Odyssey Chase Hawk Tire Review

Much requested. Here you go. Happy New Years!
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sylvester jaggard says:

my old tire is 20×2.125 & bought the 20×0.20 on danscomp & idk if it will fit on my bike
message me on Facebook , Sylvester jaggard ,if you don’t have 1 that’s OK ,just want to know the answer

woZka says:

Why not? Its his bike. Not yours 🙂

AWreptiles99 says:

2.4 in the front o_o thats big

Dylan Heaton says:

Can you have 2.4 on front and back or is that stupid and will it go good?

Brad Little Media says:

i was really sketchy about getting these because i hated the look of them but i gave in and got a 2.4 on the front and a 2.2 on the back and i love it they roll so fast and they are so grippy plus the look is growing on me now

juniorpresentz says:


OHanslip Media says:

i have these tyres and it says 35 psi on the side, wtf. should i just go higher because you said the max is 100.

Travis O'Sullivan says:

can you review the profile crank’s

Alec Smith says:

@spookie that is my new set up

Sergant Stealthy says:

hey faggot, why dont you post a vid of you snapping them? i love my vultus bars

jacob winskowski-stay says:

The tires dont make you go faster

jordan branen says:

what do you mean buy fast

Joseph Bryson says:

The S&M hooter bars

Raugh Welt says:

When you said you had a 2.2 tire at the back, is it the same as 20×2.2? Please you answer would be valuable to me thanks.

Hakan Kazdal says:

cult dehart gray walls

TristanJevne says:

Nice bars, I just got some fit clubmans for x mas:-)

S.K.H. says:

are you running them at max PSI?

RingGaming says:

i like riding street,park and dirt a lot but would they be okay for trails now and again?

Weabookey says:

Nice bike but these tyres are shit

juan gonzalez says:

i freakin love yur bike dude its sick!

GrSandis says:

yes yes

lookoutleo says:

how did your chase hawk tyres do, i’m thinking of getting them for a folding electric bike i have and it came with cheapo kenda tyres that could only inflate to 45psi so were very slow… was thinking of replacing with chase hawk or possibly aitken also by odyssey. anonther option ilegal ampro tyre or maxis mtread, all seem similar specs, any info you can give me would be great, i was wondering how puncture proof they are?

199MXboy says:

this is probably a stupid question but can you ride them in the rain?

Jessica Franco Tashjian says:

Looking to get my husband these tires and I wanna get him the 2.3

Way Bandy says:

Forks and cranks

I AM L3G3ND 666 says:

when you buy them off the internet for 26$ does it only come with 1 tire or with 2 tires for the price 26$ ?

Ivan Andreev says:

Хуйня лучше коричневые коричнивые пизже

adrian13 says:

Are they puncture proof like is it easy for glass or pins to go in the tyre or not?

verde Bmxer sfl says:

what forks do you have to run for 2.40

spookie says:

I would ride one of each. ross on the front and chase on the back..

james Mazzetta says:

I love your bike bro and you’re explanation of the parts is great! I wanna know if you can get a bigger tire then a 2.35on the back?. Thankyou again

Jessica Franco Tashjian says:

How much clearance do u have in the back is 2.2 the biggest u go or is there enough room to go bigger

DeathBatter says:

Can you ride these street?

Drifter says:

Profile hub

Brenden Robbins says:

The ones that come with most bikes suck. They are very thin.

mastermoi says:

i dont know about the black one but the gum colored one are awful… they dont grip for shit if you like to go fast.

GrSandis says:

yes yes

Ben Smith says:

Where did you get your BSD seat from?

Raugh Welt says:


Isai Morales says:

26 Fot one or 2 pc

XC racer343 says:

ill send you the links in a pm faggot

Timothy Von says:

You should have way more dubs

Chris DeSimone says:

Bike check please

Rodrigo Anes says:

Hi, I was wondering if theese Odyssey Chase Hawk tires wear out fast or not, someone help me?

william mills says:

What size forks are they?

Kody Blankenship says:
Sage Witty says:

sweet bike I got triumph xl bars and a demolition d phat seat

canberra141 says:

Someone tell me WHY do you have 2.4 at the front and 2.2 at back everyone has it like this why???????! Please tell me

Miguel Alvaro says:

ayy does someone in here have a Kik so they could help me custom my bmx

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