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Full review: https://electricbikereport.com/rad-power-radrover-electric-fat-bike-review-1/ The all new 2018 Rad Power Bikes RadRover electric fat bike with 4″ wide tires and 750 watts of power is ready for mud, sand, snow, and fun rides around town. Some of the highlights of this eFat bike are a 750 watt geared rear hub motor, large 48V 14ah lithium Samsung battery, RST suspension fork, pedal assist & throttle, and much more. The RadRover is priced at $1,499 with free shipping (lower 48 states) and they have month payment options as well. Full review: https://electricbikereport.com/rad-power-radrover-electric-fat-bike-review-1/


Abdullah Ahmed says:

Please tell me if the word (Magnum) means a kind of bike or a company that makes them

Michael DeStefano says:

I’m thinking about the read Rover or the super 73. What are your thoughts?

ArtofJCW says:

Ok now how fast does it really go ?

Troy Tollen says:

How do you dock the bike in a conventional bike rack? Or do u?

Ion,john,Nick Sofronovici says:

Hello guys? How much could cost a bike like this? an which is the best place to buy it?

Matthew Reno says:

I hate to see such criticism of a nice, reasonably priced e-bike. Yes, the bike design may not fit everyone’s needs/desires, but but there is no need to post negative comments that are purely personal opinion based. I guess some are threatened by a good solid product (good job RADRover)! And what a bush league move by Glenda Raines, by trying to redirect business to her husband…karma is a bitch….hope you get a flat!

Crunchy ShadTV says:

Yah yah ride that bitch on trail. That will prove what a beast that bike really is.

jo smith says:

put the orgin 8 tires on those . knobby tires suck

Frank G says:

Ok folks help me spec this application. Have reviewed a number of electric bikes. Needs to be of fat tire (knobby tread) design. Front end suspension required (rear sprung ??), will be used for the most part on unimproved roads, trails, forested areas and fields. Small trailer mounts, racks, fenders etc. Upper end of power required, battery capacity paramount. Charging options other then just 120 volts ……….. any 12 volt (from car) options. Need to access areas unable with my 4 wheeler. Need not be high speed but higher torque/power required. In the woods 2>3 miles from truck parking area. Also add any small parts I should have on hand. Any info would be of assistance for final purchase. First venture into electric bikes for me more of a 4 wheeler guy. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Frank G in Tennessee

Brandon Stews says:

Dude you sway a lot. Makes me nauseous and want to switch to a different video.

MrDjh66 says:

Just ordered mine

Carlos Gonzaga says:

Muy buena bicicleta cuanto se tarda en enviarla

timothy Wise says:

too bad they don’t make a solar powered charger for the bike or absorb braking energy into the battery

Don Palmer says:

What about self charging while pedaling? Already a bike like that but the cost of it!

Investor9872 says:

What is the Pre-load for the suspension, and how do you use it?

Nhat Tran says:

Nice bike but far from the more superior Flash V1 eBike in terms of design and features. However, the Rover has a very attractive price point.

Barry Swedeen says:

How many magnets on the cadence sensor ring?

Paul Thompson says:

I have one and love it!

deb b says:

Hi, very nice I’d love one. ☺

Joe Pearson says:

I suggest you look at Luna Cycle…or Hi Power Cycles. I bought this Rad Rover, it arrived with a broken cable connector that connects the battery to the display/controller…so the bike did not get power. I sent in a request for it to be replaced, what I got was insinuation that I broke it somehow, and they would do me a favor by sending a replacement dashboard controller with the top end of the cable. When I started to replace it I noticed the bottom part of the connector was cracked too. Rather than get insulted by requesting it be repaired or replaced I used a little tape to keep them together. Once I began riding on vacation, I rode on the sidewalks on an abandoned golf course. All cement sidewalks…nothing that should stress a bike (I’m 50, I bought it for exercise and to enjoy outside). After 60 miles..I have this loud POP every time I pedal (after research apparently many have this problem), and the rear tire just will not hold air. There are no punctures…no holes…no visible problem with the tire. I pump it up, and within 12 hours it’s essentially flat. All I can say…is you get what you pay for. I got a $1500 bike that is useless. I shouldn’t have these problems on a NEW bike…and any company worth it’s salt would just replace it. I would suggest you look at Luna or Hi Power..they use quality components. It’s a shame…the first 20 miles were such fun riding a bike again and having the assistance to help you enjoy it.

Good luck.

Ruen says:

extra thick

sleekitwan says:

Seems like a good stab at a fat tire electric bike, and thanks for taking the time to detail the design. I would offer one immediate observation, which is that those tires are short on contact area, for tarmac or solid surface use. Common for bikes to be used on blacktop and paving too, so those tiny knobbles, and few of them, says heavy use will give a bald tire in no time? Dunno, looks expensive on that front. Otherwise, a solid build and a better buy than some others out there, I think.

John Ball says:

Im looking at their website and it says 500 watts only for the Rad power bikes and not 750 watts.

blue_ Subaru_ says:

Can you ride the bike without the battery

Lowcuetus says:

What material is the frame made of ????

F15Ranger says:

So much wasted space with that battery I think they could’ve done better

David Bozaan says:

Great review, thank you.

nathan koroush says:

rode my buddies last night. thing was awsome.

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