Pirelli P Zero Velo – F1 Tires For Your Bike

Earlier this year, Pirelli announced its return to the world of bicycle tyres. Three new clincher tyres were promised in a range that shared its name with that of the company’s Formula One tyres.

This video contains a paid product placement from Pirelli.


tokuchaan says:

But does it BURST in the middle of the race?

nitacawo says:

Lots of marketing bullshit in 3..2..1

Nick Humphrey says:

If these P ZERO tyres are anything like their F1 counterparts they’ll make the rider swerve into other cyclists and punch them, argy bargy then just randomly degrade and blow up on the straights

Simonedenana says:

his speech is so clearly (and nice) from an italian!

JogBird says:

continental is all you need

MijoMontego says:

Can you tell us the differences between the three models?

Critical Mile says:

I think they are worth a go! I have Pirelli p zero on my Fiat Abarth why not my bike

guyd4067 says:

I got a pair of these 500 or so k’s ago, nice tyres, pity they are not UST compatible though.

YEG Masters Cyclist says:

On the box it says “made for Pirelli”. They are made in France so I suspect Mavic makes them.

EditioCastigata says:

Up- or downvote, I am conflicted on this one. It’s nicely produced, but the Pirelli guy says little actually tangible. And there’s no comparison, like to popular tyres like GP 4K IIS, so as viewer I’ve beyond the marketing-spech little idea what sets apart this product.

CJL999 says:

These tires should be good in an F1 circuit…

Maca says:

Only tyres I actually like using are Continental GP4000s and specialised/s-works tyres

mmooppaarr6699 says:

But is it aero?

Benedictus Anindityo says:

Will pitstops be a thing too now?

Karl Westwood says:

threads look like a supercorsa tho

Gresom says:

Rather condescending sales pitch. Thank you Pirelli to come down to our stupid low level of cycling technology. You can fuck off now, I’ll stick to my conti’s.

Phillip Tran says:

Will they have tan walls?

ErebosGR says:

Fuck Pirelli and their scammy marketing. Just because they slap the P Zero name from F1 to cars and now bikes, that doesn’t mean they share any technology.

mjv1967 says:

They also on the Clement name. You will likely see Cyclocross tires under that name from Pirelli in the near future.

Bruce Tumblin Jr says:

They might be good tyres, but I just got a set Michelin Power all seasons

3Daddicted says:

Would love to try these tires. The Pirelli jerseys look cool too.

Sandy Telfer says:


Jérémy Drouin says:


Adam Shamieh says:

Any data on the rolling resistance?

Maximilian Mok Yong Bin says:

Puncture will be common

Jogie Glen Mait says:

First time seeing a pirelli tyre for bikes.

H Masters says:

For all the technology and development. They look exactly like Hutchinsons’ Fusion 5. So they basically spent 2 years, then decided to just slap their name on the casing and mold of a existing tire.

gerbilbits says:

I’ve got 1K on these.size 28. I love em, replaced my sworks tires on my Venge for these. I ride the shit out of these things I’m 190lbs I carve sharp turns mid segment & I trust them over the s works(both ran at 100 psi). But I will say the sworks were 25’s, pirellis are 28’s not sure it makes a difference. No flats yet, I do my best to watch out for road debris. So far only thing I’d ask for is a price drop

César Ribeiro says:

What’s the pressure range of this 23mm tyre??

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