My Favorite Tires: Compass Barlow Pass 38c


IshTheGoat says:

Hey Zach I had a question about tires for someone who is bigger and fatter than your average fixie rider. What tire size or brand could handle more weight? Or the best possible ride?

Jedd Daruwalla says:

How do you know if a 38cc will fit your bike? Sorry if it is as dumb question.
Thanks 🙂

surveyguyor says:

what is your average speed on your bike with these tires?

skt4271 says:

do you have it set up tubeless

Andreus Gordon says:

where can I get a fork that fits a 38c

Kwert says:

The low PSI may be comfy, but do you feel like you sacrifice a lot of potential speed that way compared to running them at max PSI? I run a set of Marathon Supreme 35s on my bike (I’m not really a fixed rider, but I really like your channel) at 80 PSI and definitely notice a difference in my ride when the PSI drops…

Windom Morris says:

I love my Barlow pass tires! I agree, they’re one of the favorite things on my bike.

Adam Sorg says:

I want to try some beefier tires so badly. Too bad my Cinelli can only fit 28’s… I’m thinking about picking up a steamroller frame for a new build for that extra tire clearance.

Marco Annoni says:

Wich versión you try? The extralight or the normal one?

jarvis dajose says:

700x38c? O.O

SnowboredK says:

Why do you speak like Christopher Walken but without the accent?

Joseph Dowski says:

Thanks for the vid. Just curious, what handlebars are you running on that bike?

Niels Mud says:

You used the standard casing? Or the extra light versions? Thanks for the great video!

Rossaur Lurks says:

I agree they’re better for commuting but for racing track I feel a lot faster on my 23c tires.

Doviananda Achiruddin says:

zach make more video dude!!!

Eoghan says:

i ride 23mm tyres and a slamed stem

Johnny TheFlyingA14 says:

Zach besides all city nature boy what other frames you would recommend that would fit 38c tires? Thanks

Jose Silva says:

What psi do you keep those at? What kind of hoops are those, are they CX specific?

gravedoja says:

I run these Barlow pass tyres on my Salsa Vaya Ti, here are some of my thoughts. I have the extra light version of these tyres and they are very light and the casing is very thin so i wasn’t expecting super durability from them when i first got them, however, i have done a little over 2000 miles on them, quite a lot of those miles were dirt and some of that dirt pretty rough for such a light road tyre, they are about ready to be replaced now but i think they have lasted great. If you ride in a place with sharp rocks on your trails then you might find the sidewalls too thin maybe, i guess it depends on the type of rider you are. I have found the speed of the tyre is unaffected by dropping the pressure, of course you don’t want to go too low or too high but thats true with any tyre. I run them at around 40 psi for the dirt and 45 – 50 psi for pure road riding, going for 40 psi on a road ride i find they get a little bouncy when climbing out of the saddle. grip is amazing, your confidence when cornering on wet roads will soar, riding on wet dirt and mud is of course not this tyres ideal situation, but to their credit riding through small pockets of mud has up to now been fine if i’m careful. I have been trying to remember how many flats i have had in 2000 miles, i think it’s only 2, one was a big thorn that would have flatted any tyre and the other was a pinch flat on a rock that was sticking out of the ground. Anyway, i hope this helps someone.

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