 instead of 23,25

Bryan M says:

Where do you guys order specialized turbo cotton tires? Its not on amazon

Chris Mar says:

What type of flats though? Not all flats are the same. Pinch or incorrect tube installation are probably just common as debris puncture flats.

bhamlax6 says:

man, i dunno, lotta stuff in here that conflicts w/ my personal experience on these tires. Specialized cotton def. the fastest but it’s got zero flat protection, especially in the wet…

qwksti says:

how do you tell the difference between the “old” sworks turbo tires and the new ones?

huntingsynth says:

Looks like you guys are not a Trek shop…how do you rate Bontrager tires

Steven Deckert says:

Bontrager R4 hard case Lite is also crazy light and fast…but the flat protection is also nil.

gokhan vatansever says:

get vittoria 25 mm gplus with vittoria 25-28 latex inner tube.why??320 tpi,u can go up to 140 psi which u can get tubular performance..

Ian Ffield says:

Vittoria Corsa G+, as pictured in your video, comes in a 25c option. In fact, I ride the 25c! I live in Prescott where the roads are a bit more rough than Scottsdale. Great all around tire, super fast, fairly durable, incredibly smooth and comfortable. I havent gotten any flats yet. I think flats can often come down to luck as well as avoiding running over crap.. The Corsa Speed, which is in a different league from all of these tires performance wise, only comes in 23c, which is indeed a shame.

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