Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike review and demo ride

My wife and I wanted to get some bikes for exercise and to explore Las Vegas a bit closer than you can do with a car. We picked up 2 fat tire bikes from Mongoose. Mine is the Dolomite with disk brakes and hers is the Dozer with coaster brakes.

Both get lots of looks anywhere we go which is part of the fun. They are big heavy cruisers which I guess is good for excursive but not so good for real off road mountain biking on the trails.

If you want a real performer off road stick to a traditional mountain bike for the light weight, quick response and nimble handling.

If you want to cruise and you are ok with people stopping you to ask you about the bike…then a fat tire bike is for you.

I think these would be a good candidate for electric hub motors since hills can be tough with these bikes.

royalty free music by youtube creator tool.

to buy this bike online where I got it…check it out on


Hugo Gozzo says:

Sensational this bike !!!
Here in Brazil, the cost is too high to buy unfortunately !!!!
In Brazil the value of the bike in dollars would be $ 900.00 …
Parabens by Fast Bike Mongoose Dolomite …
Best Regards…

brotherskeeper7 says:

I like your Video a lot. My Wife likes your Wife’s Blue Rims on Her Bicycle and the Blue Top that your Wife is wearing. We both like your Bicycles, those Fat Tires and the Colors of the Rims really makes them stand out. We like the Music, too. Your Kids are Cute.

bdub2868 says:

being a muscular guy i prefer the heavier bike. better center of gravity for me…

Rage 9one says:

Can the twist grip shifter be replaced with a regular handle shifter? Cause that’s the only thing I don’t like about this bike.

raundre spence says:

I got one for $99 in U.S. Dollars

DanielBahena51 says:

Mix flip I might get this bike for my birthday or Christmas 🙂 I haven’t had a bike for year

Hybrid Saiyan says:

great video bruh I’m thinking about getting one …

Steve G says:

Did it come with a kickstand?? I cant tell from photo…

Paul Buxton says:

R u fucking four

iNature says:

was it easy to put together????

Gay Faggot says:

I got mine for $179 on amozon

stevemtc1 says:

Sucky bike

sleepys life says:

Mechanical disk breaks are known for having problems, hydraulic disk breaks are not as bad, we see mechanical disk breaks needing maintenance about 4-5 times a year, with hydraulic we rarely see them twice a year. Upwards of 40lbs, very fun bike for the price, hard to go wrong with a steel 200$ bike haha, but yea hydraulic breaks arent like they where in 2001 they’re literally is no hassle maintenance, especially since they’re self adjusting.

mixflip says:

Wow this video got 100k views? That’s awesome!!!! I think I need to do more bike reviews.

Steve G says:

How tall are you? Just wondering if it will fit me. Wallmart online has 300 / or 5 stars and only 50 3 or less. Ill probably get new seat new tires.

Evan Hintsa says:

I would be scared to use this bike on my downhill mountain bike trail!

robert lombardo says:

How is the bike holding up,i was thinking of that bike sol at Walmart 199. Or there top fat bike the sumo 4.o for 400. That bike is made by Kawasaki it has upgraded shifters wheels chain and a few other goodies. I live in the lakes by fort apatche and lake south.

Willie Fufu says:

Before I bought my Mongoose Terrex 27.5, I watched this Video. I like this Video, I like these Bicycles, I may buy one for myself, but it would be an awesome gift, imagine at Christmas or Birthday time opening this Box and inside is this Fat Tire Bicycle. Yea, I like this Video and the Music. After Buying a few for Gifts, I will get one for myself.

Random Reviews says:


Lucksh Y says:

Nice bike…do you like the ride on the pavement! I am thinking of getting the same bike!

Jabba Wabba says:

How is the assembly process? I’ve never built my own before.

ddragontrainer says:

Where do you live? If I were to leave my bike out like that while I went inside my bike will have been stolen in about 5 minutes or less.

StormLaker1975 says:

Anyone ridden one of these in snow/ice? I’m kinda interested in these bikes as a winter “beater” bike to get to work. My “summer” bike is a Specialized (brand) hybrid that I love dearly and I do not want to subject it to all the salt and sand that is used here in the upper midwest. Most of my commute to work is groomed trails that later turn to packed lime MUD on early spring days as the frost emerges from the ground, lol. My hybrid doesn’t fare so well in that stuff, and since I am not well off enough to own a Surly or a Salsa fat bike, this might be a viable option?

kimmym1119 says:

i am about 6′ tall. I was thinking about getting either this or the mongoose terrex which has skinnier 27.5″ tires. Do you think this bike will fit me? Also is it hard to peddle? I’m a woman so i’m just trying to gauge the effort it would take to get this bike moving.

Mike Fitzsimons says:

Where you live looks like Walter White territory 🙂

KING ME says:

I like the video.

HonestlyTho says:

have you taken these off road yet by any chance? like on a trail?

VOID DEATH ケェヲキェケ says:

For anyone who is interested in this bike, I was just on and these are on sale for only 179.99! ~ Your Welcome 🙂

what I think about that youtuber crazy says:

wrong they are 47.9 pounds without upgrades but u were close

Paul Buxton says:

Who buys a Walmart bike in the first place DUMBASSSSSSS

Majik Man says:

From what I’ve seen here on youtube I’m going to purchase me a fattire bike ASAP.
Thank you youtube!!!!

Cero Miedo says:

is this bike good for heavy riders?

Willie Fufu says:

I’m still digging this Video, My Mongoose 27.5 is still fun to ride, I most likley will buy one of these, they are cool and the price is right. I like that Music on the Video.


I bought a dozer for $200 was on sale In my local toys r us and it’s great and it looks very nice also receives MANY compliments while riding in town kinda hard to pedal TBH but I was expecting it so

Isaiah Fleming says:

Wat is the instrumental in the background while cruising?

Mr. Majestic says:

Great review!! Whats the name of the Youtube track?

Mike Lamay says:

Walmart got em for 185 right now, just bought 2. I don’t see how you can go wrong with this bike for tooling around

sailingsolar says:

What makes you say they are a crouser and not a off road bike?

MooDog815G says:

Okay. Now I’m getting one. Looks like a fun kroozer!

tony says:

does the huge tires lower the speed?

CrowsBrother says:

Happy life, – Great !  😉

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