Review: WTB Riddler 45C Gravel Tire

In this vid, I review the popular WTB Riddler 45c tire. Is this the ultimate tire for bikepacking and gravel grinding? How does it do on single track? Find out!

WTB Riddler 45C:

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Doug&Margie Fit couple in the Philippines says:

I have Velocity Blunt SS rims i26mm rims. I’m using GK now but always looking at different tires

Geo. Sackett says:

Review the Pinion gear box please, Rohlof? One more question, do you think you could use tubeless for a cross country tour?

Don Fraser says:

Specialized Sawtooth Gripon 700×42 was unbelievable during a recent gravel race, I knew it was good on ICE but I didn’t know how goog untill going uphill on ice during Waterloo G&G, a bike spun out infront of me forcing me to swerve on ice to avoid it, zzoom it just worked on a hard left, avoiding a crash, on the next hill all the bikes were in a row on the gravel shoulder, I went up the ice, passed all of them, like on studs, maybe the sawteeth hold gravel, whatever they do the tires just grips ice like studs..

Bartosz Rosołowski says:

Which tire would you recommend for pavement/forest (50/50)?

Patrick O'Leary says:

A super epic tire

steve girard says:

I have been running this tire on Rolf Hyalite wheels. Internal rim width is 22mm, tire measures 44 mm, tubeless setup is a snap with the combo. My two cents is that this tire excels on dirt and rough terrain but is super slow on pavement. If your main intention is to ride dirt and trails with light single track, this tire should be high on your list to try. It offers excellent traction, and provides a very smooth ride due to the additional volume and ability to run at lower pressures.

TheCajunGaijin says:

Tanwall or skinwall. They definitely aren’t gumwalls.

Peter Moorman says:

Looks like a wide MSO.

Oil Technology says:

Riddler ???? i prefer the Joker.

Jim Camp says:

I feel good about the 26×1.75 Continental Tour Rides I put on the 1997 Fuji MX-200 atb I have. Like these tires, what it says it is and what it really is are 2 different specs. The reviewed tires are 700x45c, yet measure 42mm, a true 42c. Mine are 26×1.75, which are 45c using inch to mm conversion, but the Conti Tour Rides are labeled 47-559 (47mm being the width & depth of the tire, 559 being the rim diameter), which really means they are a 26×1.85. Anyway, what the tire is indicated as and what it really works out to may not be the same.

spektrumB says:

Just receive these tyres. Mount them on a pair of Mavic TN719 rims, with internal width of the rim 19mm(check it with digital caliper). The tyre is 42.5mm wide.

John Bicycle says:

I like your videos. You have a great speaking voice and a charming manner. Suggestion: more visuals. For example, when you say you struggled with the tyre, show us.

Eric Hornaday says:

Honest review! I have 2 sets, mounted on stand flow i22.6 and xtr i24 rims. Maxxis Rambler was much faster on road, but these grip better for 80% trail. Less sluggish on road at 40psi

Tiny Adventures By Bike says:

what gravelbike takes 47×700?

Chris says:

Yup, 42 is what I got as well.

Robert Hamlin says:

I hit the stop button as soon as you said it was the tire’s fault when you had trouble putting a TCS tire on a non-TCS rim.

X Gecko says:

Dud you really need to give up with Stan’s tape and just use 1” gorilla duct tape. Cheaper and it’s far easier to apply

mulletclub says:

For the Cannondale Slate I do wish WTB would do this tire in 650bx45c, They’ve got the Resolute in 42C but sometimes the tread pattern feels just a little to chunky for the conditions. The Clement 650bx42c Xplor MSO in tubeless was my go to tire for this purpose, but since the re-branding to Donnelly there’s no word on that size coming back – gutted.

Tony Thayer says:

I’ve put ~400 miles on my 45c Riddlers on a Salsa Marrakesh and they’ve been really great. This frame has a ton of space so I’m still able to run them with fenders. I run them tubed because one of my wheels isn’t TCS-compatible and despite that I haven’t had a single pinch flat. They just soak up everything.

A K says:

I am very curious as to how a 700×45 tire (such as The Riddler) would compare to a 650bx48mm tire (such as a Switchback Hill). Would the extra 3mm of width really make a big noticeable difference? What is your opinion? Thanks and keep up the great work you are doing for our community. We love you! 🙂

Dr Brooklyn says:

Can you do a video or give a suggestion for the best 26 winter commuter tire?

dknight211 says:

I have been running the WTB Riddler 37c for about 350 miles now and they have been great. Amazing traction and good ride. They were very hard to get onto the rim though. For bike frames where 45c is too tight, the 37c version might be a good alternative.

Andy Moore says:

It’s worth noting you are comparing the *Gravel King SK* as opposed to the Gravel King – totally different tires.

What width on the SK were you running in comparison?

John Hollister says:

Did you test these tires in sugar sand or beach sand? If not, can you recommend other tires for sandy conditions?

Kevin Liu says:

I would love to see a WTB Byway vs Horizon 650b video!

John Bicycle says:

Regarding video production, have a look at Matthias Wandel: Table saw dolly lifter.

Bruce Smithhammer says:

FWIW, I’ve mounted the Riddler on WTB Frequency and KOM rims (which are both TCS/tubeless ready) and it was a piece of cake – one layer of tape, mounted them, blew them up and they’ve been rock solid since. In my experience, WTB’s TCS system works really well.

Acyutananda das says:

I make sling shots

spektrumB says:

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Just order a ;pair. Great review.

Peter Makin says:

I have been running the Riddlers 45c on my Specialized Sequioa on the stock rims and they measure 47mm across them also running them Tubeless and sealed up with no issue with one layer of tape on the rims. I have all but worn this set out after around 1200kms (4months of riding) on any surface from tar roads, gravel roads, single track, rough 4wd trails, fire roads. Very impressed with them and purchased another set. On the Sequioa I still have around 4-6mm clearance around the rear chainstays

dave2402 says:

Just found this channel – great content and inspiration! Keep up the good work!

Dustin Henderson says:

I used a 45c riddler up front and panaracer sk40 in back for about 1500-2000 miles last summer on everything from road to singletrack and i think its the perfect setup to handle anything.
Setup on an American classic wheelset with 26mm wide rim. Riddler measured 48c and the panaracer was at 43c
Bike is a kona private jake.

Jay Pozo says:

How about compared to the Panaracer Gravelking?

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