New 2019 Continental Grand Prix 5000 Clincher Road Tire Review – Best Clincher Tires


New 2019 Continental Grand Prix 5000 Clincher Road Tyre Review – Best Clincher Tires

As we mentioned on instagram, a big thanks to Dave and the guys at Velo Vita for ‘loaning’ us a set of the newest Continental Grand Prix 5000 Clincher Road tyres on the market we now feel are the best clincher tires.

With that said though, I was given a pretty broad brief “Ride them, and tell us what you think”. The brief was broad enough that we thought the best idea was to hand over the question of what you would like to see to you guys.

Durability was a big question, but so was are they worth the $$$ over the 4000’s. So with that in mind we hit some tests up and I hope you enjoy the findings

Continental say these are the key features:

* Aerodynamic, agile front tyre coupled with grippy and comfortable rear tyre.

* Excellent puncture protection thanks to Vectran puncture protection insert .

* Excellent grip, high mileage and efficient rolling thanks to BlackChili Compound.

The New Tubeless 5000 tires courtesy of –

THE OLD 4000s available here –

On Bike Footage Shot On – Sony RX O

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Robert Goodnoe says:

Hey … well done, Chris.

Damien Walker says:

I use 4000s all day everyday. They are fantastic until that first puncture. Once they have that first hole I find they have reached their service life and it’s time to replace them, even if they still have plenty of meat left on them. Can’t wait to try 5000s, but will wait for a price drop before I use them to commute on.

jhref says:

Oh man. Those first 10 seconds were orgasmic.

wrightwoodwork says:

Great review and not a bunch of marketing hype

Dan M says:

I ride GP4000s in the Reflex model, ie silver reflective sidewall with no logos. Much sleeker look without branding. Will the 5000 have this option? When riding an 80km return commute up the M2 and M7 performance matters more than a 5km inner-city trundle.

hitesh ghai says:

How they compare to Vittoria speed

TheFactaa says:

Great review Chris. Thanks!

Emilio Lopez says:

What size tire did you use for review? 25s or 23s?

Chris Mar says:

Another nice review Chris. However, 12:12 can we talk about how you keep your Boosts looking so box fresh?

J James says:

Chris – love your channel. What make is your helmet? Cheers

Eddie Muggleton says:

send a set down south to Melb… happy to test them in some real rain 😛
nice vid mate

Harry Tzianskis The God of Speed says:

Lets start a fund to fix the track. The Chinese didn’t buy that part of Australia?

Hampton Lansdowne says:

Great review and congratulations on the win for you guys!

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