NEW Continental GP 5000 Tyres | GCN Tech’s First Ride

Continental made their first tyre all the way back in 1871 and are now the most popular tyre brand in the World Tour peloton. Ollie takes a look at the brand new GP 5000 tyre including a ride on some of our local roads. Check it out here…

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To create the brand new Grand Prix 5000 tyre the German brand have completely overhauled the ever popular GP4000 II. They claim a 12% reduction in rolling resistance and a 20% increase in puncture protection – sounds pretty good! The GP 5000 also marks the brand’s entry into the road tubeless market as there are both clincher and tubeless versions available for this model.

Let us know what you think of the new GP 5000 from Continental, would you like a set on your bike? 👇

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normie x says:

So…where`s the actual review of the tyre ???!

nini engineering says:

Now that is sponsoring. If the pro’s use them and they fail, they have a spare for free. The same here at GCN. I stoped using continental a few years ago (on my cars I have also bad experiences) the compound starts to crack in a short using period! Now I’m switch to Michelin (power competition) no cracks and no puncture (and the roads here are really horrible)
Don’t trust in the marketing bla bla.
Trust in your own experiences!
(It would be interesting to test them but I’m a bit afraid buying Conti again)

Jason Carmichael says:

Would love to know what the tubeless version is like. Then try to decide whether the extra cost over the Schwalbe Pro One is worth it

Ashley House says:

The one stat you conveniently forgot is the GP5000 is 50% more expensive than the GP4000 it replaces. I’m sure sheep will be lining up to buy it though, convinced it will make them go faster.

Nick Johnston says:

Your presenting skills remind me of Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear. Great work, keep it up.

Gino says:

When will continental make these tyres with skinwall. I want that.

yussan says:

i think it’s ok

kayserWB says:

Ok, at first one question: how about the tubeless version of the GP 5000? 🙂

I‘ve watched the vid several times now and that just because it reminds me so much too the old Top Gear vids during the Clarkson, Hammond and May era. I‘m so impressed by your presenting skills … awesome!
I was really sad about the fact that Matt had left GCN because I really liked his personality. But I have to admit: you are great. I love your attitude and skills. I hope you‘ll stay as long as possible at GCN.

Mike Benham says:

So, can we get a video on how to mount/unmount a Conti. without cutting three tubes in the process?

Reymon Reyes says:

This video has a top gear feel to it.

Andy Sabin says:

Is this an Ad……wank

Craig Porteous says:

I run mine tubeless fantastic tyres

Petinka says:

Ollie is a great in the tec and fun too! Sure I will try GP 5000 after seen this video.

Joey Marroquin says:

Good job, great presenting, lots of facts. Like listening to Jeremy Clarkson

Road Yeti says:

Had no prob with this vid. Looks like he was just presenting technical facts. It was cool to see how they’re made. I’ve been running Conti’s exclusively for years now, after having tried other brands, and have been very pleased with their performace all around. Between Gatorskin, 4 Season, and Grand Prix I’ve been pretty well covered.
Three things you never skimp on: Shoes, mattresses, and tires

Sweet ride Ollie, and the track stand was a nice touch

Bernard Fonseca says:

my god what a bike…

playandteach says:

Can you give some advice about teaming up tyres with rims – how do you measure the rim widths, how do you know which tyres sizes will be safe. Just for your info, I’ve just fitted some 105 brake (28mm compatible) callipers, but had too many stones caught between the very, very small clearance. Today it stopped me dead in my tracks. I have Continental 4000s ii which I gather run big for their nominal dimensions. Wiggle told me that Vittoria run closer to 28 – will they work better? Etc. etc.

Derek Coulahan says:

I have the tubeless ones and absolutely love them

Gavin Smith says:

Time to straighten that helmet on the noggin Ollie….

Mohamad Jamil says:

I think that gcn should evaluate products objectively. I saw this video and got the tires and found out the following, the cornering grip was ok but tires felt like 23(I had 25) and the breaking grip is just bad. The tire just slips when breaking….. we like gin because they were objective. With all of the sponsors, they are becoming brand and not cycling advocates

voolare says:

No 23” tubeless?:(

Charles Rush says:

Now all you have to replace is those stupid ugly Zipp wheels.

Roman says:

So sexy bike O_O

Noob Rider Adventures says:

Ollie reminds me of a young Jeremy Clarkson.

تصليح دراجات says:


Phillip Torres says:

100% you wont feel the 12% rolling resistance decrease and the nail in the road will still go through the 20% puncture resistance increase and 15% contact doesn’t help 98% of the time.

Chris Worby says:

I don’t love Treks but I love that bike!

Hannes Van De Vreken says:

Nice jeremy clarkson imitation 😉

Davide Nulle says:

This is proper Richard Hammond this one!

Graham Barker says:

if nothing else I like the enthusiasm….for….a tyre….well done…..haven’t checked the price yet but im guessing they are…not cheap…..unlike my ten year old bike….is it worth it….hmmmm

Killerash13 says:

So its only for perfect asphalt and this is a perfect asphalt for me. What should i pick for city ride but for a bad contitiin and a little bumpy road?

Érico Schmitt says:

People who got their hands on say they measure closer to stated size, while 4k measures wider. That explains why they are lighter.

And the lower rolling resistance with added puncture protection? Well, the materials are the same, so you have less rubber and more vectran. You know what that sounds like? Conti Force 24mm with gp5k written on it. They roll better than 4k’s.

Lets just ride Force/Force.

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