Rear & Front Specific Tires? New Schwalbe Racing Ralph and Ray. Review.

Yup! The Schwalbe Racing Ralph has become a rear specific tire, as the new Racing Ray has been designed as a front one.
This is my initial review after some 100 km…
Do you guys also run front and rear specific tires?

Here are the presented tires:


Fernando Cabrera-Gilbert says:

Well, I need to try those one. But my issue with the regular racing ralph is they wear out sooo quick.

Jason Liske says:

Are you kidding me? Thunder Burt rear. Rocket Ron front. End of discussion.

Ice Bear says:

I have a nobby nic on the rear and a smart sam on the front. Should I swich them?

Richard Kaz says:

I tend to think that a lot of the tyres are just marketing BS. The talk of gripy compound is a fallacy. Why the bulk of single track XC and down hill is either muddy, sandy or gravelly these are extremely slippery. These surfaces require some serious tread patterns that will bite deep in the ground and grip but also not get clogged with material. Sticky compounds only come into play on tarmac or rock shelves but since these surfaces are only a very small part of a MTB rides. Rolling resistance is more of a road bike thing or tarmac issue. rolling resistance in the dirt is more about getting tyre pressure right for a given tread pattern, track surface and rider weight.

Hugs says:

Do you have the RS-1 RL or RS-1 RLC?

Adi Figenblat says:

What is the parallel combo from maxxis
ardent + ikon /ardent race + ikon/ardent + ardent race?
(dry + thorns condition)

Mark Turner-smith says:

Front one does very much remind me of the Tioga factory XC of the early 2000’s. Just extra feedback lots of my fellow XC races started using the new schawbe “addix” compound tyres end of this race season in the UK and all have had reliably issue with them regarding tyre & compound with rips/damage that should not have caused issue, some of them on the new tyres you tested. I run Vittoria Barzo TNT 2.25 (29r) as main tyres for XC racing/summer riding & Vittoria Gato 2.2 (the new design) without a issue some courses & in both cases full season of races as they have raced. Cuts/rips to the carcass seem to be the issue pointing maybe weak carcass?

Leonardo Diehl says:

Someone using maxxis forekaster in the front ???

Michael Geyer says:

These were the best front rear specific tires ever! I wish they still made them with this tread.

Wolf Heart says:

Nice bike. Merida is the best

DNS V says:

Great video bro!! Thnx

Google This says:

I’ve always run the same tires front and rear. I am always walking the fine line of tractions and speed when it comes to tread and pressure. I run way more pressure than most for less rolling resistance.

El Wenz says:


Simple Life says:

Off topic but I thinking of buying Vitus Zenium Disk Tiagra £630 thoughts? It’s for commuting, exercise, on and off road riding (light gravel and moor trails).

ghostrot says:

What’s with the stupid blu en red line its ugly

Hrvoje Sindik says:

Continental mountain king 2.4 rear Schwalbe rocket ron 2.2 front 🙂 Works great 🙂


i prefer a squared edged tire on the rear and a round egded tyre on the front

TheAegisClaw says:

Originally we all put a Racing Ralph rear and a Nobby Nic front. That combo worked well.

Bogdan А says:

what di you think about continental race-king + x-king&?
or it wil better to use racing ralph 2018 + rocket ron

glenn maquiran says:

i rock leo tires 1.95 26ers. hahaha they’re cheap like 8 usd for one set front and rear. and I have been riding xc on them for over a year now. raced twice. got a podium once. and it is still holding up well and still has more than enough thread.

Derek Smith says:

I wish a company would make a front tire with only three lines ( like a tractor ), almost solid center, and two solid lines on the edges for dry sandy loam.

Heini Falk says:

Running the Rocket Ron front and back 2.25 x 29″ and I wont go back to Maxxis again

diluteduk says:

I just have maxxis ardent front and rear. Works for me, but I ride for pleasure I’m not racing

Google This says:

Anyone ever run Tioga tires?

Nicky says:

Well considering that they are currently 60euros and old versions are 35-38(speed grip snakeskin) I went for old versions. Still working great !!
They don’t last me that long since here in Portugal is a lot of rocks. But I must say reason I like racing ralph/rocket Ron is predictably and grip is the same over time they don’t loose grip.

David Culshaw says:

i’m no expert but I just love my racing ralphs , maybe I should try this combo when they wear out ? 🙂

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